Tau Empire 8th Edition Codex: Leak Compilation

Mar 5, 2018

Time for another leak and rumor compilation, this time for Warhammer 40k 8th edition Tau Empire codex rumors and leaks. As with the other compilations the Warhammer 40k 8th edition Tau Empire codex will feature both Games Workshop community info and any other Internet leaks and rumors as they come!

Check back everyday as new leaks and rumors for Warhammer 40k 8th edition Tau Empire Codex will be added, without notification.

Pre-orders March 10th Release Date March 17th:

  • Tau Empire Codex: $40
  • Datacards: $15

Army Wide Abilities: 

  • Tau: Overwatch on a 5 regardless of firing model BS or any modifiers.
  • Vior’la : Treats all RF weapons as assault weapons (RF 1 treated as assault 1). Additionally, no penalty to advance and fire the assault weapons.
  • Dal’yth : Unit that does not manta strike, move , fall back, charge , pile in or consolidate this turn may claim the benefit of cover even while in the open.
  • Sa’cea: +1 LD, Additionally, in shooting phase, you can reroll a single failed hit roll for each Sa’cea unit
  • Bork’an : Add 6″ to maximum range of any Rapid Fire and Heavy weapon they are armed with.
  • Farsight: Reroll wounds of 1 against models that are within 6′ of the firing (farsight) model.
  • Sept Tenets apply to all models except Kroot and Vespid

Unit Information:

  • Breacher -1
  • Strike Team -1
  • Devilfish -21
  • Riptide -24
  • Gun Drone +4
  • MV Shield Drone +2
  • Broadside -20
  • Skyray -19
  • Hammerhead -17
  • Piranha -6
  • Aunshi +8
  • Aunva +20
  • Airburst -2
  • Burst Cannon -2
  • Cluster Rocket -3
  • Fusion Collider -9
  • Heavy Burst Cannon – 20
  • Heavy Rail Rifle -28
  • HYMP -16
  • Ion Accelerator -42
  • Ion Cannon -20Smart Missile System -5
  • Supremacy Rail gun -19
  • ATS (Ghostkeel , SS, Riptide) 18
  • ATS (all others ) +4
  • Counterfire Defense +5
  • EWO (Ghostkeel, SS, Riptide) 10
  • EWO (all others) -3
  • Multi tracker (all) 10
  • shield gen (ss) 40
  • shield gen (all others including ghostkeel now) 8
  • Iridium 15
  • Seeker Missiles S8 -2 D6 dmg
  • Cyclic Ion Blaster 3 shots instead of D3 . Overcharge mode.
  • Cyclic Ion Raker 6 shots instead of D6 . Overcharge mode.
  • HBC (one profile only now ) 36? 12 shots S6 -1 2dmg
  • High Intensity Plasma Rifle (new) 30? RF1 6 -4 1
  • Ion Accelerator ( only normal and overcharge )
    -72? Heavy D6 S8 -3 d3dmg
    -72? Heavy D6 S9 -3 3dmg (self mortal wound on roll of 1)
  • Ion Cannon D6 instead of D3 perm for overcharged.
  • Ion Rifle (overcharged) 2dmg instead of 1
  • Longshot pulse. On a wound roll of 6, additional 1 Mortal Wound dmg.
  • Pulse Driver Cannon D6 instead of D3
  • Dawn Blade +3 S
  • EWO have additional clause of -1 to hit when being used.
  • Multitracker now only works on units with 5 or more models.
  • Markerlight table 3 and 4 swap, 3 is now ignore cover.
  • Nova-charge weapon profile: HBC Heavy 18 and Accelerator Heavy 6.
  • Oh 1 in 3 Crisis can take Iridum. 2+ AS
  • Coldstar Commanders can take any weapon except the CIB, and up to one High-Output Burst Cannon
  • XV8 Commander option with 4W
  • Homing Beacons are used at the beginning of the movement phase
  • Tactical Drones gain Manta Strike
  • Savior Protocols works on a 2+

Warlord Traits: 

  • reroll wounds 1 against Monster or Vehicles
  •  your shooting phase, pick a visible enemy unit to your warlord, each time any friendly unit within 6′ of warlord makes a wound roll of 6, add 1 to AP of attack
  • Add 6 to Advance instead of rolling dice.
  • If warlord within 12′ of enemy unit at start of shooting phase, you can reroll hits for your warlord until end of phase.
  •  reroll hits for warlord, if they have not moved this turn. if they move for any reason, they lose the trait until the start of next turn.
  • warlord can advance and shoot as if he hasn’t advanced.
  • Tau : 5+ save against Mortal Wounds
  • Vior’la : If warlord has master of war, Volley Fire or Failure is Not an Option ability, the range increased to 9″. additionally, if your army is battleforged, +1 command pt
  • Dal’yth: While within 12″ of Warlord, friendly Kroot and Vespid units gain For The Greater Good ability
  • Sa’cea: Friendly Sa’cea unit within 6″ of warlord, reduce the number of model that flee as a result of morale by 1
  • Bork’an: For each hit roll made by warlord, +1 to wound for that hit
  • Farsight: Warlord can perform 6″ heroic intervention. Additionally, if your warlord has charged , was charged or heroic intervened, until end of phase, can reroll hits.


