The Las Vegas Open 2017 Coverage

by | Feb 2, 2017

Thursday night I will be making my way to Las Vegas and the Bally’s Hotel the current home of the largest Warhammer 40k tournament in the World the Las Vegas Open. This year the Warhammer 40k Grand Tournament has a chance to reach the 500 player mark, but most likely it will be around 450 players, still a record. This year the LVO has grown into a full convention with tons of different games and vendors for folks to enjoy.

Most impressive is Games Workshop is getting involved sending out the Twitch channel casters to broadcast live! The LVO will also have Forge World selling resin crack to the masses. Making LVO 2017 the first, but singular event of 2017 for wargaming.

Not to mention thousands of dollars are on the line for few players with a chance to win the ITC! Matt Root is currently in a commanding position with guaranteed victory if he can make it to the top 8 on Day 3 of the championships.

Here is around the number of people who have a chance to win ITC by winning the LVO.

1 Matt Root 748.73
2 Aaron Aleong 679.46
3 Brandon Grant 670.73
4 Andrew Gonyo 650.68
5 Brett Perkins 650.13
6 Joshua Death 646.84
7 Dan Platt 626.36
8 Thomas Hegstrom Oakey 623.28
9 Trent Northington 612.64
10 Eric Hoerger 606.99
11 Mike Kriegler 606.58
12 Matt Schuchman 604.7
13 Paul McKelvey 603.01
14 Geoff Robinson 600.34
15 James Carmona 599.5
16 Brad Chester 593.46

For my part I won’t be playing, but will just be covering and gambling. Depending on internet connection and phone power I intend to do some Facebook Living. As always I will get tons of pictures and collect the top lists.

As for other coverage check the Warhammer TV page, they should be posting a schedule in the next 24 hours.

Warhammer TV Schedule Link

Frontline Gaming also has a post up detailing what to expect from the event.

A Guide to Media Coverage of the 2017 Las Vegas Open

Like rumor posts, just remember to constantly check back to this post Friday morning and I will do my best to get coverage you won’t see anywhere else.

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Check back to this post from February 3rd to February 6th 2017 for Coverage

Round one got started a little late as a major bug happened with pairing system and about 50 players were not in the system.

Round 1 also saw no major upsets with an almost shocker of old 40k  vet Nick rose almost beating Aaron Aleong!

The match only got to turn 4 with almost an extra hour or time because all players were allowed to play into lunch. It goes to show even top players have a struggle playing at 1850. Though the salt factory each players created might of had something to do with it.

As for armies we are seeing a lot more riptides and renegades lists. It seems like many players anticipate the bark star and various other Death Stars and planned accordingly.

Round 2

Round 2 saw James carmona go down and a few top players getting ties. With Alex fennel and Iain McLeod and Paul mckelvey leading the list. Oh and there was this little thing of nick navanti losing, for whatever reason the LVO has never been kind to one of the top players in the game. At this stage getting ties and close wins is very advantageous for most players.

Round 3

Round 3 got off to a late start, but featured some great battles. Matt root defeat Geoff Robinson in a game that turned on hand of the ominissah. On the other side former champ Alan pajama pants lost to top player Brandon grant and his dark angle bark star. Though the game of round 3 was Aaron aleong tieing Werner Born which if the math falls right will allow both players to submarine there way into the top 8.

Round 4

Round 4 doesn’t feature blockbuster matches like the round 3. Still look out for who wins Lawrence baker vs Joshua death and Andrew gonyo vs. Jermey the French overlord.

Round 5

Things are finally taking shape as lots we are got some killer matches. Like Matt root vs josh death and the last time i checked Matt root was on the ropes! If Matt goes down it then becomes anyone’s game to win the LVO and perhaps the entire ITC!

GEreth Hunt vs tony g is an impressive battle with what’s looks like a Gereth win.

A matt lose will really put brandon grant in the driver seat as he is also currently crushing his opponent in the 5 round. Aaron aleong also with a tie needs to rack up the points to make it into the top 8. Sean and Gonyo also have a chance to move up.

As it stands it looks like 4 slots still have the potential to go to the final 8. Then 3 to ties and a super outside chance a 1 loss player could sneak in.

In impressive fashion both matt root and tony g came back to win there perspective dreams Alive! Now all matt root needs is a high point tie in the round 6 to almost secure ITC champion.

round 6

Things are clearing out nicely for matt root as he pulled out a win and Aaron Aleong lost his final match. Now tony g is standing is the only thing really standing in matt root’s way. Of course brandon grant and Sean Nayden are also still lurking.

so the top 8 was announced with matt root tieing is 99% for sure winning the ITC! Still the championships on the final day should have some drama with Brandon grant coming on super strong, but Sean nayden should be considers the front runner having won the LVO two years ago and getting in the top 8 last year.

What is really crazy is we only have two undefeated players! As for the army break down we sadly don’t have any surprises. Daemons, elder, tau, dark angels, and renegades make up the top 8. As for list construction the lists might have little twists to these armies, but st the core they are pretty much what we come to expect with 7th edition at this stage.

Round 7

well it is official unless I am told otherwise Matt Root is the winner or the ITC 2016 season! He surprisingly crushed Sean Nayden. Now all we need to know is who will win LVO. The final four are brandon grant, matt root, Brett Perkins, and Dan platt.

My money is on brandon grant he is been on a hot streak like no other. The good thing too is elder have been bounced out of the final four leaving just Renegades/deamons , Ad-mech, Dark Angels/space wolves, and Chaos space marines/demons.

round 8

the finals are set we got brandon grant vs brett Perkins for all the mables. Honestly I don’t know who will won but my money is on brandon as he is really locked in!

Brett Perkins is the winner of LVO! Making Matt Root the overall winner of the ITC… we think…

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