The Las Vegas Open 2018 Coverage

by | Jan 26, 2018

Thursday night I will have my way to Las Vegas and the Bally’s Hotel, the current home of the largest Warhammer 40k tournament in the World the Las Vegas Open. This year the Warhammer 40k Grand Tournament is sold out, with over 500 tickets purchased, will the event retain that ground breaking number is anyone’s guess.

Once again Games Workshop will be getting involved, sending out the Twitch channel casters to broadcast live! The LVO will also have Forge World selling resin crack AGAIN. We can also expect some sort of rumor leaking will happen, as last year we saw Guilliman model news broke over that weekend.

The main event will be the thousands of dollars are on the line for a few players with a chance to win the ITC!

Here are the current Top 10 players in the ITC

1 Tony Grippando 714.27
2 Andrew Gonyo 683.32
3 Nick Nanavati 680.73
4 Brandon Grant 677.44
5 Aaron Aleong 664.7
6 Matt Root 644.93
7 Tyler DeVries 627.8
8 Sam Henley 625.73
9 David Johansen 617.69
10 Trent Northington 615.46

Unlike past years we have a lot people who can win the ITC depending on how they perform at the LVO, but Tony Grippando is in a good spot, he just has to make it to the final 16 players which will put him in a commanding position to win the the big prize.

Blood of Kittens also will be on the look out for illegal lists as I am sure people will bring them. If something terrible happens and any of the Top 16 players end up with an illegal list, it should become a turning point for TOs to take some responsibility in maintaining standards for the community, the time for self and peer policing will be over.

Here are links for the media coverage both Games Workshop and Frontline Gaming will be doing for the entire weekend

Games Workshop Media Coverage

Frontline Gaming Media Coverage 

Just when you think you can’t enough video coverage, Blood of Kittens will be Facebook live casting at totally random times, so keep a look out for that on the Facebook page.

Blood of Kittens Facebook

This post itself will be dedicated to images and text updates from each round as the best players in the world duke it out, so keep on coming back for updates.

 Check back to this post from February 3rd to January 26th 2018 for Coverage

Friday Day 1 10:30am

  • Round 1 is sorta starting… The pairings APP is having problems loading because of too many people logging in!
  • The marquee match up of Round 1 is Aaron Aleong vs. Geoff “InControl” Robinson.

Friday Day 1 2:30pm

  • Round 2 is underway and big matchup of round 1 was a epic tie by Geoff and Aaron!
  • The games to keep an eye for round 2 are…
    • Tony Grippando vs. Greg Sparks
    • Sean Nayden vs. Alex Macdougall
    • Ben Mohlie vs. Brad Chester
    • Cyle Thompson vs. Matt Schuchman

Day 1 End of Round 2

  • In the first big news of the Day Tony Grippando the ITC leader lost to Greg Sparks in a game that didn’t get past turn 3, with Tony’s lost their is a clear opening for someone else to win the ITC! So I guess I was totally Wrong Tony did end up winning bearly with only 12 points.

Day 2 Start of Round 4

  • Recap the pairing system crashed I believe two times last night causing the 3 round to start over an hour late!
  • Round 4 doesn’t again have the most compelling battles, but there are a few.
    • Nick Rose vs. Tim Deetlefs
    • Tyler DeVries vs. Trent Northington
    • Sean Nayden vs. Thomas Hegstrom Oakey
  • A bit of Round 4 Results. Nick Rose wins, and Tyler DeVries also cruises to victory. Nick Nanvanti is still dominating in the points department.
  • We are starting to see Eldar (Guardian, Shining Spears, Dark Reapers) lists rising to the top. My guess we might see over 4 Eldar players make the Top and if that happens we can expect discussion to about nerfs.

Day 2 Start of Round 5

  • Now things start to get really interesting! We got some great battles!
    • Nick Nanavati vs. Tyler DeVries (Nick Wins tabling on turn 3)
    • Nick Rose vs. Mike Brandt (Mike Wins only gets to turn 3)
    • Kurt Clauss vs. Josh Dearth (Josh Dearth won close game)
  • We got some more ties last round round so things might get hairy for great players on the outside looking in, like Aaron Aleong and Sean Nayden.

Day 2 Start of Round 6

  • Pairing not up, but with only 10 undefeated players, you can see the future match ups and looks like 3 people will ties will make it in as well.
  • There was a good culling of Eldar players in the 5th round. Only 5 remain of players without a loss.
  • First player through to the Top 8 is Mike Brandt by beating 15 hellhounds by surrounding them in assault and not letting them fall back!
  • It looks like Nick Nanavati is winning as well with his Eldar and should be second to make it through.
  • As for the other games, the Brad Chester vs. Joshua Dearth is battle of how many times can a rules judge be brought over.

The Final 8 

  • 4 Eldar player make it in thanks to single tie players. (Now 5 Eldar Players)
  • So some drama happened, Josh Dearth and Chester miss pointed there last round as they forgot to score some extra points from the death of some Brimstones. After some back and forth Josh decided to take the hit and lose the game. This was done about an hour after the event had ended!
  • That leaves Sean Nayden vs. Tony G., Chester vs. Mark Wright, Nick Nanavati vs. Jeff Poole, Alex Fennell vs. Michael Brandt

Top 4 

  • Brad Chester (Eldar), Tony G. (Eldar), Nick N. (Eldar), Alex F. (Imperial Soup)
  • Lots of Slow playing reported
  • The Nick and Brad game is very tense going back and forth, but I believe Brad has the bottom halves so he might have the upper hand.
  • Not sure about the Stream game, but I know most people are rooting for Alex F. Space Wolf lead Imperial Army to win and flip the meta a bit.

Top 2

Finals are Set Nick vs Tony in a Eldar vs Eldar love fest.

Tony’s previous game wasn’t without a lot of drama as he pulled a “dickmove” and didn’t allow Alex to take back a deep strike causing Alex to lose an entire movement phase with his entire army! There is some talk of DQing Tony for that and some other things, but in reality Tony did play by the rules, but just wasn’t very sporting.

Top 1

Nick Navanati has won the LVO!

Here are the final 8 lists!



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