Tournament Circuit: WargamesCon 2012 Day 2 Championships

Updates though out the day…

10:10 Cst– We got first game done. With Alan and his Orks still on top controlling Table 1. Ben Mohile won on table two so he will move on to lay Alan on the top table. Reece tied with foot Dar. Paul Murphy minor loss might mean a final grudge match in round 6 today.

10:40– Do to illness Reece just dropped out. Top table is Alan–Orks vs. Ben–Necrons




10:55 Cst– table 2 Joe Cherry–GK vs Marc Parker– Necrons
Josiah Cool–Gk vs. Russell Adams– Sisters

1:20 cst — final pairings


Round 7
Table 1 BA vs Necrons
Table 2 Orks vs. Gk

Streaming video by Ustream

Table 3 Demons vs sisters

So it ends up being Alan coming from behind in his final game to beat Ben Mohile for best overall and Ben winning his final game to win the entire event.

Ben won with necrons and Alan with orks

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