Let us keep rolling with Blood of Kittens picks for best of Games Workshops figure releases for 2011

What a strange year it has been for GW releases: Grey Knights to FineCast to Necrons you just never knew what GW was going to hit you with next. GW made things worse by going all out on great Fantasy releases and if this blog cared at all about Fantasy the selections for the best models would look quite different, but since this is all 40k all time let us move on to Blood of Kittens picks for the best 40k Model releases of 2012.



Best Finecast Model: The Necron Overlord

What can I say? The second I opened this mini I knew I had a winner from the dynamic pose to the Techo-Egyptian regalia this was model that meant business. The Overlord makes you quickly forget the fixed poses of Necron Lords past. We also start to see the advantage of Finecast as this model flexible parts and dangly bits start to show signs of the  things metal just cannot accomplish.

Best Multi-Plastic Kit: Dark Eldar Scourges

This is how you take one of the worst metal models ever conceived and make the new models all aces. When I first opened the Dark Eldar codex and saw the black and white drawing of Scourges I thought to myself, “Could GW pull it off, could they make artists fantasy reality in plastic?” From the long rifles to the models seemly float in mid-air: mission  accomplished. Where Blood Angel wings seemed cramped and humble; the Scourge wings by contrast outrageous and large in all the good ways, instantly becoming a must of have adornment for your bitz box. Now if only GW would make some new Swooping Hawks…

Best of Forge World: Phantom Titan

Now like most I was happy to hear the Phantom Titan was finally getting released, but my jaw dropped when I saw it in person. This is one of those rare models that get your children playing the hobby and every store should have one on display. The Phantom Titan is truly one of the seven wonders of the model world. If you get it I suggest throwing it into your hot tub before removing the flash. Then get an auto body air brush and get to work. Finally, give it a name because it is probably bigger than any of your pets.

Best Overall: Command Barge

This was a real tough one, but it wasn’t until I got my hands on it and put it together that I fell in love. It was the perfect figure representing the new Necrons look– a great flagship model for the new line. It has a great price point and the pieces are easily swappable for either barge. Did you notice also that GW actually went the extra mile and threw in a  Necron Overlord for your ride? Then there is overall ascetic; part War of the Worlds, part Stargate, and all Terminator. Ever better we get Necron Warriors that actually doing something other than being masters of the wide stance.

Best of the Worst: Baby Grey Knight Bjorn Carrier

Let me be clear this will go down as the decade’s worst GW model. This is coming from a person that (unlike everyone else) actually likes the Stormraven. So yes haters will hate and I will let my hate fuel for me for a long time. This model single handily made me overlook the rest of the Grey Knights release. Where can you start, but with the Titan codpiece. The horrible armor plates over joints? I really never wanted Micheal Bay’s School for Destroying Childhood come to Warhammer 40k, but this model comes certainly close. Don’t forget can be all yours for a mere $53.75 +tax

Well that does it for the best models of 2011 next we look at the best army lists of the year. By people who actually won something in 2011.