Imperium Nihulus Vigilus Ablaze: Leak Compilation

Mar 5, 2019

Time for another leak and rumor compilation, this time we have Warhammer 40k Imperium Nihulus: Vigilus Ablaze 8th Edition campaign, rumors, leaks, previews. As with the other compilations the Vigilus Ablaze 8th Edition Supplement will feature both Games Workshop community info and any other Internet leaks and rumors as they come!

Check back everyday as new leaks and rumors for Warhammer 40k 8th edition Imperium Nihulus: Vigilus Ablaze will be added, without notification.

Pre-orders March 23rd 2019: March 30th 2019 Release Date

  • Imperium Nihulus: Vigilus Ablaze: $40
  • New Abaddon :
  • New Chaos Space Marine:
  • New Dark Apostle:
  • Shadowspear: $175
  • Noctilith Crown:
  • Skull Altar: $35
  • Plastic Apostle:  


Warlord Traits:


New and Updated Units:


CSM 13

GP 70

MoP 90

Oblit 115

Venom 130

-Autocannon 10

-Plasmas Gun 11

-Plasma Pistol 5

Space Marines:

Captain in Phobos 110

Eliminator 18 + 3 weapon

In?ltrator 22

Helix Adept 32

Librarian in Phobos 100

Lt in Phobos 80

Suppressor 18 + 15 weapon


Psychic Powers:

Warhammer Community Sneak Peeks

Who are the Word Bearers?

The Sons of Lorgar were once the most loyal of the Space Marine Legions, openly venerating the Emperor as a god and raising great monuments in his honour. But rather than rewarding such devotion, the Emperor punished the Word Bearers for their worship. Lorgar, the Legion’s Primarch, took his father’s spurning personally and sought elsewhere for powers worthy of his dedication. First Chaplain Erebus and First Captain Kor Phaeron had already begun to worship the Dark Gods in secret – encouraged by two of his most trusted advisors, Lorgar became the first Primarch to turn to Chaos, and his Word Bearers followed him.

Of all the Traitor Legions, the Word Bearers are by far the most zealous, chanting blasphemous catechisms to the Dark Gods as they do their unholy work in battle. They are often accompanied by corrupted cultists and the Daemons that their rituals have summoned forth from the warp or bound within fearsome war engines. The Word Bearers are far from mere fanatics who blindly fight for their infernal masters, however. They are Space Marines first and foremost, and so combine their frenzied devotion with disciplined battlefield tactics and ruthless efficiency.

A council of nine Chaos Lords and Dark Apostles of the Word Bearers – known as the Coven Triplicatus – has accompanied Abaddon to Vigilus. There, they seek to raise the warp-tainted Noctilith Crowns at key nexus points across the world’s surface to bring about its damnation.

On the Battlefield

The zealous determination with which the Word Bearers fight is one of their greatest assets. This is represented by their Legion Trait, which makes them incredibly resistant to the effects of morale and serves as a dark mirror to the And They Shall Know No Fear ability of loyalist Chapters.

If you’re looking to take your Word Bearers army to the next level, the new rules in Vigilus Ablaze and Codex: Chaos Space Marines will enable you to field new and improved HQ choices and powerful Specialist Detachments that really play to the character of the Legion. Let’s take a look at a few of them…

Dark Apostles

The Word Bearers are renowned for the demagogues who rise within their ranks, their oratory able to inspire entire populations to overthrow the oppressive yoke of the Imperium. The most famous of these is Erebus, who became the first of the Dark Apostles – a rank now commonplace among the Traitor Legions* and especially within the Word Bearers.

Along with a shiny new miniature, Dark Apostles have been blessed as unholy conduits of the Chaos Gods. In addition to granting their Leadership characteristic to nearby <Legion> units, Dark Apostles can now chant prayers to inspire their brethren.

There are six other Prayers to the Dark Gods to choose from and an additional prayer dedicated to each of the four Chaos Gods if your Dark Apostle bears their mark. One example is Omen of Potency, which will turn your Dark Apostle into a frenzied killing machine!

To all but guarantee that the Chaos Gods will hear your prayers, simply take a pair of Dark Disciples with your Dark Apostle for a handy boost to your rolls.

In Vigilus Ablaze, there is a Specialist Detachment that is as a gift from the Dark Gods to the Word Bearers – Daemonkin Ritualists.

