Chaos Space Marines 8th Edition Codex: Leak Compilation

Aug 2, 2017

Time for another leak and rumor compilation, this time for Warhammer 40k 8th edition Chaos Space Marine codex rumors and leaks. As with the other compilations the Warhammer 40k 8th edition Chaos Space Marines codex will feature both Games Workshop community info and any other Internet leaks and rumors as they come!

Check back everyday as new leaks and rumors for Warhammer 40k 8th edition Chaos Space Marine Codex will be added, without notification.

Official Release Date Aug 12th with Pre-orders starting Aug 5th.

Chaos Space Marines Codex Product Release Prices

  • Codex: Chaos Space Marines $40
  • Datacards: Chaos Space Marines $15

Legion Tactics: Only Infantry, Bikes, and Dreadnoughts have access to Legion Tactics.

  • Night Lords: Models in enemy units must subtract 1 from Leadership for each unit with this Trait within 6″ of theirs to a maximum of -3
  • Iron Warriors: Enemy units attacked by units with this Trait do not gain any saving throw bonuses for being in Cover. You can re-roll failed wound rolls when targeting a Building
  • Emperor’s Children: Units with this Trait always fight first in the Fight Phase even if they didn’t charge. If enemy units have charged or have similar ability alternate units to fight starting with player whose turn is taking place.
  • Black Legion: +1 to LD and when a unit with advances all of their rapid fire weapons become assault.
  • World Eaters: When a unit makes a successful charge you can make one additional with each of the models in the fight phase.
  • Word Bearers: Re-roll any morale checks
  • Alpha Legion: -1 to hit at 12″ or more
  • Renegades: Can Advance and Charge in the same turn.

Chaos Icon Bonuses:

  • Icon of Wrath: Unit Re-roll charge distance.
  • Icon of Excess: Death to the False Emperor ability goes off on a 5+
  • Icon of Despair: Enemy Units within 6″ subtract 1 from LD

Psychic Powers:

  • Diabolic Strength: WC 6 Select a model within 12″ of the Psyker. Unit the start of the of your next psychic phase add 2 to the model’s strength and 1 to its attacks.
  • Death Hex: WC 8 Target enemy unit within 12″ if cannot use invulnerable saves unit your next physic phase
  • Warptime: WC 6 Pick a unit within 3″ it can move as if it were the movement phase. Cannot be cast multiple times on the same unit in the same psychic phase.
  • Infernal Gaze: WC 5 Pick enemy unit within 18″ roll 3 dice any 4+ that unit suffers a mortal wound.
  • Prescience: WC 7 pick a unit within 18″ at 1 to all hit rolls until the start of your next psychic phase.
  • Diabolic Strength: WC 6 pick a unit within 12″ add 2 to its strength and 1 to its attack until your next psychic phase.
  • Gift of Chaos: WC 6 pick an enemy unit within 6 roll a D6 if it is greater than the target’s toughness it suffers 3D3 Mortal Wounds. If the target is a Character and is slain you can add 1 Chaos Spawn to your army 1″ away from the dead model.

Chaos God Specific Psychic Powers:

  • Slaanesh:
    • Delightful Agonies: WC 6 Select a visible Slaanesh unit within 18″ of the Psyker. Unit the start of your next Psychic phase ignore wounds of +5
  • Nurgle:
    • Miasma of Pestilence: WC 6 Psyker picks a Nurgle unit within 18″ must subtract 1 from to hit rolls when targeting this unit.
  • Tzeentch:
    • Weaver of Fates: WC 6 Select a visible Tzeentch unit within 18″ of the Psyker. Until the start of your next Psychic phase you can add 1 to any invulnerable saves taken for that unit. Models that do not have an invulnerable save gain +5 invulnerable save.

