Ultramarines to Wetcoast GT 2017

by | Jul 7, 2017

Coming this weekend I will be taking my Warhammer 40k talents across the United States border to Canada to a lovely suburb of Vancouver, Burnaby and the Wetcoast GT 2017. I am super excited as this will be my first 8th edition tournament! Wetcoast GT is a great experience, having been to it once before if feels like a mini LVO as it is set in a Casino and has a variety of different events and even a few vendors.

The only odd thing about the Wetcoast GT is the point level of the event at 1650, a hold over from 7th edition they are keeping with. On the other hand this will make most games very quick, allowing the event to have six rounds. The event will run the modified ITC missions and the +1 to go first for armies with fewer deployment drops.

This year I will breaking out the Space Marines of the Ultramarine variety. As for my list, one of the great things about 8th currently is the ability to give old units a whirl. My army built on Terminators as the bulk of the force, along with some Flyers to keep things somewhat competitive.

Here take a look…

Ultramarine Wetcoast GT 2017 Army List

The only reason they are Ultramarines is because of the paint scheme, as I am not using any special characters to make a difference. I feel like the list will be pretty good at handling almost any type of list, with Mortal Wound spam and full Flyer spam being the biggest problem, but to be honest I think that those are the big problem lists for anyone. With six games I am hoping for a 4-2 record.

As an event so early in 8th edition, I am more concerned about still getting the rules down and learning about other armies and lists. Especially now with the Space Marine codex coming in a few weeks, I am sure half the things in my list will change anyway!

As for my tactics, I plan on holding my Terminators in “Deep Strike” and bringing them down to break any large blob units. The Stormbolter is one of the best weapons in the game, with 10 Tactical Terminators bringing down 40 shots alone, then add in the Cyclone Missile Launchers and you can add another 4d6 S4 shots to the mix, that is 54 shots on average all together. The Stormtalons don’t need much explaining as all Space Marine flyers dominating the early meta. Still the duty of the Stormtalons is to clear out heavier armour targets and opposing flyers.

The Snipers serve two purposes, they can keep low wound characters honest and they also allow me to put all my Terminator units in “Deep Strike” if need be. Finally, my toughest choice was settling on an HQ, I had toyed around with everything from Chaplain to Magnus Calgar. I settled on the Librarian to have some Mortal Wound potential to tick off a final wound here or there, but mostly for Null Zone if I face a unit like Fateweaver or Magnus. The flexibility of a Librarian is enough, as going with other “force multiplier” units just didn’t seem effective enough with most units all over the board.

Anyway, like I said I am super excited, and don’t worry the second I am not longer in contention, I plan of switching to coverage mode to check out the top lists that battle it out in the final round of the Tournament. So, check the Blood of Kittens Facebook page for any Wetcoast GT updates.

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