You can give your Detachment’s firebrand of choice the Shepherd of the True Faith Warlord Trait to spearhead an attack and bombard your opponent with a shower of mortal wounds in the process.

Masters of Possession and (Greater) Possessed

The Word Bearers are among the most skilled practitioners of all the Traitor Legions in the dark art of summoning and binding Daemons to suitable hosts – after all, Argel Tal and the Gal Vorbak were the first examples of this practice during the Horus Heresy, so it’s fair to say that the Legion set something of a precedent in the field of possession!

A Master of Possession from a Daemonkin Ritualist Specialist Detachment can serve as a focal point for a powerful Stratagem that augments the already formidable combat prowess of your Possessed and Greater Possessed to new levels of horrible!

This Stratagem will stack especially well with the Strength bonus from the Locus of Power ability of the Greater Possessed. It’ll be a slaughter!




Renegade Traits

As you probably already know, when choosing a Chaos Space Marines army, you can choose for everyone in the army to have a <Legion> keyword, which allows them to benefit from distinct and powerful new abilities. Now, instead of the Renegade Chapters trait from the codex, you can pick from one of six Renegade Traits. Each is designed around the unique methods of war pioneered by the respective Renegade Chapter it represents. Take the Crimson Slaughter – these warriors are constantly haunted by sinister spirits, rewarded with silence only after slaying their foes. In-game, this translates into a useful Renegade Trait that rewards you with Command Points for destroying a unit.

Or the Red Corsairs! These guys are perhaps the most notorious of the Renegade Chapters, renowned for their vast numbers and superb tactical skill. This is represented in the rules by the ability to Advance and charge, as well as additional Command Points.

These traits are thematic, fun and powerful, allowing you to better represent your favourite army from the lore on the tabletop, and opening up new army builds you might not have tried before. As well as the Red Corsairs and the Crimson Slaughter, you’ll find Renegade Traits for The Purge, Flawless Host, Brazen Beasts, and The Scourged.


It’s not just Renegade Traits – each Renegade Chapter also has their own Stratagem, offering you more tactical depth and more ways to unleash mayhem! The Purge, for example, are notorious for their contemptuous attitude towards life, even by the standards of Chaos Space Marines, represented in-game by a Stratagem that lets them shoot into combat.

The sinister pre-cognisant skills of the Scourged, meanwhile, are represented by a Stratagem that lets them intercept pesky reinforcements with a devastating fusillade of fire.

Warlord Traits

The new rules for Renegade Chapters give you yet more options when customising your Chaos Characters, with a swathe of Warlord Traits. The Brazen Beasts’ Khorne-given might is represented by a Warlord Trait that gives them an extra 2 Strength and Attacks every time they slay a Character. Grab a Daemon Prince, hunt a couple of enemy heroes, and you’ll be nigh on unstoppable!

Looking for something more cunning? Warlords hailing from The Scourged can shut down enemies by forcing them to fight at the end of the Fight phase, after your own troops have had a chance to soften them up!


Lastly, each Renegade Chapter gets their own artefact, allowing you to further customise your Chaos Lords, Sorcerers, Masters of Possession and other war leaders. The Flawless Host’s Flawless Cloak (these guys sure hate flaws!) is fantastic for maximising the range of key aura abilities. The extra attack is pretty nifty, too!

If you prefer to lead from the back, the Red Corsairs’ Maelstrom’s Bite is ideal. Equip this on a Chaos Lord, and you’ll be able to support your units of Havocs, Obliterators and Chaos Predators with deadly fusillades of infantry-shredding firepower.

The Fallen

Vigilus Ablaze includes loads of content for fans of the Fallen, too! As well as taking a pivotal role in the plot of the story on Vigilus, they can also be fielded with the Fallen Angels Specialist Detachment. This Specialist Detachment lets you give Chaos Sorcerers and Rhinos the Fallen keyword, adding yet more flexibility to these mysterious warriors.

This Specialist Detachment is fantastic for messing with your foe’s Command Points, preventing them from generating new ones mid-game, representing Cypher’s disruptive effects on the battlefield…

What’s more, Fallen in this Detachment are particularly hard to hit thanks to an invaluable Stratagem.

Whether you’re using them as an army in their own right, or as allies to a wider Chaos force, the Fallen are as effective on the battlefield as they are inscrutable…

Who are the Night Lords?