  • Multi-spectrum Sensor Suite (1CP) – used before a battlesuit unit shoots, enemy units cannot claim cover saves from that unit.
  • Fail-safe Detonator (1CP) – use when Battlesuit unit from your army is destroyed in fight phase, roll a dice for each unit within 3” and on a 4+ it suffers a mortal wound.
  • Auotmated Repair System (2CP) – Battlesuit or Vehicle regains D3 lost wounds.
  • Neuroweb System Jammer (2CP) – start of enemy shooting phase, pick an enemy unit within 18” of Battlesuit Commander; subtract 1 from hit rolls made fro that unit this phase.
  • Reupulsor Impact Field (1CP) – after opponent successfully charges a Battlesuit unit, roll a dice fro each model in the enemy unit within 3” of your unit and 6s deal mortal wounds
  • Command and Control Node (1CP) – Commander cannot shoot but Battlesuit unit in your army within 6” can re-roll wounds.
  • EMP Grenade (1CP) – when throwing a photon grenade, only make a single hit roll and if it hits, deal D3 mortal wounds against an enemy vehicle.
  • Hunting Grounds (1CP) – Kroot Hound unit successfully completes charge, Kroot units within 12” can re-roll charges.
  • Uplinked Markerlight (1CP) – when a markerlight successfully hits, place D3+1 markerlight tokens instead of 1.
  • Branched Nova Charge (1CP) – Riptide can use two effects rather than one when NOVA charging.Support Turret
  • Replacement (1CP) – If a Turret has been destroyed for a Fire Warrior team, it can be replaced.
  • Point Defence Targeting Relay (1CP) – Vehicle can overwatch on 5s and 6s
  • Emergency Dispensation (1CP/3CP) – standard for relics.
  • Orbital Ion Beam (3CP) – Commander has not moved or Manta Striked in the preceding movement phase. Pick two points on the battlefield 2D6” apart and draw a line between them. Each unit suffers D3 mortal wounds on a 4+ (characters 5+).
  • Breach and Clear (1CP) – Breacher team re-rolls wounds against enemy units in cover.
  • Recon Sweep (1CP) – Pathfinder team can moved 2D6” in the shooting phase but cannot shoot or charge..
  • Stimulant Injector (1CP) – start of any turn, a battlesuit model with wounds characteristic of 10+ can use the top row of the models’ damage table regardless of wounds remaining (unles it dies)
  • Focused Fire (3CP) – T’au Sept Stratagem; +1 to wound against a unit that has already been wounded this term by a T’au Sept unit.
  • Strike and Fade (1CP) – Dal’yth Stratagem; unit can shoot and then move up to 6” as if it it were the movement phase sans Advancing.
  • Experimental Weaponry (1CP) – re-roll number of attacks for randomly generated shot weapons for a Bork’an unit.
  • Positional Relay (2CP) – start of movement phase, pick a recon drone and a unit of the same sept that has been setup in a manta hold and can setup within 6” of the recon drone.
  • Hot Blooded (2CP) – Vior’la stratagem; infantry unit can shoot twice this phase but must target the closest enemy unit each time.
  • Orbital Marker Distribution Uplink (2CP) – Sa’cea stratagem; pick an enemy unit visible to a character; that unit and all units within 6” gain a markerlight counter.
  • Drop zone Clear (2CP) – Farsight Stratagem; battle suit unit that was setup using a manta strike ability this turn and add 1 to hit rolls for that unit.


  • T’au Sept – Commander can Jump, Shoot, Jump
  • Farsight – Fusion Gun, Fusion Blades in CC
  • Bor’kan – Good plasma gun, I remember fixed damage 3, for S and AP
  • Flamer Upgrade – S6, AP-1, 8″ auto hit
  • Onager Gauntlet – S10, AP -4, Damage D6
  • Airbursting Frag Launcher – S6 AP-1, D2, can shoot at targets out of LoS.
  • Thermoneutronic Projector is relic AFP with S6/AP-2

Codex Page Images

Warhammer Community Sneak Peaks

Like all Sept Tenets, Vior’la Detachments are armed with a powerful set of rules that’ll allow you to build a variety of unusual and thematic T’au Empire armies. Vior’la are focused, in particular, on speed and flexibility as illustrated by the Strike Fast Sept Tenet.

