Games Workshop January 2018 Market Watch

by | Feb 6, 2018

Watching stocks over the short-term is often an experiment in futility; on January 8th 2018 we looked back at the state of Games Workshop’s stock price and general financial health today we do the same…

January is usually pretty stressful time for investors as they wait for earnings report from the majority of companies as they figure out how they did over the critical holiday period. The good thing for Games Workshop is they had great things to report in the Half-Yearly Report and they won’t know exactly how the 4th quarter went until a few months down the road.

If anything that comes along to change the stock price will most likely be based on larger stock market trends effecting the Games Workshop. So how did the first month go for the Games Workshop in 2018?

Here is the data from January 2018.


You may have noticed first off that I finally decided to find charts that show the stock in Dollars; while using British pences showed a more accurate number, this is much more digestible way for the majority of readers.

As you can see not so good, as the stock has slipped a good 15% from the highs to start the year. Games Workshop is still doing amazing mind you and you really shouldn’t read too much into this.

There wasn’t much news to report from Games Workshop to really say anything about why the stock price has dropped a bit in the last month.

PDMR shareholding

Disclosure of new directorship

Director/PDMR shareholding

We will see if sudden stock uncertainty going on around the globe will have some sort of drag on Games Workshop next month!

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