Even before the Horus Heresy, the Night Lords were cynical, nihilistic killers. Drawn from the criminal population of the night-shrouded world of Nostramo, the VIII Legion became notorious for committing brutal atrocities and turning fear itself into a weapon. Since the Horus Heresy, they have become raiders and pirates, fighting to please their dark whims and generally seeing Chaos as a tool to be exploited rather than something worthy of worship.

The Night Lords are masters of fighting dirty, severing communications, shattering supply lines and striking from the skies with Raptors, Warp Talons and Heldrakes in lightning-fast raids. Having arrived on Vigilus in force, the Night Lords will prove invaluable to the Warmaster’s assault on the world, bringing their guerilla skills to bear against the Genestealer Cults, Orks and Imperium alike.

On the Battlefield

Night Lords armies are unusual even by the standards of Chaos. Where other Legions destroy their foes directly, the Night Lords Legion Trait reduces enemy morale, allowing you to pick your foes apart and let their failed Morale tests do the rest!

The Night Lords are set to receive more options than ever thanks to Vigilus Ablaze. There are loads of units and Specialist Detachments that work superbly with the Night Lords in Vigilus Ablaze, but by far the most thematic is the Host Raptorial – a skyborne force of killers made up of Raptors, Warp Talons, and jump pack-wearing Characters.


Raptors are Night Lords to a tee – fast, deadly and equipped with a morale-reducing ability that stacks fantastically with Terror Tactics. With the new Terror Strike ability from the Host Raptorial, you’ll have another way to force devastating Morale tests on your foe. Take three units of Raptors, give them Icons of Despair (which offers a further -1 to Leadership), ally in Haarken Worldclaimer and use this Stratagem for a devastatingly effective combo.

That’s -6 to enemy Leadership, even before you factor in other Leadership-reducing allies like Be’lakor, the Noxious Blightbringer, or butcher cannon-armed Contemptor Dreadnoughts…

Warp Talons

Warp Talons are the ‘hammer’ of any Night Lords army based around the Host Raptorial, capable of scything through pretty-much anyone and anything unfortunate enough to get in their way. The Host Raptorial makes Warp Talons even deadlier with the Vicious Descent Stratagem, allowing you to re-roll hit rolls when you charge. This combines very well with the Warp Talons’ ability to re-roll failed wound rolls thanks to their lightning claws.

Who are the Iron Warriors?

Since the earliest days of the Great Crusade more than ten millennia ago, the Iron Warriors Legion have been renowned for their mastery of siege warfare. None save the Imperial Fists could rival the skill of the Iron Warriors in this field – a trait that fostered a bitter rivalry between the Primarchs Rogal Dorn and Perturabo. In the wake of the Horus Heresy, this culminated in a mutually destructive, attritional war fought between the two Legions. Perturabo taunted Dorn to attack a nigh-impregnable, fortified death trap he had built, called the Iron Cage, which resulted in a bloody stalemate and massive losses to both sides.

Now, as a Traitor Legion, the Iron Warriors have lost none of the deadly siege skills that first cemented their name into legend. The Iron Warriors systematically destroy all before them through the merciless application of heavy ordnance and bolter fire. They regularly field entire armoured columns of Vindicators, Predators and Rhinos bearing their gunmetal and chevron Legion colours. The Iron Warriors Traitor Legionnaires are often accompanied by more esoteric creations, such as Daemon-bound war machines and the living weapons known as Obliterators and Mutilators.

On the Battlefield

First and foremost, the Iron Warriors are siege specialists, able to bring down even the most heavily armoured fortifications and picking off targets cowering in cover. There are precious few places that are beyond the reach of the Iron Warriors’ murderous firepower.

The traditional mainstay of the Iron Warriors are squads of Chaos Space Marines and Havocs mounted in Chaos Rhinos alongside squadrons of battle tanks, Daemon Engines, and Land Raiders filled with Chaos Terminators. However, there are some units that are especially notable within the ranks of the Iron Warriors.


The Iron Warriors were among the first of the Traitor Legions to make widespread use of a Chaos technovirus to create the weapon hybrids known as Obliterators, and these abominations are a common sight among the Sons of Perturabo. Obliterators also form a key part of a seriously shooty Specialist Detachment in Vigilus Ablaze – the aptly named Devastation Battery.


The lords of the Iron Warriors hold the honorary title of Warsmiths, though their ranks and specialisms within the Legion can vary. The majority of Iron Warriors Warsmiths are formally Chaos Lords. If your Warlord hails from a Devastation Battery, you can give them the Armour Bane Warlord Trait, which will greatly augment your anti-tank capabilities on the battlefield – especially when combined with a Chaos Lord’s aura ability to re-roll hit rolls of 1 as well!


