Network News: Comikazi Road Trip


Updates from the road with The Independent Characters heading to LA. What is in LA you say? Well lots of latex and lots of cosplay. More on that later…

I am heading to the No Comp sponsored tournament at the Comikazi Expo, that has some of the best west coast players attending. In addition I am trying to paint some of the new Necrons as you will here in this “entertaining” video:

You might of heard Carl mention of their coverage of Comikaze well sometime tomorrow they will have streaming live video of the top table. Here is ustream feed to watch all the 40k goodness.


Here added a photo gallery from the Expo and the Tournament.



Also look for throughout Sunday random pictures, video, and washed up sci-fi stars.

Last night we went to the battle bunker in LA and braved the red shirts and took some pictures.







So final round is IG vs. BT.
IG seized the initiative could be game over already




Prize support anyone?



And IG wins!

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