Codex Compendium Update 03-14-2018

by | Mar 14, 2018

The new 8th edition means a new look for the Codex Compendium. Gone are all the detachments and formations that plagued 7th edition, now we have stratagems instead! In addition, the new codex compendium pages feature Warlord Traits, and unique wargear items from each new codex.

This will be a long replacement process, as updates will only happen as new 8th edition codexes come out, luckily Games Workshop is determined to get those out faster than ever before.

Below is a list and links for all the Factions that have been updated for 8th edition.

It looks like Tau and Necrons are being released in March and that leaves Dark Eldar most likely for April, and if I had to guess Imperial Knights.