Non-Legion Specific Relics:

  • Talisman of Burning Blood: Khorne units only. Advance & Charge same turn re-roll character distance.
  • Eye of Tzeentch: Tzeentch psyker only. Add 1 to attempting Smite power
  • Intoxicating Elixir: Slaanesh only. Add 1 to Strength and Attacks
  • Pus Cleaver: Nurgle model with power sword. -2 AP Damage D3 Wounds on 2+ unless target is a vehicle
  • Axe of Blind Fury: Khorne with power axe. +3 str, ap -3 Damage D3 Cannot re-roll 1s and 1s cause damage to friendly units within 1″
  • The Black Mace: Model with Power Maul. +3 str, AP -2, Damage 2. Roll D6 when you slay a model, on a 6 the target unit suffers a Mortal Wound.
  • Murder Sword: Model with Power Sword. +1 str, AP -4 Damage 1. Pick an enemy character before the game that model suffers Mortal wound instead when attack with this weapon.

Legion Specific Relics:

  • Iron Warriors: Flesh Metal Exoskeleton gives the bearer a 2+ save. In addition, the model heals 1 wound at start of each of your turns.
  • Night Lords: Claws of the Black Hunt + Attack +1 Str, AP -3, D3 Re-roll failed to wound rolls
  • World Eaters: Brass Collar of Bhorghaster can deny one psychic power if denied Psyker suffers a perils of the warp
  • Black Legion: The Eye of Night. Once per battle. Enemy visible vehicle suffers D3 mortal wounds on a 2+
  • Word Bearers: Cursed Crozius replace power maul. Re-roll to wound against Imperium units.
  • Alpha Legion: Blade of the Hydra replace Chainsword. Str +1, AP -2 Damage 2. Bonus D3 attacks with Blade.
  • Emperor’s Children: Bliss Giver replace bolt pistol. Assualt D6, User Str, -1 Damage 1. Within 1″ enemy character roll a D6 on a 6 the character suffers additional D3 mortal wounds.

Warlord Traits

  • Exalted Champion: +1 Attack
  • Lord of Terror: Enemy units roll an extra D6 within 6″ of Warlord picking the highest.
  • Hate Incarnate: Re-roll to wound rolls of 1 for Warlord
  • Unholy Fortitude: +1 Wound. Roll D6 anytime you suffer a wound on a 6 ignore the damage.
  • Flames of Spite: Melee Wounds of 6+ causes 1 additional Mortal Wound
  • Eternal Vendetta: Re-roll to wound in the Fight phase against Space Marines.

Legion Specific Warlord Traits

  • Iron Warriors: Friendly Iron Warrior unit within 6″ of your Warlord automatically pass Morale tests.
  • Night Lords: Once per battle you can re-roll a single to hit roll, wound roll, damage roll, advance, charge roll, or saving throw.
  • World Eaters: Add 1 to Attacks and Strength each time you slay an enemy character, monster, or titanic model.
  • Black Legion: Death to the False Emperor triggers an extra attack on 5+ for models in friendly Black Legion units that are within 6″ of your Warlord.
  • Word Bearers: Increase Aura abilities range by 3″
  • Alpha Legion: Bonus trait in addition to Chaos Space Marine Warlord Traits. Any time an Alpha Legion character Warlord is killed select another Alpha Legion character to become Warlord and pick a new Chaos Space Marine Warlord if you want. Opponent won’t get Slay the Warlord bonus until all Alpha Legion characters are slain.
  • Emperor’s Children: +1 Attack for each wound the Warlord suffers up to +3 and time Warlord is healed he loses bonus attacks.


  • Veterans of the Long War: CP1 +1 to wound rolls
  • Tide of Traitors: CP 1 Use at the end of the movement phase. Remove and replace a Cultist unit 9″ away from any enemy unit and within 6″ of any board edge.
  • Chaos Familiar: CP 1 Use at the start of Psychic phase. Friendly Psyker can switch out one psychic power for another.
  • Fire Frenzy: CP 1 Use before a Helbrute shoots. If the Helbrute didn’t move in the movement phase it cannot shoot twice, but must target the close enemy unit.
  • Flakk Missile: CP 1 Same as Space Marine equivalent.
  • Gifts of Chaos: 1CP/3CP Same as Space Marine relic stratagem.
  • Beseech the Gods: CP1 Change unmarked unit to any follow any Chaos God at the start of any of your turns.
  • Blasphemous Machines: CP 1 Select a Vehicle Ignore any to hit penalties for moving or advance.
  • Chaos Boon: CP 1 At the end of the phase when a character kills a Character, Monster, or Vehicle roll on the Chaos Boon table.
  • Fury of Khorne: CP3 Same as Space Marine equivalent.
  • Linebreaker Shells: CP1 Same as Space Marine equivalent.
  • Killshot: CP1 Same as Space Marine equivalent.
  • Grandfather’s Blessing: CP2 Infantry or Biker unit heals D3 wounds or return a slain model to a unit at the end of the movement phase.
  • Daemon Forged: CP 1 Daemon Vehicle can re-roll all failed To hit and to wound rolls. Use in either the Shooting Phase or Fight Phase.

