Back Up and Running!

by | Mar 28, 2017

Blood of Kittens is back up and running!

Sorry about that folks, what was supposed to be a one day downtime turned into a one week nightmare. You would never have though that copying and transferring your website to a newer faster server can sometimes cause problems.

A few fixed php files and some stylesheets later we are back up. I still need to run a few more tests for performance, but at least now everyone can at least go to the site!

The real downside to having this issue is it has zapped my will to write pushing back everything I planned for the end of March. So expect what would normally be going up like ITC lists, Adepticon Lists, and some editorials to be delayed.

Once I get my mojo back though we will be full speed ahead to Warhammer 40k 8th edition which drops the first or second weekend of June 2017!

Leaving that Happy Place

Epic cheating drama overshadows the otherwise beloved ATC, further tarnishing American Warhammer 40k tourament and competitive scene.

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