Astra Militarum 8th Edition Codex: Leak Compilation

Oct 2, 2017

Time for another leak and rumor compilation, this time for Warhammer 40k 8th edition Astra Militarum codex rumors and leaks. As with the other compilations the Warhammer 40k 8th edition Astra Militarumcodex will feature both Games Workshop community info and any other Internet leaks and rumors as they come!

Check back everyday as new leaks and rumors for Warhammer 40k 8th edition Astra Militarum Codex will be added, without notification.

Pre-orders Sept. 9th Release Date Oct. 7th:

  • Astra Militarum Codex: $40
  • Datacards: $15

Warning was too busy, so this won’t be an orderly Leak Comp, just copy and paste from various sources. Also keep in mind most of this information is already out.

Reddit Compilation of Rule Leaks

Each regiment has an additional order to augment the standard ones. Interestingly, two of these are specifically for Tanks; Cadians getting to reroll the amount of dice on any random shot Turret weapon, and Tallarns getting to move 6? before or after the tank shoots.

Talarn tank order: move 6? before or after shooting. Doesn’t affect any modifiers that mention moving.
Cadian tank order: reroll dice to determine tank shots.
Tempestus order: reroll wounds against vehicles and monsters.
Catachans order: reroll flamer hit dice, ignores cover


At least 50% of your detachment has to be the same <regiment> to get the regiment-specific bonuses. The rest can be abhuman auxilia, commissars, techpriests etc. I think even the rest still has to be AM, though, and not different regiments (including tempestus, or any special characters from different regiments).

Servitors are back as AM units!

Crusaders are now AM units, apparently.

Valkyries no longer get penalty to hit with heavy weapons if they move+fire in hover mode.

Summary: Rough Riders are not in codex.

All Baneblades down 40.

Valkyries down 20.

Hyrdras down 10.

Leman Russes down 10.

Hotshot down 3.

Melta cannon down 15.

Talarn tank order: move 6″ before or after shooting. Doesn’t affect any modifiers that mention moving.

Cadian tank order: reroll dice to determine tank shots.

Tempestus order: reroll wounds against vehicles and monsters.

Catachans order: reroll flamer hit dice, ignores cover All Baneblade main cannons fire 1d6 more than usual.

3d6 instead of 2d6 for baneblade cannon for example.

Shadowsword is now 3d3 instead of d6.


Other stuff, stratagems etc.

Voice of command: 1cp for officer in Chimera to issue orders while inside.

Vengeance for Cadia: Any AM unit. reroll hits and wounds vs Chaos. 1cp

Inspired Tactics: officer can issue 1 more order. 1cp

Fight to the death: AM unit can take a morale test on a D3 instead of D6. 1cp

Aerial spotter 2cp: reroll hits with hydra or basilisk model

Consolidate squad 1cp, at end of movement phase, merge two infantry squads which are within 2″ of eachother.

Mordian Stratagem 1cp, shooting attack hits of 6 can trigger another hit

Cadian stratagem 2cp, if a unit of yours has inflicted a wound on an enemy which wasnt saved, all other units gain +1 to hit vs that unit till the end of the phase

Vostroyans stratagem 1cp, +1 to hit on any vostroyan unit

Tallarn stratagem 3cp, use during deployment. Choose up to 3 tallarn units, they go hide. At the end of any movement phase, any can emerge within 7″ of any battlefield edge but not within 9″ of enemy.

Tempestus stratagem 1cp, if enemy deep strikes within 12″, you can shoot them at -1 as if it were shooting phase

New power: Nightshroud, value 6. Give a unit -1 to hit from shooting attacks till next psychic phase

Mental fortitude power: give fearless to unit.

Psychic maelstrom power: pick enemy unit within 18″. Roll a dice, on 2+ do MW, then on 3+ do a MW, 4+ etc till one is saved or fails.

Here are all the Heirlooms of Conquest and Warlord Traits:

-Emperor’s Benediction

Commissar/Lord Commisar only.

12″ Pistol 3 S4 AP-1 D2, Can target characters.

-Laurels of Command.

Officer only. Roll a D6 after giving an order, on a 4+ the officer can give another order.

This does not count towards the maximum amount of orders an officer can give.

-Deathmask of Ollanius.

Any infantry model. The unit gains a 4++ and heals D3 wounds at the start of your turn.

Kurov’s Aquila, The Blade of Conquest and the Dagger of Tu’Ska were already revealed.

Regimental Heirlooms

I can only read a couple of these unfortunately.


Replace A model’s Power Sword with the following:

S+2, AP-3 D3


Replace a Bolt Pistol with the following:

S4 AP-1 D2, Gains the ‘Summary Execution’ ability.


The model gains +1T and a 2+ save.

Warlord Traits

Grand Stategist

Gain a single to hit, to wound or save re-roll for per battle.

If you spend a CP, on a 5+ you regain that CP (like the Ultra-marines).