Chaos Legion Specific Stratagems:

  • Slaanesh Endless Cacophony: CP 2 use this at the end of your Shooting phase. Select Slaanesh Infantry or Biker unit that unit can immediately shoot again
  • Excess of Violence: CP 1 Emperor’s Children Infantry. Each Slain model in the fight phase generates a single additional attack.
  • In Midnight Clad: 1 CP When a Night Lord infantry unit is targeted by a shooting attack for the rest of the phase your opponent must subtract 1 from all hit rolls that target that unit.
  • Fury of Khorne: CP3 At the end of the Fight phase attack for additional time.
  • Scorn of Sorcery: CP1 24″ range deny a single Psychic power on a 4+
  • The the Galaxy Burn: CP1 Use this when a Black Legion Infantry or Biker unit is selected in a Shooting or Fight phase. You can re-roll all hit rolls of 1 for the remainder of the phase. If the unit is a Chaos Space Marine squad instead re-roll all failed to hit rolls.
  • Dark Pack: CP1 Word Bearer Character attempts to summon. You can re-roll any of the dice for attempting to summon and will not suffer any mortal wounds.
  • Iron within, Iron without: CP1 Pick Iron Warriors unit damage is ignore on a roll of 6.
  • Forward Operative: CP 1 Alpha Legion Infantry Set up unit anywhere on the board 9″ away from an enemy unit at the beginning of the 1st round.

Leaked Rules

  • Abbadon was Warlord gives you army 2 bonus CP
  • Exalted Champion New unit with Aspire to glory rule allows re-roll to wound in Fight phase 6″ aura.
  • Chaos Space Marines get Objective Secured
  • Demoniac Ritual: Characters can summon Deamons not just Psykers.

Point Changes

1 Chaos Bikers 31 to 25
2 Cultists 5 to 4
3 Chaoslord in Termi 122 to 105
4 Predators 102 to 90
5 Vindicator 160 to 135
6 Defiler 216 to 152
7 Lord of skulls 465 to 365
8 Maulerfiend 149 to 140
9 Mutilator 65 to 50
10 Noize Marines 16 to 15
11 Plague Marine 21 to 19
12 Warpsmith 78 to 45
13 Abbaddon 253 to 240
14 Kharn 173 to 160
15 Bloodletters 9 to 7
16 Daemonettes 9 to 7
17 Brimstones 2 to 3
18 Pink Horros 10 to 8
19 Plaguebearers 8 to 7

Wargear changes

1 Baleflamers 60 to 30
2 Blastmaster 28 to 20
3 Hades Autocannon 33 to 25
4 Reaper Autocannon 18 to 15
5 Soulreaper Cannon 10 to 15

1 Daemonic Axe 45 to 10
2 Hellforged Sword 42 to 10
3 Lightning Claws 9/13 to 8/12
4 Plaguesword 3 to 1
5 Powerfist 20 to 12
6 Instrument of Chaos up to 10

Warhammer Community Page Article Summaries

Renegade Chapters are represented by a single, powerful Legion Trait:

Dark Raiders means that Renegades are able to close the gap on opponents quickly, and is perfect for an assault army.

