With the new release of the Astra Miltarum codex we finally have plastic Ogryn models! Typically, this would be moment of joy, but as it turns out the new Ogryns have a lot of issues. Besides Wilford Brimley jokes and the lazy use of tank treds, the new Ogryns are quite underwhelming.

This leaves many players, especially old timers, without any good options to update their Abhuman brutes. Still, fear not, either stick with what you got, or add a little variety, by using other manufactures to pick up the slack.

In the past, many miniature companies made Ogryn type models. They usually, were under the post-apocalyptic heading for Master Blaster. The miniature fad for the post-nuclear genre died with the Cold War, making Ogryns quite a throw back. Today a few companies produce proxies. Before we get to them, it should be mention, many Imperial Guard players use Warhammer Fantasy Ogres, especially Leadbelchers, to proxy their Ogryns. The static upright poses though have never lent themselves to a particularly good look for these Ogryns.

Now, on to the real alternatives. Let us get our Post-Apoc on with Brother Vinni's 28mm Postapoc Ogre resin model. This model is about $16.00 and is nicely proportioned and is part of there Nuclear Sandlot line. Now, there isn't any Gun or poseable options. The head isn't what I associate with the typical whimsy of a Ogryn either. The Postapoc Ogre is good looking Bullgryn waiting to happen.

Next up, is something completely strange, but if you are looking for Chaos Renegade inspired model, check out Hasslefree Miniatures's Druuschan Stryker. This metal model is quite the throw-back and for $7.00 bucks you can add something different to a gang of Ogryn Chaos mutants. The most redeeming part about this model is the weapon fused to its arm.

One of the better options comes from Cool Mini or Not limited edition Ogre with Chain Gun. With around 40 left, this model is quite amazing, the scale is good, the look says modern Ogryn. Gatling Gun really sells the model too. The sculpt will also easily fit with any Cadian force. The biggest drawback is the limited quantity, so maybe using him as showcase piece is the best idea. The price point of $20.oo is expensive, but for the quality worth it.

Another great model from a reputable manufacturer is Outcast Mongo from Dark Age. This sculpt is dynamic, post-apoc, and perfect for a Bullgryns. The head isn't very Warhammer 40k, but with some simple modifications you will have a real excellent centerpiece model. Outcast Mongo sadly doesn't look to be in production anymore, and unless Dark Age restocks it, you will have to find it in the aftermarket. It was pretty pricey at $25.00.

Another great option is Privateer Press and the "Ogrun" models. These Ogruns are great because of the vast array of options. They have tons of poses and cool looking guns. My only gripe with them are the heads, and the gorilla aesthetic. Since these are old models you can buy them as bits on the Privateer Press webstore. This is a great, because you can add-on to whatever Ogryn models you might have kit bashing for uniqueness. If you want all the parts to build a Ogrun it will cost ya about $13-17 per model.

Last, but not least is my favorite and best Ogryn alternative of the bunch.

Maxmini's Space Ogres are a true ode to the classic (especially wearing sunglasses at night) Ogryn. They also are reasonably priced and unlike other choices come with multiple weapons, heads, and arms. You can buy a three pack for $41.50 or a single one for $16.60. You save three bucks per Orge when bought as a set. It is really that combination of choice that makes the Maxmini Space Ogre standout, and as a player from Rogue Trader days having a nod to the past is very important. The flaw with the Maxmini Space Ogre is the one body sculpt available. Even if you buy just one Maxmini Space Ogre, you get those extra bits for any Games Workshop Ogryn kit new or old.

Well that should do it for alternative Ogryn models. As always, if you know of other alternative models feel free to email or post on the Blood of Kittens's Facebook page.


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