One of the hardest things to do is learning when it is over. You got so use to that long relationship. When 5th edition died it was only natural to have feelings of loss. Especially, when you had so many fantastic memories. It comes as no surprise that you just don’t want to jump right into a another relationship.

I know you are scared, and it is scary. All those new rules and things to remember– you just wanted them to change a few things. I get it, we all wish change could be easy, without awkward adjustments, but sometimes momentous change can be an opportunity.  Sometimes it means going through your back log of models giving them a try again.  Sometimes it means fighting the urge to freak out, because your netlist doesn’t work the same way before.

Worse, your old army might not work, and the list you have been running might suck. If you are the type of person that wants an easy button and cannot deal with adding new units or change, I probably can’t help you. This might not be the game for you. This also goes for the fluffy nutters that will still complain that their replica of Smurf Chapter 124343533-5 doesn’t work in the new system and that things like Allies breaks their small view of the 40k universe.

Worse still as we approach the first large tournaments to use 6th edition, many people will just end up playing the same 5th edition lists they’ve been playing. Many will get curb-stomped by those that chose to adapt and play 6th. Their response will not be, “oh wow I better adapt” their response will be “6th is so fraking broken!”

Blame is so easy, especially when 6th is just begging to be picked on. In order, to make sure the prophecy is fulfilled, the blamers will keep on playing 5th edition lists and whine every time something new makes them lose. If you think you are this guy, my suggestion, is find other sour pusses and play whatever version of the game you want to play. Of course, the complainers will be like, “you cannot tell me how I should play with my toys”. You’re right I cannot, but don’t bring that negativity to my table, keep it in your house. I am not joking, I suggest you find folks like you, if it will make you happy (BTW if you live in Sacramento area I have a place just for you).

Really, if you cannot handle it, try taking a year off, by then updates and new codexes, and you might end up liking what you see. Also, your memory of the 5th edition glory days could (along with the rules) fade.

I give this advice because this is now my sixth 40k editions rodeo and I just learned to let go. I am now annoyed having to hear about how the past was so special, the complaints all the time, while no one seems willing to take the time to learn. I do understand if your pissed because GW  made you army bad or obsolete, but GW wants you to buy new models, not just sit on the same ones for 10 years. This is perhaps another reason you should consider not playing 40k– if GW brings you so much anguish.

What really matters do you love the game for the people you play with, the company behind it, or the universe? If you don’t like any those aspects enough you should find another game. It is just not enough to if you only like one sliver, be it list building or small section of the fluff. You have to embrace change or forever be left in it’s dust.

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