Bay Area Open 2017 Top Lists & Pictures

by | Aug 1, 2017

One of the largest Warhammer 40k events held in North America just finished, the Bay Area Open. By design the BAO size was trimmed down, due to cramped and hot conditions in 2016. Game Kastle in Mountain View, California, was once again the site of the BAO and with the extra room made for better gaming experience.

As for the results if you haven’t been following, Conscripts become the new boogieman thanks to the Flyer nerf from GW last week, with the top three lists using them. Many BAO experiences lacked any equilibrium, with games either not finishing on time or being decided quickly by the end of the 1st turn. This made the first day not very exciting, also it meant even with progressive missions the outcomes didn’t change much.

On Day 2 though things seemed a little brighter as many more games had some sense of competitive balance. Perhaps the unfolding story of 8th edition, is once you get through a few rock, paper, scissors matches Swiss pairings will eventually even things out.

If you want more analyst just watch the videos below.

BAO 2017 Day 2 Videos


Day 1 BAO 2017 Videos

Now on to what you all been waiting for the top Five army lists from the BAO 2017

  1. Brandon Grant 1st Overall BAO 2017
  2. Mitch Pelham 2nd Overall BAO 2017
  3. Doug Johnson 3rd Overall BAO 2017
  4. Paul McKelvey 4th Overall BAO 2017
  5. Adam Gati 5th Overall BAO 2017

There you go the last major Tournament before the Warhammer 40k completely shifts with release of codexes at an unprecedented rate.

Finally, here is a link to some pictures taken at the event!

BAO 2017 Pictures

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