Not to be confused with Warsmiths (the mechatendrils give them away). The Iron Warriors have always held their Warpsmiths in high regard for their ability to maintain the myriad battle tanks and war machines they use. If you’re planning on fielding a vehicle-heavy army, never leave home without at least one of these guys, as they’re great for keeping your vehicles running – or cursing those of your opponent!



Who are the Black Legion?

Ever since Abaddon took up the Talon of Horus and the title of Warmaster, the Black Legion have been foremost among the Heretic Astartes. Far from resting on their past glories as former warriors of the Sons of Horus, the Black Legion earned their pre-eminence through bloody exploits in the crucible of battle. Even their rival Traitor Legions have felt the wrath of the Black Legion for failing to fall in line or foolishly challenging their power.

“Horus was weak. Horus was a fool. He had the whole galaxy within his grasp and he let it slip away.” – Abaddon the Despoiler

The Black Legion are not only the numerous of the Heretic Astartes, they are also the most varied. Mutants and Sorcerers, Possessed and Daemon Engines – all have a place within the Black Legion. They also include within their ranks former members of other Legions, so it is not uncommon to see automatonic Rubricae and packs of frothing Berzerkers fighting alongside the Black Legionnaires.

On the Battlefield

As the stars of the show in Vigilus Ablaze, the Black Legion are blessed with a host of bespoke rules to complement those found in Codex: Chaos Space Marines, including eight new Stratagems. Check out Tip of the Spear, which will give you a great opportunity to bag the victory point for First Blood in matched play.

Vigilus Ablaze also includes a full set of six Tactical Objectives, Warlord Traits and Relics for your Black Legion army. Just imagine how effective Angelsbane will be with the beta Bolter Discipline rules!

But what will a typical collection look like? At the heart of the Black Legion are its squads of Chaos Space Marines, Havocs and Raptors clad in their baroque, black and gold power armour.

Beyond that, pretty much anything else is fair game! That being said, there are a number of iconic characters and forces within the wider structure of the Black Legion…

Abaddon the Despoiler

Despite having power far beyond the Black Legion, Abaddon is still, first and foremost, their supreme commander. With his astonishing new model on its way very soon, what more excuse do you need to include the big bad ‘un himself? Of course, to do justice to the imposing size of the new Abaddon model, Vigilus Ablaze has an updated profile worthy of the mighty Warmaster.

The Bringers of Despair

Abaddon is rarely seen without his loyal Terminator-armoured bodyguard, drawn from the very deadliest fighters within the Black Legion. If you’re picking up Abaddon, it’d almost be rude not to grab a bunch of Terminators to represent the Bringers of Despair as well. If that isn’t reason enough, Vigilus Ablaze introduces a Specialist Detachment that will really help you get the most of Abaddon’s elite Terminators.

The Bringers of Despair can wreak absolute havoc in the Fight phase with the Brutal Subjugation Stratagem, breaking the spirit of the enemy even as they break their bodies – a brilliant counter for elite enemies and hordes alike.

The Chosen of the Warmaster

In the absence of Abaddon, one of the Warmaster’s foremost lieutenants will serve as an apt Warlord in his place. With titles such as Lord Ravager, Lord Deceiver, Lord Corruptor and Lord Purgator, each of the Chosen of Abaddon is a powerful Chaos Lord or Sorcerer in their own right, tasked with a senior level of command within the Black Legion. One of these dread lords can be easily represented by the Chosen of the Warmaster Warlord Trait.

Their presence will make your Bringers of Despair hit even harder. If you’re feeling especially fiendish (you’re using the Black Legion – of course you’re feeling especially fiendish!), you can make the ultimate statement by fielding Abaddon, his Bringers of Despair, and one of his chosen all together by using the Field Commander Stratagem from Vigilus Defiant.

Meet the Lord Discordant.

We’ll give you a few seconds to take it all in.

This is the Lord Discordant – a new HQ choice for Chaos armies that combines the might of a Maulerfiend, the wisdom of a Warpsmith and the leadership of a Chaos Lord into one deadly package. This is Chaos turned up to 11, then turned up some more, until the dials fall off and start leaking blood.

What is a Lord Discordant?

