Community Pimp: A new Podcast in the Heart of Dixie!

So I got an email by a group of gamers in the deep south starting up a podcast.

Podcasts are a staple of gamer life, but most need help breaking through to their target audiences. This is made even more difficult for Podcasts that are regionally specific, as is the case with the new podcast The Southern Inquisition. This podcast is devoted to gamers in Dixie and is looking for listeners and sponsors for their endeavor. Here is their official press release.

Hello! I’m getting the word out about a new podcast coming out that
I’m a part of. The following is a press release in regards to it and
yours for distribution, to check it out for reviews, etc. etc. Thank
you for your time!

This is to announce a new podcast called The Southern Inquisition, a
40K Podcast from the South. Hosted by Sam and Ken out of Birmingham,
AL the podcast will feature news regarding events, personalities and
topics of interest to the South East region which includes:

-       AL
-       GA
-       TN
-       MS
-       LA
-       FL panhandle

The first episode is due out on 9-10-2012 and The Southern Inquisition
will be a monthly podcast lasting 90 minutes to 2 hours in length. You
can register for free at The Southern Inquisition Podcast Forums to
keep up to date about the podcast, find show notes and download links
when available, as well as stay in community with other fans and
listeners of the show from around the South East. The URL is:

If you are an event organizer, shop owner, tournament host, etc. we
want to hear about you and your events. Please contact us over at our
forums or feel free to email us at: We want to know and to hear about
your events before they happen so we can help promote them (this
service is provided free in our monthly calendar of events section of
both our forums and in our monthly podcast) and even want to hear
about them afterwards so we can brag about you! The Southern
Inquisition Podcast is being presented to you as a resource for the
greater South East Warhammer 40,000 community.

As with any podcast and community endeavor of this nature, we will
have monthly sponsors, up to 3 or 4 per episode. We have been
fortunate to have signed on our first sponsor, Bud’s Place of Leeds,
AL for the first 4 episodes and welcome them and thank them for their
support. They will be providing prize support for an ongoing drawing
that will take place in the month of December in time for Christmas.
Please stay tuned for our show for further announcements regarding
this prize support – I will say here however that it is pretty
impressive! If you would like further information about sponsoring The
Southern Inquisition Podcast, please email us at or me directly at

I hope you will all give this podcast a listen when it goes live and
hope you find it entertaining enough to subscribe and listen to future
episodes as we grow. Again, please feel free to sign up at the link
below to stay informed about upcoming episodes and to grow this
podcast community. Thank you for your time!

Host and producer of The Southern Inquisition,

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