With this Sept Tenet, your battlesuits and infantry will be able to move quickly across the battlefield while maintaining a steady rate of fire – ideal whether you’re looking to claim objectives or just keep your units well away from enemy assault troops!



The XV86 has a strong claim to being the single most improved unit in the new Codex: T’au Empire, and is particularly powerful in a Vior’la Detachment. Previously, this aerial attack battlesuit had a fixed weapon set of a missile pod and a high-output burst cannon, but all that is changing. Now, you’ll be able to arm all four hardpoints on your Commander as you please, allowing for an array of powerful builds. What’s more, as all of these weapons have the Assault or Rapid Fire type, with the Vior’la Sept Tenet, you’ll be able to effectively move 40? every turn and fire without penalty! We’d recommend equipping your Vior’la Commander with four fusion blasters for the ultimate tank hunter. Even if you end up overextending, the Neuroweb System Jammer Stratagem should help to keep you safe – or disrupt a key unit that’s threatening the rest of your army.



Being able to fire on the move with impunity is of great use to these stealthy battlesuits, making them an interesting counterpoint to the more static tactics employed by the Dal’yth Sept. Where they really come into their own in a Vior’la Detachment is with the Hot-blooded Stratagem:

While this ability has plenty of use with other T’au Empire units, such as Pathfinders or Strike Teams, with the XV25 Stealth Battlesuits, you’ll be able to make the most of their burst cannons. Indeed, with Vior’la, you won’t have to worry about declaring Mont’ka, and can instead declare Kauyon using your XV86 Coldstar Battlesuit Commander to make the most of this deluge of firepower.

On the tabletop, this is represented by Adaptive Camouflage, a Sept Tenet that considerably improves the durability of your units:

While you’ll have to plan your deployment and movement carefully with this army, it’s without a doubt the most durable of the T’au Septs, bringing your Fire Warriors up to a 3+ save and your Crisis Battlesuits to an impressive 2+. Some units, however, are particularly powerful…

The Ghostkeel Battlesuit is perhaps the most unusual of its kin, attacking at short range and weathering devastating amounts of incoming fire with an advanced array of sensors and disruptors to misdirect the enemy. In the new codex, Dal’yth Ghostkeels are incredibly difficult to put down, boasting impressive, cover-boosted armour saves as well as their inherent evasiveness. Regardless of whether or not you play Dal’yth, you’ll also be able to take advantage of the improved Ghostkeel Electrowarfare Suite, which now has a better effective range.

What’s more, the XV95 Ghostkeel can be used to rapidly redeploy units of XV25 Stealth Battlesuits, even pulling them out of close combat, thanks to the Wall of Mirrors Stratagem:

With these units, you’ll be able to harass your enemy’s front line with ease, pulling out of combat and taking new positions with impunity.



The T’au Empire employs a range of alien auxiliaries you can add to your army, helping fill a range of battlefield roles – Kroot, for example, are highly cost-effective infantry that are great for filling slots in a Brigade Detachment, while the Vespids make for excellent harassment units, well-suited to taking on heavy infantry. While these units don’t directly benefit from a Sept Tenet, several have received a discount in points in the new codex, and in a Dal’yth army, they’re even more threatening thanks to the Gunship Diplomat Warlord Trait.

In this way, you’ll be able to support your forward teams of Stealth Suits and Ghostkeel Battlesuits and provide a mobile wall of Overwatch fire. Vespids, with the Fly keyword, are particularly suited to this role, able to fall back and shoot.

The Farsight Enclaves are known for their mastery of close assault, using their battlesuits to great effect in mass drop assaults from Manta transports. On the tabletop, the Farsight Enclaves possess a Sept Tenet that opens up a new tactical avenue for your army, making your force surprisingly deadly in close quarters:

There are all sorts of units you could combine with this Sept Tenet – from Breacher Teams to XV8 Crisis Battlesuits armed with three flamers apiece (that’ll teach them to charge you!) – but that’s not all there is to the Farsight Enclaves.

As the founder of the Farsight Enclaves, and one of the T’au Empire’s most legendary heroes, Commander Farsight has long been a fan favourite. One small but welcome change to Commander Farsight is an upgrade to both his weapons; his plasma rifle now deals additional damage, and the Dawn Blade possesses a suitably terrifying profile, as befits a life-draining xenos sword older than the Imperium itself.

Any character looking to go toe-to-toe with Farsight will have to deal with four Strength 8 attacks, hitting on 2s, re-rolling 1s, cleaving through all but the heaviest armour and doing D3 damage apiece! What’s more, with the Farsight Enclaves Warlord Trait, this legendary leader will be able to jump to the aid of nearby units.

