Moving Forward with 8th Edition

by | Jun 19, 2017

As you may have noticed content has a been a bit on the light side over the last few months. This was sorta by design, as 7th edition was drawing to a close, it just didn’t seem all that necessary to discuss topics other sites were covering or follow tournament results for a version of the game that really didn’t matter anymore. That is why most posting focused on the editorial side of things, as big changes bring about big thoughts about the future of the game we love.

Anyway, as hinted before once July rolls around things will get back to normal and boy just in time as July is going to be crazy! We should get the release of Space Marine codex, Mortarion final reveal, tons of 8th edition Tournaments capped by the BAO for the final weekend.

Beyond covering those events, here are a few things of you can expect to be coming (back) to Blood of Kittens.

  1. Return of Tournament Reports and 8th edition top lists.
  2. Return of Games Workshop Financial Reports.
  3. Changing Codex Pages as new books arrive.
  4. Editorials & Rants as always.
  5. Reviews of White Dwarf and other Games Workshop publications.
  6. Tactical Reviews updated for 8th.

It will be interesting to see how this Warhammer 40k edition develops. Games Workshop having destroyed rumor sites and co-oping the largest tournament organizers; Blood of Kittens is uniquely positioned to give honest analysis about the state of the game and the parties involved. There is always a tendency for folks to get a too cocky or high on hype so Blood of Kittens will hopefully try to keep that in check.

Overall the last few months have been a great chance to take things easy, but as with many 8th edition has put charge back into Warhammer 40k and Blood of Kittens will always be here to see if it was all worth it.

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