How could I miss out on a YouTube Warhammer 40k channel with over 38,000 subscribers?

Well I guess pretty easily, which makes me think a few other folks won’t be aware as well. As for the channel itself the Vaults of Terra is a video encyclopedia for the 40k universe, with a focus on the many different facets of the Imperium. What I mean when I say encyclopedia, is videos dedicated to such minor things as the Canis Helix! The format of the videos are simple and to the point. The narrators are clear and the backdrops are replete with amazing art related to the topic or discussion. This channel looks to have been going on for over two years with a very healthy community and forum. I am surprised I never caught on before. Anyone who wants to learn more about the history of 40k should check it out, like a podcast it makes for easy listening when painting or designing army lists.

Here are a few of my favorite videos.


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