Blood of Kittens 2016 Update

Nov 21, 2016

Many loyal readers have noticed a drop off in content and posts from Blood of Kittens over the last few months. This wasn’t the cause of some Warhammer 40k fatigue, but a case of doing a ton of work behind the scenes. As a mostly a one man show, the amount of work to keep this site going is a lot, but it mostly means any major project sacrifices all other things.

Blood of Kittens usually has a website update once a year, but this year was the biggest one yet! It took a lot more time than first anticipated, but it is worth it.

Most of the update can be seen right away for everyone, but some of it was much needed backend stuff to make the website run more smoothly. Regardless of the pain, I introduced a more streamlined Blood of Kittens experience. The main focus of this update was two-fold.

First, is the creation of the Codex Compendium. The Codex Compendium combines the Relic, Detachment, and Formation Compendiums into individual pages each dedicated to every current Warhammer 40k faction in the game. In addition, as time goes on it will also tournament lists, buying guides, tactics, and everything you need to research your favorite army.

Second, is making the Blood of Kittens experience more mobile friendly, it means having everything sized properly for little screens and making navigation on your phone easier. This will always be a constant battle, but one which actually becomes easier with age, as new technologies make integration easier.

Those are the big improvements, as for some minor ones it is mostly cosmetic. You will also notice a new Rumor & Leak Compendium, this is a future project that won’t be started until the new year. So don’t get upset not finding any new rumors. You will also notice some new feeds; it is clear now that Games Workshop controls the rumor game, so it is important to have any everyone inform the second it happens. As well WarhammerTV videos are becoming more and more popular, so instead of going to YouTube just come to Blood of Kittens to get your fix.

More Blood of Kittens improvements will be rolled out as time goes by, but for now enjoy all the hard work of the last few months! The best part is now I can get back to actually posting stuff and enjoying the cool new content Games Workshop is currently spitting out!

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