Las Vegas Open 2017 Top 8 Lists & Pictures

by | Feb 7, 2017

Now that I have taken a day to recover from the Las Vegas Open, I can give you all the information you have been craving. Before we get to the list, I want to say the Las Vegas Open was fantastic, having double in size from the previous year overall. I think most events saw growth from the previous year with the 40k Championships leading the way with 390 players, which is over the record of 375 in 2016, more amazing Frontline Gaming sold 510 tickets to that event alone!

The venue was once again Bally’s and Frontline was able to fix the water issue from last year, but replaced it with some strange layout decisions and an ill advised LVO music dance Lounge. The LVO also saw an unprecedented amount of coverage, as players from around the world used tools like Facebook Live to broadcast all facets of the games being played. Leading the coverage was of course Frontline Gaming and Warhammer TV Twitch channels. Blood of Kittens did some videos as well on Facebook and coverage post.

It was so much coverage, that I think many people knew things before I did, even when standing next to the table being filmed! One really cool listen at this sort of coverage comes from Australia and Menza Gaming. They wanted me to share a great outsider perspective on the final game between Brett Perkins (Renegades) and Brandon Grant (Dark Angels). For me it is really worth the listen as it illustrates the big problem many games are currently having by not finishing. As you will learn with the final game not getting beyond Turn 4, which was a theme with almost all Battle Company & Chaos Renegade players at LVO.

LVO Top Table Review

Speaking of games I guess it is finally time to get to the information you really want to see, here is a link to the each player Rankings at LVO.

LVO 2017 Best Coast Pairings Championship Rankings

Now on to the Top 8 lists from the Las Vegas Open 2017!

Brett Perkins 1st Overall Las Vegas Open 2017

Brandon Grant 2nd Overall Las Vegas Open 2017

Dan Platt 3rd Overall Las Vegas Open 2017

Matt Root 4th Overall Las Vegas Open 2017

Sean Nayden 5th Overall Las Vegas Open 2017

Carter Leach 6th Overall Las Vegas Open 2017

William Abilez 7th Overall Las Vegas Open 2017

Justin Curtis 8th Overall Las Vegas Open 2017

Here is a link break down for each Faction at the Las Vegas Open 2017

LVO Army Faction Break Down

As for the top 8 it kinda went as expected with no surprises.

  • 2 Deamons
  • 1 Chaos Renegades
  • 1 Dark Angel
  • 1 Ad-Mech
  • 1 Eldar Corsairs
  • 1 Eldar
  • 1 Tau

One interesting thing that happen was only one person (Sean Nayden) from the 2016 top 8 made the top 8 in 2017, even with most of the top 2016 players attending this year.

Here is a few final comments about LVO 2017, I spoke to many players and it seems like everyone is really excited for 8th as tons of people are feeling the fatigue of 7th edition. We also saw lots of games not getting beyond turn 4, once again and I cannot stress enough, player fewer points relieves this problem. In addition, it is clear Games Workshop can help fix time problems with some minor Sigmar rules crossovers, like Formation Points, Summoning costs, and removing templates and blasts from the game.

Finally, I uploaded the last batch of the images I collected from LVO, so here is a gallery of my favorites for folks to see.

Las Vegas Open 2017 Photo Gallery

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