2017 ITC Event Page November Update

by | Nov 9, 2017

Click the links below to see the November update for the

ITC Major and GT Event Tracker 2017

The Major and GT Event Tracker is…

As the ITC has grown is has become increasingly more difficult to track every event. It would be impossible task to track all events, so this page tracks just the largest events around the World. Tracking all the Major Events and Grand Tournament levels sponsored by the ITC. What you will find are events broken down month by month with a corresponding map, if you click on the map icons you will find information for each event. The current month with only show basic information about the event. Past months though will show more detailed information, with links for top lists and complete results. For full ITC information visit Frontline Gaming ITC pages, especially the ranking page. 

ITC Major and GT Event Tracker 2017

Find all the results and information for the largest Warhammer 40k Events for the ITC

Here were the large events for September 2017, any crossed out events didn’t qualify due to low attendance.

  • The Battle for Salvation 2017 – GT
  • ClawCon 2017! – GT
  • Michigan GT – Major Event
  • Salt City Gladiator Games 40k GT – GT
  • Ka’a Kaua 2017 – GT
  • Quebec City Open 2017 – GT
  • Dragon Fall – Major Event
  • Menza Open 2017 – GT
  • Overwatch Open IV – GT
  • Edmonton Onslaught – GT
  • SoCal Open- Major Event

Here are the upcoming events for November 2017, highlighted by the Renegade Open in Minneapolis.

  • Blood and Glory 2017 – Major Event
  • Warzone Atlanta – Major Event
  • The Steel City Showdown – GT
  • Clash for the Vets – GT
  • NSW 40k Masters 2017 – GT
  • Renegade Open – Major Event
  • Da Boyz GT – GT
  • The Unbound GT – GT
  • Element Games Grand Slam – Major Event
  • Seven Circles of Hull – GT

Look for winners and list updates soon, as the events get done look to the 8th edition winning list tracker!

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