Top ITC Tournament Lists for August 2017

by | Sep 13, 2017

Blood of Kittens attempts to provide continuous coverage of ITC events, in posts showcasing the Top 3 army lists from the largest events.

This particular post chronicles the large events for August 2017.

8th edition is a land of changes, so with every new month comes new codexes, FAQs, and rules. Whenever you look at an army list keep in mind the meta or rules shift very quickly. Also a legal army list today may be illegal tomorrow, along with events using special rules and restrictions.  

August saw the largest collection of large events I have ever seen, with 14 events across the world. With so many lists, it required a lot of time to find them, so I apologize for missing a few.

On August 5th-6th, The North West Open – Major Event

  1. Feliks Bartkiewicz 1st Overall North West Open 2017
  2. Chris Tutill 2nd Overall North West Open 2017
  3. Dan Green 3rd Overall North West Open 2017

On August 5th-6th, Rampager – GT

  1. Tony Grippando 1st Overall Rampager GT 2017
  2. Elliott Levy 2nd Overall Rampager GT 2017
  3. Lochrest TH 3rd Overall Rampager GT 2017

On August 5th-6th, Slobberknocker – GT

  1. Mike Keys 1st Overall Slobberknocker 2017
  2. Cody Middleton 2nd Overall Slobberknocker 2017
  3. Steven Heitmeyer 3rd Overall Slobberknocker 2017

On August 12th-13th, Hammer of Wrath Grand Tournament – GT

  1. Adrien Jeanniard 1st Overall Hammer of Wrath 2017
  2. Alan Dehesa 2nd Overall Hammer of Wrath 2017 – Chaos Space Marines
  3. Brandon Grant 3rd Overall Hammer of Wrath 2017

On August 18th-19th, GENCON 2017 – Major Event

  1. Aaron Aleong 1st Overall GenCon 2017
  2. John Marshall 2nd Overall GenCon 2017
  3. James Watkins 3rd Overall GenCon 2017 – Imperial Knights

On August 19th-20th, Capitol City Blood Bath- Major Event

  1. Eric Dionne 1st Overall Capital City Blood Bath 2017 – Chaos Daemons
  2. Ciaran Gibb 2nd Overall Capital City Blood Bath 2017
  3. Jason Sparks 3rd Overall Capital City Blood Bath 2017 – Dark Angels

On August 19th-20th, WargamesCon – Major Event

  1. Michael Dehoyos 1st Overall WargamesCon 2017
  2. Jonathan Camacho 2nd Overall WargamesCon 2017
  3. Colin McDade 3rd Overall WargamesCon 2017

On August 19th-20th, Castle Assault – GT

  1. David Teoh 1st Overall Castle Assault 2017
  2. Matthew Blair 2nd Overall Castle Assault 2017
  3. Carlos Garcia 3rd Overall Castle Assault 2017 – Dark Angels

On August 26th-27th, The Brawl 2017 – Major Event

  1. Tj Lanigan 1st Overall The Brawl 2017
  2. Davin Swann 2nd Overall The Brawl 2017
  3. John Williams 3rd Overall The Brawl 2017 – Astra Militarum

On August 26th-27th, Eastcon 2017 – GT

  1. Adam Camilleri 1st Overall EastCon 2017
  2. Josh Leondaris 2nd Overall EastCon 2017
  3. Shawn Hollingsworth 3rd Overall Eastcon 2017

On August 26th-27th, DAKKA KON – GT

  1. John Lennon 1st Overall Dakka Kon 2017
  2. David Ozawa 2nd Overall DakkaKon 2017
  3. Johnathan Kuck 3rd Overall DakkaKon 2017 – Adeptus Mechanicus

On August 26th-27th, Gateway GT – GT

  1. Sam Henley 1st Overall Gateway GT 2017
  2. Aidan Barkley 2nd Overall Gateway GT 2017
  3. Jesse Williford 3rd Overall Gateway GT 2017

On August 25th-26th, Augustus Prime 40k – GT

  1. Tim Neal 1st Overall Augustus Prime 2017
  2. Matthew Blair 2nd Overall Augustus Prime 2017
  3. Kieren Howard 3rd Overall Augustus Prime 2017

On August 26th-27th, Westeros V – GT

  1. 1st Overall Robert Gustafsson Westeros V 2017
  2. 2nd Overall Karl Abrahamsson Westeros V 2017
  3. 3rd Overall Mikael Ek Westeros V 2017

Below is the current breakdown of what armies are winning events. The list combines all the top lists for 8th edition 2017 ITC season events only, taking only the top three from each Major or GT.

  • 9 Ultramarines
  • 9 Astra Militarum
  • 7 Daemons
  • 5 Chaos Space Marines
  • 5 Ynnari
  • 4 Orks
  • 4 Space Marines
  • 3 T’au Empire
  • 2 Genestealer Cults
  • 2 Imperial Knights
  • 1 Renegade Knights
  • 1 Tyranids
  • 1 Adeptus Custodes
  • 1 Officio Assassinorum
  • 1 Blood Angels
  • 1 Adeptus Mechanicus
  • 1 Sisters of Battle
  • 1 Grey Knights

If you want to see more lists separated by army/codex check out the new 8th Edition Top Army List Compendium.

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