One of the best units for the Renegades is Chaos Bikers; these models always advance 6? and so have a huge threat range on the battlefield. As an assault unit that can effectively move 20?, each bike has the potential to reach targets as far as 32? away, making a first-turn charge against an unprepared player very possible. Chaos Bikers can be equipped for a range of duties, and with 2 Wounds and Toughness 5, they’re durable too.

Combat characters like a Chaos Lord with a jump pack are great in an assault-based Renegades army like the Crimson Slaughter. With seven non-Legion-specific Artefacts to choose from, you’ll be able to build a range of deadly characters. The Murder Sword, for instance, allows a Chaos Lord to chase down and reliably kill lesser characters by dealing loads of mortal wounds.

If you’re playing a Renegades army, choosing the Red Corsairs allows you to field Huron Blackheart, one of the most versatile characters in Warhammer 40,000. Coming in at only a few more points than a regular Chaos Lord, Huron Blackheart is a decent close combat character, can provide valuable psychic support to your army, and even provides an additional Command Point for your Stratagems. In smaller games, he’s a highly efficient choice for any Renegades army.

As with the Space Marine Chapters, Legion Traits are awarded by Detachment. This means you’re free to add other forces of Chaos to assist your Legion, whether you’re taking support from Renegades or a pack of Daemons. If you’re feeling particularly clever, you could take Detachments from Legions based on role – perhaps three units of Havocs and a Sorcerer from the Alpha Legion, and three units of Berzerkers and a Chaos Lord from the World Eaters. As well as using the Detachment system, every Chaos Space Marines army can include Fabius Bile or any Fallen units in their army without losing their Legion Trait.

Fallen are a strong choice for a range of armies – both for the Imperium and for Chaos! If you want to include Cypher or his followers in your Imperial forces, you can do so, thanks to the Imperium keyword. In a Chaos force, Cypher and the Fallen are a great source of accurate firepower, and they’re particularly handy packing plasma weapons thanks to their ability to re-roll 1s to hit.

Fabius Bile is a powerful addition to any infantry based Chaos Space Marines army thanks to his Enhanced Warriors ability.

Unlike in previous editions, this works on all Chaos Space Marine Infantry, and so, with a lucky roll, you could be looking at Toughness 6 Plague Marines or Berzerkers with 3 base Attacks.

The Alpha Legion are notorious for their insidious tactics and expert training. An Alpha Legion assault strikes from several directions at once, as Cultists, infiltrators and vanguard units reveal themselves in a brutal crescendo of fire.

As we’ve seen with the Raven Guard, -1 to hit is huge as it markedly increases the durability of every unit in your army. What distinguishes the Alpha Legion from their loyalist brethren is their selection of units and new combinations available within the Chaos Space Marines codex. With this trait, you’ll be able to take full advantage of the flexibility of Chaos Space Marines, whittling your targets down at range then closing in for brutal melee if they dare approach you.

Chaos Sorcerers are an excellent choice in any Chaos Army, and their sheer versatility makes them a great fit for the Alpha Legion. The Dark Hereticus discipline allows for a range of different strategies, and you’ll be able to choose yours based on the battle ahead. If you need some extra mobility, Warptime is great either for fast-moving units like Raptors or for pulling some Tactical Marines out of trouble, while Death Hex is among the most useful new spells in the game. Stripping the invulnerable save off a unit means even elite characters like Roboute Guilliman become vulnerable to massed armour-piercing firepower – take your Sorcerer with a unit of Terminators wielding combi-meltas, drop them next to your opponent’s favourite model, then destroy them with a combination of Death Hex and melta-beams. One of the most fun features of the Chaos Sorcerer is the Chaos Familiar Stratagem – for a single Command Point, you can swap one of your old powers for a new one.

Helbrutes in Alpha Legion armies are also great – they’re fast, they’re durable, and they’re strong in every phase. All Helbrutes benefit from their Legion Trait, so you’ll be able to keep yours safe from incoming fire as it advances on the foe. Anyone that tries to get close has to reckon with a deadly Fire Frenzy:

The beauty of the Alpha Legion is flexibility. Take advantage of the versatility of Chaos Space Marines by deploying far away from combat armies or close to shooting armies with Forward Operatives. If you’re feeling particularly cunning, stock up on characters to make maximum use of I Am Alpharius; this Warlord Trait allows your Warlord to inexplicably escape death by revealing that he was one of his underlings ALL ALONG – every time he dies.

