What is the deal with Games Workshops release schedule?

by | Aug 8, 2018

What started out as a welcome Warhammer 40k break has turned into, waaaghs and howls in fevered anticipation for the next new 40k releases. Strangely Games Workshop has been all, but quiet about the future release plans for the 41st millennium. If everyone can remember many months ago the Games Workshop design team assured us that the main armies would all have a codex for 8th edition within a year. Games Workshop has amazingly almost kept this promise, but as July slipped by we still don’t have new Space Wolves, Orks, or Genestealer Cults.

This is strange because everything seemed to point to July release of at least the Space Wolves and Orks with Warhammer Community page teasing the inevitable all the way back on June 1st and even in that post, we saw hints of the Genestealer Cult coming. Since then we have only gotten a few pictures of a few more Genestealer Cult models, but nothing to say of Orks and Space Wolves from Games Workshop.

It seems that perhaps releases schedules have gotten juggled a bit, with Kill Team being the most likely reason for the delay. We had known for months Adaptus Titanicus was coming in August and Sigmar had taken June, so it left July as the prime time for Games Workshop to get 95% codex caught up, but that didn’t happen. Now are sitting with mid-August staring at us and still no release or planned leaks from Games Workshop. This hasn’t stopped some rumor mongers weighing in with Primaris Marine rumors, like the Primaris Bike rumor a few weeks ago, while people talk about Bikes my “sources” say it is going to be a Primaris Deathwatch style Flyer and Rhino style transport.

Something though has to give and give soon, because Games Workshop has run out of leaks and previews, all we have seen is a ton of boxed games coming, highlighted by the intriguing Rogue Trader boxed game, which we don’t know just how standalone it is going to be. We could see more Kill Team release as Games Workshop has “politely” asked the Nova Open to run a Kill Team event. That gets to exactly when we can expect the next big Games Workshop announcements. They should happen at the Nova Open if past behavior and current trends point towards.

The Nova Open splash makes the a lot of sense, it is at the end of the month and gives Games Workshop a great platform to show hobbyists what we can expect for the final quarter. Now this does leave a little gap for the next couple weeks, because after Adeptus Titanicus, it looks like we might be filled with of all things Middle Earth…

Now for even more endless speculation.

My thinking is Games Workshop partly left the Space Wolves release to lag because they decided to attach new models to the line. With my stab in the dark is Space Wolves getting Horus Heresy era units or those Primaris rumors true. The safest bet though is Space Wolves get a few new/updated characters and that is it, because one major tell something Primaris big is on the horizon has nothing to do with Space Wolves and that is the Black Library release schedule.

Each month we will see a new Ultramarine novel come out featuring Primaris marines.

  • Of Honour and Iron August 25th
  • Blood of Iax September 22nd
  • Plague Wars October October 6th

Then we have the question of the Orks? All we have is that vague post from June 1st saying we will be rewarded for our patience, but since we have not gotten any model teases, we have assume this is just a codex and nothing else for Orks.

That finally leaves us with the Genestealer Cult, which seems destined for late year release, timed with a new boxed game of some sort or Kill Team expansion. The few models we have seen so far are way too unique to be part of a larger model line, especially the Gunslinger model.

Either way, the uptick in restlessness for new Warhammer 40k releases is growing and hopefully Games Workshop is ready to deliver shortly on what they promised almost a year ago!

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