You know what beats cosplay? It would be frakking awesome miniatures. GW has recently posted winners of the painting contests held at their latest Games Day.  The over all winner was some kid named Dylan Gauker which I am sure is some idiot savant, because no one that young should be that good. It also makes me question whether GW should be giving out swords larger then their winners. Here take a look for yourself.


If you want to see more of wonder boy past masterpieces here is a good link. It is too bad this guy only seems to like fantasy settings.

As for some of the other winners, here are five that really stood out for me.


This is my favorite, for the action presented. I love the sacred tau in the back. I am sure it did not win because of the cotton ball vomit everywhere.


I love Abbadon with this desiccated face, really creates a great contrast with the rest of the model.


Great job. I have to admit I am getting tired of current eldar vechule paint jobs. I truly think they are easier then say an ork truck because of the flat surfaces you can work with. Really plays into the hands of  artists with experience in traditional mediums.


Sick, Sick, and more Sick. I love how each one has its own personality. The blue layering is just pimptastic.

If you want to see full size images of this good stuff head over to GW Website, right on the front page.