The Word Bearers are the true faithful of Chaos, blending their prodigious skill as Space Marines with a fervent dedication to the Dark Gods. On the tabletop, Word Bearers armies will combine powerful aura abilities with daemonic allies, making for an adaptive and durable force.

Re-rolling failed Morale tests is great for Chaos Space Marines – the army favors large squads of elite troops, and this ability means that valuable multi-Wound models like Possessed and Chaos Terminators are unlikely to flee at an inopportune moment. This synergies well with the Dark Apostle, who – thanks to Demagogue – gives nearby units a massive 9 Leadership.

Chaos Cultists have long been a popular pick for Chaos Space Marines armies, and the Word Bearers are famous for the devoted throngs of followers that make up their forces. With a discounted points cost for matched play, re-rollable Morale tests and the aura abilities from the Exalted Champion and the Dark Apostle, Word Bearers Cultists are some of the most powerful horde infantry in an edition where horde infantry is already very effective. With Miasma of Pestilence and the Mark of Nurgle, yours will be nigh-impossible to shift, and should your enemy inflict critical casualties, so what? The Dark Gods provide, and for a couple of Command Points, you can set the unit up again at its full starting strength near any table edge.

The best way to play a Word Bearers army is going to be fielding loads of Cultists, backed up by powerful support characters. This is the anvil of your army. For the hammer, some Warp Talons backed up by some summoned Daemons can be deployed further up the field where they’ll do the most damage. Worried about summoning not being reliable enough? With Dark Pact, you’ll be able to re-roll your summoning roll and avoid losing a beloved Lord at a key moment, as well as making full use of more difficult summons, like a Bloodthirster.

The new Chaos Space Marines codex doesn’t just contain the Heretic Astartes, and there are rules for the four most common types of Daemon, too – Bloodletters, Daemonettes, Plaguebearers and Horrors. If you’re looking to summon these in your games, you’ll only need one codex, reducing the amount of in-game bookkeeping you’ll have to do.

Horrors of all kinds have been very popular in the new edition of Warhammer 40,000, and it’s hard to deny the appeal of a pack of malevolent, sentient magic. All the same, we’ve made some tweaks to Horrors to encourage a wider diversity of army builds. Firstly, you’ll need a full unit of 10 or more Pink Horrors to do more than a single Wound when you cast Smite. Secondly, Pink Horrors cost fewer points and Brimstone Horrors cost more. All other lesser Daemons have dropped in points, too, meaning whatever you’re, summoning you’ll get more for your reinforcement points.

The Black Legion combine a ferocious hatred for the Imperium with rigid organisation and discipline. In the new Codex: Chaos Space Marines, the Black Legion are maneuverable, versatile and have one of the best characters in the game as a force multiplier.

Black Crusaders is a subtle but useful bonus that’s best on your core infantry. A Chaos Space Marines army with this trait will be able to make maximum use of Chosen, Terminators and standard Chaos Space Marines, capable of pulling back rapidly from dangerous units or closing in on the enemy while whittling them down with hails of firepower.

Abaddon deserves special highlighting as a key element in any Black Legion force; indeed, he’s as much a part of your Legion Trait as anything else. Abaddon is one of the strongest characters in the game, capable of dealing enormous damage in close combat, allowing huge swathes of your army to essentially ignore Morale and providing vital re-rolls to hit. He even gives you a couple of extra Command Points.

This guy is the force multiplier that’s going to make Black Legion armies incredibly flexible and incredibly deadly. At the head of a rapidly advancing spearhead of Black Legion troops, he’ll make sure your shots are hitting and your larger squads aren’t breaking. Even Cultists are going to pack more of a punch fighting alongside the Despoiler.

