BoK Reviews: White Dwarf Issue #120

White Dwarf Issue #120: Warhammer Quest Silver Tower

White Dwarf reviews operate differently than other Blood of Kittens Reviews. The goal with these reviews is to place a value for each issue. The rating system is one to four stars, each star represents $1 in value, to a max of four dollars. The review values are also Warhammer 40k based; Age of Sigmar dedicated issues will still be reviewed, but valued for Warhammer 40k players. It means you could see many low valued issues, where a general Games Workshop hobbyist actually valuing them more. Keep this in mind when deciding if a particular White Dwarf Issue is good for you.

Contents: New Releases

There is really only one new release, the semi-surprising Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower! Even if you are not a fan of Age of Sigmar you have to pause at the sheer beauty of this boxed game. It is filled with so many unique models it is hard to deny the breathtaking skill and love that comes through; even the game tiles are amazing! It is also very cool to see GW pull off another Iconic title like Warhammer Quest and update it. To go along with the Silver Tower, GW is also releasing a phone app to track your Heroes in the game, plus pay to play bonus stuff. The best feature is a hero creator, you can use with any model in your collection. Black Library is releasing a companion novella Labyrinth of the Lost to go along with the game as well.

Contents: Paint Splatter

This issue of Paint Splatter shows a how to paint the Darkoath Chieftain and Tzaangor models. The skin schemes used for both are are pretty interesting, but everything else you have seen before.

What is GW saying?

Released May, 14th 2016

Behold, the Silver Tower! That’s right, there’s a stunning new boxed game – Warhammer Quest Silver Tower – on the horizon and we’ve got the complete lowdown in this bumper-sized issue. Six new heroes from the noble Knight-Questor to the shadowy Tenebrael Shard – brave the depths of the Gaunt Summoner’s Silver Tower and are met with a whole host of sinister denizens. We take a look and play through the first of the game’s nine quests, plus we kick off the first of a two-part Paint Splatter feature with stage-by-stage guides for the Darkoath Chieftain and Tzaangors. But that’s not all – an eight-page pullout section in the middle of the magazine provides you warscrolls for using all of the heroes from the game in your games of Warhammer Age of Sigmar! The mysteries of the Silver Tower may be many, but White Dwarf 120 is truly your guide to all of them. Get one now.

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Contents: The Trial of Hysh

As is typical with GW board game releases we get a run through of how the game plays and like the ones before we get a boring narrative that doesn’t really sell us on the product being peddled. Still, one can gleam through the sidebars actual rules and how the game is played. The game seems very dice heavy as certain rolls cause certain events/triggers, along with determining just how much each Hero can do in a particular turn.

Contents: Warscrolls

Here is a collection of rules for using the Hero models in a regular game of Age of Sigmar.


Next Issue Hint: The Heroic Adventures Continue…

Final Verdict

Issue #120 is a $4 advertisement for one GW product, so if you like that product you might get something out of this issue, otherwise steer clear.