Top ITC Tournament Lists for November 2017

by | Dec 19, 2017

Blood of Kittens attempts to provide continuous coverage of ITC events, in posts showcasing the Top 3 army lists from the largest events.

This particular post chronicles the large events for November 2017.

8th edition is a land of changes, so with every new month comes new codexes, FAQs, and rules. Whenever you look at an army list keep in mind how quickly the game shifts. In other words a legal army list today may be illegal tomorrow, combined with events using special rules and restrictions.  

November like every year is filled with tons of events as players try to rack up points for the ITC before the new year, November 2017 was any different.

On November 10th-12th, Warzone: Atlanta – Major Event

  1. Andrew Whittaker 1st Ovarall Warzone Atlanta 2017
  2. Val Hefflefinger 2nd Overall Warzone Atlanta 2017
  3. Geoff Osborne 3rd Place Overall Warzone Atlanta 2017

On November 3rd-5th, Blood and Glory 2017 – Major Event

  1. Matthew Edmonds 1st Overall Blood and Glory 2017
  2. Adam Ryland 2nd Overall Blood and Glory 2017
  3. Sid Sidhu 3rd Overall Blood and Glory 2017

On November 11th-12th, The Steel City Showdown – GT

  1. TJ Lanigan 1st Overall Steel City Showdown 2017
  2. Mike Kiser 2nd Overall Steel City Showdown 2017
  3. Jamie Grisgby 3rd Overall Steel City Showdown 2017

On November 17th-19th, Renegade Open – Major Event

  1. Aaron Aleong 1st Overall Renegade Open 2017
  2. Trent Northington 2nd Overall Renegade Open 2017
  3. Matt Root 3rd Overall Renegade Open 2017

On November 18th-19th, Da Boyz GT – GT

  1. Edward Walker 1st Overall DaBoyz GT 2017 
  2. TJ Lanigan 2nd Overall DaBoyz GT 2017
  3. Bill Kim 3rd Overall DaBoyz GT 2017

On November 18th-19th, The Unbound GT – GT

  1. James Carmona 1st Overall Unbound GT 2017 –  Chaos Space Marines
  2. Daniel Olivas 2nd Overall Unbound GT 2017 – Ynnari
  3. Don Hooson 3rd Overall Unbound GT 2017

On November 18th-19th, Element Games Grand Slam – Major Event

  1. Alex Harrison 1st Overall Element Games Grand Slam 2017
  2. Josh Roberts 2nd Overall Element Games Grand Slam 2017
  3. Brett Armitage 3rd Overall Element Games Grand Slam 2017

On November 25th-26th, Seven Circles of Hull – GT

  1. James Mackenzie 1st Overall Seven Circles of Hull 2017
  2. Tom Leighton 2nd Overall Seven Circles of Hull 2017
  3. Christopher Cockburn 3rd Overall Seven Circles of Hull 2017

Below is the current breakdown of what armies are winning events. The list combines all the top lists for 8th edition 2017 ITC season events only, taking only the top three from each Major or GT.

  • 20 Astra Militarum
  • 17 Chaos Space Marines
  • 16 Ultramarines
  • 16 Daemons
  • 16 Ynnari
  • 7 Orks
  • 4 Space Marines
  • 4 T’au Empire
  • 4 Grey Knights
  • 3 Officio Assassinorum
  • 3 Blood Angels
  • 3 Sisters of Battle
  • 3 Death Guard
  • 2 Genestealer Cults
  • 2 Imperial Knights
  • 2 Renegade Knights
  • 2 Adeptus Mechanicus
  • 2 Tyranids
  • 1 Space Wolves
  • 1 Adeptus Custodes
  • 1 Dark Angels

If you want to see more lists separated by army/codex check out the new 8th Edition Top Army List Compendium.

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