Old Grudges

Before the first battle round, pick an enemy unit. All your units within 6″ from your Warlord can re-roll to wound against that ‘marked’ target. (Hello Magnus/Mortarion)

Implacable Determination

Your Warlord and one unit with 3″ can advance 6″, no need to roll a die.

Draconion Discipline

Re-roll morale tests within 6″ of your warlord.

Bellowing Voice

Add 3″ to any aura abilities your warlord has (including Voice of Command and Summary Execution).

Master of Command

Your warlord gains the Voice Of Command special rule. If he already has that (or the Tank Commander special rule) he may give an additional order.

Regimental Warlord Traits

Note, named characters from a Regiment MUST pick their Regiment’s warlord trait. Yarrick must take the Master of Command trait


Whenever your Officer or Tank commander gives an order, roll a D6. On a 4+, this order automatically affects an additional unit within 6″ of your officer/tank commander, but must be the same unit type as the previously ordered unit.


6″ Heroic Intervention range. Warlord also gains Zealot (re-roll to hit when charging/being charged/making a Heroic Intervention).


Your Warlord gains a 5+ fNP. If your Warlord is a tank commander, it becomes a 6+ FnP.


Re-roll to hit and to wound in the fight phase for your warlord.


Shown before, +1 attack and +1 to the wound rolls from your warlord on the fight phase.


Your Warlord and units within 6″ can charge even if they have fallen back this turn.

Militarum Tempestus

Your warlord can make a single Deny the Witch test.


Roll a D6 for every model that flees within 6″ of your warlord. On a 4+, that model does not flee.

Preview Video

Warhammer Community Previews

Armageddon armies have long been known for their armoured regiments, but recent events in the Warhammer 40,000 universe have changed the character of the Steel Legion. Constant warfare with Orks has resulted in some regiments being dedicated wholly to Ork hunting, making them deadly combatants at close range – check out this particularly fierce looking Ork Hunter from the codex!

On the tabletop, Armageddon armies have a series of abilities designed to privilege fast-moving, mechanised warfare.

Industrial Efficiency allows your Guardsmen to lay down a withering hail of fire at midrange – an Infantry Squad with lasguns and the First Rank Fire! Second Rank Fire! Order will be putting out 36 shots at 18” and closer! This is great for units deployed from Chimeras, with the second part of the doctrine helping your light vehicles resist being destroyed by popular weapons like autocannons and heavy bolters.

Both the Chimera and the Taurox are perfect for getting your infantry into rapid fire range as quickly as possible. Armageddon armies can also deliver a deadly one-two punch by combining their unique order and stratagem:

Using these rules in tandem, you’ll be able to do maximum damage when disembarking, then re-embark and redeploy without losing a turn of shooting. Armageddon mechanised infantry are going to be very, very hard to pin down in the new codex.

The Company Commander may not, on the surface, seem like the most imposing of characters, but the new Astra Militarum codex is packed with Heirlooms of Conquest designed to let you turn your HQ choices into powerful tactical assets. The Dagger of Tu’Sakh suits Armageddon armies, allowing you to bring in a unit of Veterans on a particularly vulnerable enemy flank:

Meanwhile, Kurov’s Aquila is a great way to pick up some bonus Command Points and take advantage of all the awesome new Stratagems in the codex:

Finally, the Blade of Conquest can turn a Company Commander into a surprisingly threatening close combat character. An Armageddon Company Commander using the Ex-Gang Leader warlord trait can handily dispatch even a Chaos Lord with some lucky rolls!

Worried about your Company Commander not being durable enough? There’s a brand new unit in the codex designed to protect your heroes. The Ogryn Bodyguard can be built from the Ogryn plastic kit, and essentially acts as a customisable Nork Deddog with an ability that allows him to intercept wounds meant for your commanders.

Grim Demeanour helps make up for the generally poor morale possessed by Astra Militarum units – after all, the last thing you need on the battlefield is for a few casualties on a unit of Veterans to cause your key special weapons to flee. Similarly, vehicles in the Valhallan army have a much longer effective life span than others, meaning your opponent will be forced to fully destroy them rather than just relying on crippling you.



Conscripts have seen some changes in the new Astra Militarum codex, designed to make them fit their background more appropriately. If you’ve got loads of these guys on hand, don’t worry! They’re still a very handy unit (particularly in the Valhallan army). Firstly, Conscripts can only be taken in units of 20-30, reducing the effectiveness of stacking orders on a block of 50. Secondly, orders only work on Conscripts on a 4+, and, should they fail, no more orders will work on the unit for the rest of the turn.

Conscripts are still very useful, and in a Valhallan army, we’d recommend using yours to hold enemy units in place before using Fire On My Command, the new Valhallan Order, to shoot into the combat. In this way, you can neutralise an enemy unit’s shooting without any loss of effectiveness for your own!