With Commander Farsight on your side, you’ll be able to create a force that’s more than capable of confronting the foe at close range.

Commander Farsight is far from the only legendary commander to hail from the Farsight Enclaves, and you’ll be able to use Codex: T’au Empire to build all manner of legendary heroes – whether you’re recreating one of The Eight or constructing a Commander of your own invention.

The new T’au Empire codex has been designed to provide a range of meaningful choices when selecting a Commander – rather than acting as a mere alternative to a unit of Crisis Suits, each feels like a hero in their own right.

This change has been enacted in two parts. On the one hand, in matched play games, you’ll be limited to one Commander per Detachment you take:

On the other, T’au Empire Commanders have a huge array of Warlord Traits and Signature Systems to choose from. You’ll even be able to decide whether you want to equip yours with the XV8 Crisis battlesuit (or even XV8-02 Crisis Iridium armour, which is now an upgrade rather than a Signature System) or opt to spend more points and gain an extra Wound with the XV85 Enforcer battlesuit. These can then be fitted with a wide variety of equipment. In the Farsight Enclaves, we’d recommend stocking up on close combat options with a couple of returning favourites:

With these weapons, you’ll be able to shore up your Fight phase and give the enemy a very nasty surprise…

Of course, if you’d prefer to keep your Commanders on the back lines, we’d recommend using the Command-and-Control Node Stratagem. By forgoing your own shooting, you’ll be able to considerably increase the destructive capabilities of one of your battlesuits – combine this with a Riptide Battlesuit for the best results!

One of the defining quality of T’au Empire armies is their prodigious range, allowing them to reach the enemy wherever they may hide with an array of far-reaching firepower. In this regard, no sept can match the reach of Bork’an, thanks to Superior Craftsmanship:

With this Sept Tenet, even your Strike Teams will be able to reach the enemy wherever they hide, while you take the best defensive positions on the board with impunity.

For many, the Riptide Battlesuit is the iconic T’au Empire unit, and with the new codex, you can expect to see a LOT more of them on a tabletop near you thanks to a suite of rules improvements. Firstly, the armaments of the Riptide have been tweaked in power to hit harder and have more shots, allowing you to deal more damage with this deadly war machine:

With the Riptide’s Nova Reactor, you’ll be able to make these weapons even deadlier, notably bringing the heavy burst cannon up to 18 – yes, 18! – shots:

That’s not all! As well as benefiting from a range of battlesuit-specific Stratagems (we’ll be diving into these later in the week) the Riptide even has one of its own:

With the Bork’an Sept Tenets and these enhancements, you’ll be able to turn your Riptide Battlesuits into deadly mobile firebases, constantly maintaining a safe distance from the foe, dealing considerable damage with its Drones and an invulnerable save to soak up punishment at the same time.

Already capable of engaging the enemy at terrific range, the KV128 Stormsurges of Bork’an find the extra 6? range particularly useful when picking which profile to use for the pulse blastcannon, allowing you to utilise the armour-piercing short-range firing mode at a safer distance. If you really want to keep your distance, the pulse driver cannon is also super in a Bork’an army – and not just because it has an effective range of 78”. With the Experimental Weaponry Stratagem, you’ll be able to re-roll your random shots with the weapon, making it even more dangerous to your opponent:

The first Sept Tenet we’ll be previewing is that of the T’au Sept – first and most prestigious among the T’au Empire’s holdings.

Perhaps none among the T’au are as fanatical in their pursuit of the Greater Good – or drilled as hard – as those who hail from the core world, making them superb defensive warriors. On the tabletop, this is reflected by Coordinated Fire Arcs:

As if charging a T’au gunline wasn’t already daunting enough! If you’re using Hammerhead Gunships, we’d recommend taking three in a Spearhead Detachment with Longstrike at their head. As well as providing additional bonuses to hit for these units, this legendary tank ace has been enhanced to benefit more from Markerlights than his fellow T’au, allowing you to make the most of yours:

With the T’au Sept, you’ll want to stock up on Fire Warriors to take maximum advantage of your combined Overwatch attacks. While you might be tempted to use Strike Teams, we’d recommend Breacher Teams, whose short-ranged attacks are even more powerful in the new codex thanks to a new Stratagem:

This works superbly against both entrenched units and units with abilities allowing them to benefit from cover where they otherwise wouldn’t, such as the Tyranids of Hive Fleet Jormungandr. It gets better – against particularly stubborn targets, don’t forget to use Focused Fire, a T’au Sept Stratagem that allows you to take down even the toughest units with ease:

Just imagine – soften up a larger target like an Imperial Knight with a fusillade from your Pathfinders, then finish them off with a combined assault from your Breachers and Hammerhead Gunships.

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The big bad Warhammer 40k Spring FAQ is out, but bigger structural problems remain with the game.

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