What is Blood of Kittens?


Blood of Kittens is devoted to spreading a heritical understanding of the Warhammer 40k universe to neophytes and devotees alike. To reach this goal,  Blood of Kittens is combining the powers of forum whoring and google stalker, opening a new eye of terror on the interwebs. You will find all you need here at Blood of Kittens, from ftw army lists to “No really, I did not pay to have that painted” armies.  Blood of Kittens will be first to rob Bell of Lost Souls rumor posts and claim them as our own!  Blood of Kittens will use our patented 40k tactica filter to detect platitudes like “Always take Oblits” to “There is only one god and it is Mech”. With all these resources Blood of Kittens we will be your one stop 40k spot.

About Me:

  • I am 5’11, A buck 60
  • Suspected of starting flame wars with people double his size.
  • My interests include bungee jumping in Commorragh, watching the suffering of others, and breathing heavily over peoples shoulders
  • My favorite animal is the Catachan Devil
  • My favorite sport is gladiatorial combat
  • I dislike small children, lobster claws for hands, and self serve auto fellatio servitors

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