Should all your conscripts die, you can always Send in the Next Wave! – this stratagem is also a great way to recoup the loss of an expensive unit of Veterans, or a Command Squad.

What better way to transport your infantry to the front than with the Stormlord? With more than enough room for almost an entire platoon of Guardsmen, this tank suits the close-assault tactics of the Valhallans to a T, while Grim Demeanour ensures that even devastating damage won’t stop you from making the most of the Vulcan mega-bolter. What’s more, the Steel Behemoth rule has been updated so that Baneblades of all types don’t suffer penalties for shooting Heavy weapons after moving.

One very scary combo with the Stormlord involves a deadly new vehicle stratagem, Crush Them! All Baneblade variants are equipped with adamantium tracks and have 9 Attacks, but only have a Weapon Skill of 5+. With Crush Them!, all your attacks will be hitting on a 2+, and you’ll be able to advance and charge. Use this to get your Stormlord across the table quickly, destroy a key enemy unit and then disembark your infantry next turn before falling back and firing on the enemy.

Heirloom Weapons is one of the simplest of the Regimental Doctrines, providing a flat bonus to your entire army. At the most basic level, having 30? of range on your lasguns allows you to keep your guardsmen a little further away from the enemy, while shorter ranged Heavy weapons will be able to reach targets across the tabletop.


Heavy Weapons Squads are already very handy in an Astra Militarum army – throw in Heirloom Weapons and they’ll be even better. Few enemies are going to be able to escape a 54? lascannon, while if you get charged, the Vostroyan order, Repel the Enemy, is potentially punishing.


Scout Sentinels are a great choice for a Vostroyan army, thanks to their huge threat range. All the sentinel’s weapons (barring the heavy flamer) benefit from Heirloom Weapons, while the Scout Sentinel’s Scout Vehicle ability gives it a free 9? move before the game begins – that’s effectively an extra 15? worth of range.

Combine this with the Go! Recon! Stratagem and there are few places on the table your enemy can hide.

Parade Drill adds some much-needed insurance to your units against getting charged, rewarding you for careful positioning of your army. From humble Conscripts to even the Baneblade, there are few units that don’t benefit from this rule.


A squadron of Mordian Leman Russ Punishers is going to be a very scary prospect for any would-be unit of tank hunters to charge – particularly when throwing in the Defensive Gunners stratagem – making them a superb screening unit for your squishier infantry. Leman Russes in every regiment have also seen a small points discount and a fantastic new ability designed to do due reverence to the 41st Millennium’s most iconic battle tank.

Grinding Advance now allows any Leman Russ moving at under half its allotted Move value to fire its primary weapon TWICE, while still allowing the unit to fire Heavy weapons without penalty on the move. Armoured regiments – in the Mordians and beyond – are going to be very dangerous indeed in the new codex.



Veterans are a key component in any Astra Militarum list, thanks to a versatile range of equipment and a great Ballistic Skill. In a Mordian list, plasma gun veterans are going to be essential thanks to their unique order, Form Firing Squad!

There’s a new Astra Militarum codex on the way, and with it, distinct rules for 8 regiments! Regimental Doctrines work similarly to Chapter Tactics, Legion Traits and forge world dogmas. Each Regimental Doctrine is designed to reflect the varied ways the Astra Militarum fight, and have been specially designed to reward a wide variety of army builds. Every Regimental Doctrine applies to both your infantry and vehicles, meaning whether you’re marching with the Mordians or claiming victory for the Valhallans you’ll be able to do so with the army you want to build. We’ll be previewing some of our favorite Regimental Doctrines all week, starting with the legendary Catachans.

Catachan armies have a two-part Regimental Doctrine designed to reflect the impressive strength of the jungle fighters:

The first part of Brutal Strength is fairly handy, and can allow your infantry to press the advantage in melee against weaker foes like Fire Warriors. Where this ability really comes into its own is with the second part; Catachan tanks are going to be among the deadliest in the game thanks to their reliability. Using a Wyvern and want to make the most of the quad stormshard mortar’s 4D6 shots? Love the Leman Russ but wish the battle cannon was more reliable? Want to ensure the Shadowsword’s volcano cannon puts down a pesky Renegade Knight? Pick the Catachans for your regiment.


There are all sorts of uses for Brutal Strength, and nearly all of them are more sensible than using the Deathstrike – but none are quite so fun, or quite so Catachan. After all, what is the deathstrike missile but the tank-based equivalent of an enormous bicep? With each hit causing a mortal wound, every single shot counts – Brutal Strength makes sure the deathstrike missile lives up to its name.When you really, truly want an enemy dead, the Vortex Missile Stratagem should all but guarantee that your target is obliterated:


Of course, if you like infantry-based Catachan armies, they’re still a solid choice, with Catachan Command Squads being a particularly powerful option. Equip yours with a heavy flamer and four flamers, and you’ll have a devastating close assault unit, bolstered considerably by the unique Catachan order, Burn Them Out!


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