Finally, Abaddon’s (or any other Black Legion character’s) Warlord Trait is First Among Traitors:

Death to the False Emperor is already a powerful ability, and this means you’ll be triggering additional attacks on a 5+… that’s 1/3rd of the time! It’s also very important if you’re going to be using Chaos Terminators – while these guys usually won’t be able to gain additional attacks with their power fists due to the -1 modifier to hit, with this trait, they’ll be able to. It’s basically like a free Icon of Excess for all your units.

Chosen with plasma guns have always been a popular pick in Chaos Space Marines armies, and in the Black Legion they’re free to close in on your enemy while laying down a hail of armour piercing fire before charging and unleashing a high volume of attacks. If you’re feeling brave, the presence of Abaddon should mitigate the risk of an overcharged plasma weapon attack.

Standard Chaos Space Marines are superb in a Black Legion army. You’ll be able to advance up the field while laying down a devastating hail of bolter fire, and, thanks to the improved Leadership of Black Legion units, you’ll be able to take them in full-sized squads of 20. Combined with the Let the Galaxy Burn Stratagem, these line infantry will be deadly. Alternatively, keep Abaddon nearby to ignore morale and let the squad re-roll their hits for free.

It’s worth noting that with the new Chaos Space Marines codex, Noise Marines, Plague Marines, Berzerkers and Rubric Marines are available to a much wider range of Chaos Legions. The Black Legion has always been renowned for bringing together Chaos Space Marines from far and wide in its warbands, and any of the “cult marines” make for a strong choice in the army. Rubric Marines are a particularly potent pick, able to fire their armour-piercing inferno boltguns on the move thanks to Black Crusaders.

The World Eaters are back, and in a big way, packing a brutal Legion Trait that encourages risk-taking, fast-paced play:

An additional Attack with every model on the charge is great and means that every unit is going to be pretty deadly on the assault. For heavy units like the Helbrute, that’s another devastating Attack with the Helbrute fist, while across hordes of Chaos Space Marines, those Attacks are going to add up fast.

Chaos Terminators are a deadly unit in a World Eaters army, capable of capitalizing on their additional Attacks with powerful weapons like lightning claws and power fists. It’s worth noting that power fists have seen a significant points reduction in the new Chaos Space Marines codex, from 20 points to 12, meaning your heavy assault squads are even more efficient for their points. Teleport in, re-roll your charges with an Icon of Wrath and smash the enemy apart – if you don’t do it the first time, just try again with Fury of Khorne.

Khârn the Betrayer is as powerful as he ever was and is a great general for a World Eaters force.

By taking Khârn as your Warlord, you’ll be able to make use of Slaughterborn; this Warlord Trait allows Khârn to snowball into an unstoppable force of destruction on the tabletop. If your opponent likes to use lots of monsters in his army, he won’t after he fights Khârn. Just keep some Cultists nearby to absorb the odd “accidental” miss with Gorechild.

Take the Icon of Wrath on every unit you have and CHARGE. There’s not a single unit in the Chaos Space Marines codex that doesn’t benefit from this. You’ll want to take as many units like Raptors and Terminators as possible to minimize the amount of time you’re running up the field and getting shot, while the Brass Collar of Bhorghaster and Scorn of Sorcery should suffice to shut down any psychic powers.

The Night Lords are famous for two things – their use of fear as a tactic and their distinctive winged headgear. Thanks to their new Legion Trait, the Night Lords are one of the most interesting forces in the new Chaos Space Marines codex, able to maximise casualties in the Morale phase and devastate even the most stalwart of soldiers.

Terror Tactics means that a Night Lords assault army is going to be very dangerous in the Morale phase – with -3, even high-leadership models risk suffering additional casualties.

Raptors have always been popular among Night Lords players, and in the new codex they’re an incredibly strong pick – use yours right and even Grey Knights will be running. Three units of Raptors equipped with Icons of Despair can knock enemy leadership down by 5 whole points – enough to turn even small losses into devastating mass panics in the enemy army.

Night Lords Chaos Lords with Jump Packs are going to number among the deadliest combatants in the 41st Millennium. Take yours with the Claws of the Black Hunt, Night Haunter’s Curse and Diabolic Strength from a nearby Sorcerer and your lord will be dishing out six Strength 7 Attacks, each doing D3 Damage at AP -3 with re-rolls to wound. With a re-roll to a failed charge, this is a great assassin unit for killing key characters such as Primaris Apothecaries.

