So I am playing in the Team Tourney so that means limited updates here. I will reveal the displayboard contest winner so don’t worry. In the meantime though I got more pictures and the complete results from Day 1 of the 40k Championship. Here is a break down of the top 16 armies going into Sunday Finals.

  • Orks – 4
  • Space Wolves – 3
  • Space Marines – 3
  • Blood Angels – 3
  • Demons – 1
  • Imperial Guard – 1
  • Tyranids – 1

Having watched a lot of the games it was obvious that Imperial Guard look to be on the way out. It was hard to tell how many Space Wolves player there with all the “counts as” I think it was 43 of them, but BA were for sure on the upswing with 37. Orks made a bit of come back with 30 players and IG dropped to 30. Space Marines and CSM came in about 20 players apiece.

So looking forward to Sunday a few of the Space Wolf players lists look pretty nettastic so if one of them wins look to see 15 year net tards descending on your local store very soon with unpainted Long Fang and Razorback spam if has not already happened.

Anyway look take a look at the pdfs and some of the great minies from Coolminiornot.

16 Qualifers

40K Champs Overall Results


I hope to get some pics up with my iphone from the Team Tourney we shall see.