A new trend seems to be permeating 40k blogs of late. Its been helped by Games Workshop new rapid release schedule, but primarily it is about lazy blogging.

Now, before I dive right into discussing this trend let us provide a little background...

In the not so distance past the Wargaming Blogs exploded onto the Internet, as anyone with an opinion or model to paint made a blog. Along the way these blogs offered a vast amounts information, illustrating the depth of our hobby. Today you can find painting blogs, tactical blogs, editorial blogs, and community blogs. Still, even with large amount of blogs, the average lifespan (any blog) is around 44 days.

The truth is that most people regardless of hobby or predilection can only talk about themselves for so long. This is no different for wargaming blogs. Now, you might look around and read the blogs going strong for years, but you forget all the hundreds of blogs which died a quick and unrecounted deaths.

Then you have all blogs limping along not knowing when to pack up. This is what I want to talk about.With free services like blogger everyone is entitled to post once year if they feel like, but trying to force content isn't going to help anyone.

The worst posts are the ones that look totally forced.

With the ultimate "put the dog down" posts being "I am sorry I haven't posted in awhile" post. Then you have the "I have nothing to say post, but I feel the need to remind you I exist" posts usually coming around any holiday.

If your blog is about writing for yourself and not about how many people read your blog, don't feel like you have to post, and if they means a slow death, don't worry you're not bad person. It is ok having nothing say, real life gets in the way.

What though is really stick in my craw, is the rampant blog post bandwagon that is building to epidemic proportions. What I am specifically talking about is rumors posts. The instant someone on Warseer posts some rumor it appears on at least 20 blogs in the matter of hours, and 24 hours later it has infested 100s. I understand why, anyone that follows their blog traffic knows the bump the receive when they post a rumor. It gets addicting and you want more of it.

Now, some blogs are built on rumors, if that is their niche more power to them, but what I'm tired of, is the blogs that were never been about rumors before. Most of them seem to be older blogs. Blogs that might have lost their way, but addicted to the attention. Blogs that I have enjoyed reading for years, but as enthusiasm for the hobby and blogging has dried up they turn to re-posting rumors.

If the goal of a blog is to retain readers it won't happen with rumor posts. As an example, the best single day for Blood of Kittens was a day we posted rumors, but that post isn't anywhere near the top most viewed posts over the last four years-- going to a random post about Blanche the 40k artist three years ago. That is without mentioning the tactical articles that over time easily outstrip most rumor posts. Now part of it has to do with SEO and a lot of the "big" blogs have established their rankings in Google, making it near impossible to break through.

To keep or expand readers the formula good content and frequency of content, but unless a blog is posting at least three times a day, they shouldn't bother with frequency and instead focus on making good content.

People are starving for good content and rumors aren't that vehicle, so when I see a rumor post instead of some great project or tactical insight, I cry a little.

If you aren't the first or have a huge audience, don't waste your time, instead invest in something more meaningful to you and the hobby.

I rather have a picture of the latest model you are working on once a month than daily leaked White Dwarf picture retreads.

It isn't the rumors fault, rumor chasing is a symptom, part of a bigger problem, a problem with people letting go. Letting a blog die I imagine is a pretty traumatic thing and I have seen many people burned out because of not knowing when to quit (or taking a break). I have also seen the signs of blogs losing their mojo and this latest trend feels awfully similar.

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