If you’re playing Night Lords, you’ll want to take as many fast moving and morale-modifying units as you can. Throw in some Daemonic allies in the form of Be’lakor and you’ll be able to bring enemy Leadership down even further – focus on doing a small number of casualties to as many units as possible every turn, and let Morale tests handle the rest.

It’s worth noting one of the evilest strategies available to the Night Lords in the new codex: their Stratagem, In Midnight Clad.

Why is this so powerful? Psychological and shock value. You declare this Stratagem AFTER your opponent has already started firing – meaning if they’ve decided to overcharge plasma weapons, suddenly their own models will be getting slain on a 2 or less. You’ll be able to catch powerful shooting units unawares with this one, and just having a Command Point spare at all times will mean your opponent is less likely to risk overcharging their weapons.

The Iron Warriors Legion Trait is Siege Lords is similar to their bitter rivals, the Imperial Fists, this allows the Iron Warriors to ignore enemy bonuses to cover when shooting. Most Heretic Astartes armies are best used in assault, but the Iron Warriors are a deadly midrange army, easily capable of trading shots with massed infantry.

Chaos Terminators are a great unit for Iron Warriors armies. These brutal juggernauts have long been one of the most popular choices for Chaos Space Marines forces thanks to their excellent saves and huge range of wargear, and the new edition has only served to make Chaos Terminators more powerful thanks to an additional Wound and huge improvements to combi-weapons. Give yours combi-flamers and use the Weaver of Fates psychic power and you’ll have a hugely durable firebase, capable of storming even the most redoubtable fortress with hails of punishing firepower.

Daemon Princes in Iron Warriors armies can use the Fleshmetal Exoskeleton for an enormous 2+ armour save and a Wound healed every turn, turning an already durable unit into a nigh-indestructible juggernaut. If you’re looking for a leader for your Iron Warriors army in the new codex, this is it.

The Iron Warriors way of war isn’t particularly complicated – set up camp on the objectives with your ranged units and unleash hell; the beauty of this army is that even if you’re charged, you’ll be pretty dangerous thanks to the natural proficiency of Chaos Space Marines in close combat. Combined with the Cold and Bitter Warlord Trait, you’ll be able to wear down your opponent while holding fast with huge units of Chaos Space Marines, Cultists and Terminators.

The Emperor’s Children are a terrifying close-combat army in the new Chaos Space Marines codex, with access to a whole host of new abilities that’ll make the army one of the best melee forces in the game.

Attacking first in close combat is an enormous bonus; used correctly, and combined with power weapons, you’ll be able to wipe out enemies before they have time to react. This is a great defensive bonus too – anyone looking to charge a unit of Noise Marines could find themselves struck down before striking blows. In this way, your enemies are faced with a terrible choice; suffer waves of sonic firepower at range or be forced to attack you in close combat.

Possessed are one of the most improved units in the new codex, gaining an extra Wound at no increase in points cost. Throw in Delightful Agonies from a nearby Sorcerer, and you’ll be able to weather even the heaviest of fire. You’ll be able to close on enemies fast and shred them with a high-volume of armour-piercing attacks. This is the core combat unit you’ll want in an Emperor’s Children army.

Havocs have a home in an Emperor’s Children army thanks to Endless Cacophony; this Stratagem allows any Slaanesh Infantry or bikers to fire again at the end of the Shooting phase – perfect for getting some extra value out of a unit with lascannons or missile launchers. Similarly, flamer-armed Chosen are a solid pick in an Emperor’s Children army and well placed to take advantage of Flawless Perfection in close ranged firefights.

You’ll want to try to get into close range as soon as possible with your Emperor’s Children army. From here, you have a choice; against other melee armies, you’re free to hold back – your shooting is decent enough, and even if you’re charged, your enemy loses their guaranteed first strike – and you’ll be able to hit them first in the next turn.

Leaked Images

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[Thumb - chaos2.jpg] 


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