Meat for Meta: Punditocracy Be Damned!

Blood of Kittens is no stranger to commenting about the Punditocracy in Warhammer 40k. With blogs, forums, and comment sections; we all know that there is a certain class of people who love to hear themselves talk.

Everyone has an opinion, and they have the only one that matters. What has been absent from discussions within the chatter class, is definitive statements about what works and doesn’t work in 6th edition. Now I am not talking about the rules in 6th, I am talking about good and bad units or armies. This is not to say that no one has opinions, but no one seems to have strong opinions.

Everything is qualified with “impressions” “thoughts” insert passive voice”. It is almost as if the Internet is afraid to take a stand, because they actually don’t know what is correct. So if, you exclude the general consensus that Flyers are good, no one is staking their reputation on anything. This time last year everyone had unmovable opinions about 5th edition, with sweeping generalities like Mech is King, MSU rules, and Orks suck. Now the usual suspects are either absent or neutered.

I have a feeling the reason for this is simple. The Punditocracy for all its egomaniacs wants to be told what is good and bad and since we have no theory hammer justice league everyone is afraid to be wrong.

SO what are they waiting for?

They are waiting for results.

They want to see what wins in the tournaments. With those results, they will start to make judgements and those judgements will surely come from “divine original inspiration”.

When in truth they just stole it from those that actually played games and won something.

Once a new meta takes hold the cycle of pugnacious declarations starts again and it is all pig mess from then on.

Have no fear though, because the Internet toilet bowl twirl must consider that 6th is different.


Between Allies, FAQ updates, White Dwarf Rules, and new codexes the Internet won’t keep up. In addition, tournaments are becoming more divergent from each other and less uniform in 6th. What this means is more than ever you could end up playing an altogether different game between two events. So not only do you have infinite army combinations, you have to juggle them in the confines of the local meta. Take for instance the next codex: Flak missiles will be added thus changing Flyers. Consider, just saw with last week entire lists were invalidated with a new FAQs— including a GT winner.

Of course, most of this is dependent on one thing: Games Workshop.

If they can keep to their new structure of new rules, updates, models we are in for an amazing ride. Today no one takes Pyrovores next month they could become a must buy. You already saw it at NovaOpen where Demons sat at the final table, with new rule Screamers and Flamers.

If nothing is ever static, we might end up with something thought impossible… a chattering class that grounds their opinions not on theory, but actual game play.

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Meat for Meta is rated editorial nonsense. These articles are meant to complain about some group, somewhere, that is playing the game for all the wrong reasons or simply to just make fun of 40k nerd rage.

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Author: TastyTaste

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