What a week! Here compiled is video and links to all things Adepticon 2010 from Blood of Kittens.

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Great other Adepticon 2010 Coverage. Feel free to add any other links in the comment section of of great Adepticon coverage.

Bell of Lost Souls

Dakkadakka photo gallery

Adepticon Official Site

As well here are some PDFs of the army lists used at the top tables going into the final round of the Championship Tournament.

I wanted to show the top tables going into the final round even though three of them did not win anything I think it is important to show that lists that almost made it.

Bill Kim 1850 Daemons


Andrew Ferris 1850 Orks


Thomas Reidy 1850 Space Wolves


Your Name Here 1850 CSM

For those that do not know Tim Schmidt has forfeited his Las Vegas ticket because of  list “discrepancy”.