Lords Discordant are Chaos Space Marines who have a sinister, arcane mastery over machinery, similar to Warpsmiths in their training and fell purpose. However, while Warpsmiths are generally found behind their mechanical charges, enacting repairs, Lords Discordant prefer to lead from the front, fighting from the backs of scuttling Daemon Engines known as Helstalkers. Bellowing profane litanies that cause nearby machines to glitch and seize, they specialise at dismantling tanks, skimmers and the like with prying mechadendrites and brutal swings of their impaler chainglaives.

Lords Discordant feed off the suffering of the machines they destroy, using their captured motive force to repair their Daemon Engines and annihilate the enemy with coruscating beams of repurposed energy.

How Do They Work In-game?

Lords Discordant are an HQ choice for Chaos Space Marine armies. If you love Daemon Engines, this is the leader for you, enhancing the powers of Maulerfiends, Defilers or any other unit you might choose. Enacting battlefield repairs and disrupting enemy vehicles, no heretic armoured spearhead should be without one!

A Lord Discordant is a deadly combatant in their own right and, while specialising in dismantling vehicles, can put those same skills to work on more organic foes. Lords Discordant also pack some pretty impressive firepower with your choice of autocannon or baleflamer.

When Can I Get One?

Patience, oh loyal servant of Chaos! The Lord Discordant is but one of the incredible new releases on the way for Chaos Space Marines and will be available to pre-order over the next few weeks.

That’s right – Abaddon the Despoiler is BACK. As the observant among you may have guessed, when we teased a new Primaris Lieutenant back at the LVO, we weren’t being entirely serious…**

Abaddon is an integral part of Warhammer history – the star of countless books, campaigns and tabletop battles, this legendary overlord is perhaps second only to the Emperor as an icon of the 41st Millennium, and he definitely gets out more. The Warmaster has been one of the chief architects of the Imperium’s current woes, and it’s only fitting that he returns now with a new model.

The original Abaddon miniature was a classic, and in this new model you can see the inspiration from Jes Goodwin’s iconic designs. The Talon of Horus is every inch the barbaric and intimidating weapon that killed Sanguinius, while the screaming, twisting form of Drach’nyen is brought to life as never before. Even among the twisted arsenal of the Heretic Astartes, these implements of war stand out as truly terrifying.

This incarnation of Abaddon is also a lot bigger, standing nearly as tall as a Primarch, towering over other Chaos Space Marines and making for an instantly eye-catching addition to any collection.

This model draws from decades of art and lore to provide a definitive, rich representation of an iconic character. No detail has been spared in this kit, with every armour piece replete with rivets, battle damage and barding that speaks to the Warmaster’s millennia at war.

We know that Abaddon means different things to different fans. Ask one person, and they’ll tell you about Abaddon the arch-traitor, a devoted servant of the Chaos Gods who seeks only to destroy and despoil. Ask another, and they’ll tell you about Abaddon the visionary, the liberator – the charismatic lord of a recast brotherhood.

You’ll be able to customise the model to fit how you see Abaddon the Despoiler, with a choice of three heads. One, snarling and wrenched with fury, cleaves closely to the classic representation of the character. Another, wrought in the visage of Horus, pays homage to his dark heritage. A final head depicts Abaddon with a respirator, giving him a brutal, impersonal feel, tying him to the masked, savage warriors he leads in battle. Abaddon’s cloak is also optional, giving you yet another way to personalise your model.

Of course, Abaddon’s return is bad news for Vigilus – and he will be released alongside the thrilling finale to the Imperium Nihilus series, Vigilus Ablaze…

Vigilus Ablaze

Vigilus now stands on the precipice of annihilation, as the war for control over the Nachmund Gauntlet enters its next phase.

Chaos has arrived in force on Vigilus, spearheaded by the Black Legion itself. Hardened by millennia of relentless combat and fresh from blood-soaked subjugations in the Imperium Nihilus, they are a force of nightmares, combining the ancient might of the Space Marine Legions with unspeakable and unholy gifts.

Where the previous Imperium Nihilus book focused on the varied forces of the War of Beasts, Vigilus Ablaze is all about Chaos, bringing to life the vast and myriad forces gathered to annihilate this once-impregnable world. A wealth of rules content will expand your options for Chaos armies enormously, with Specialist Detachments, new datasheets and more. Perhaps you’ll strike from the skies with a pack of Raptors led by Haarken Worldclaimer – or crush your foes beneath a clanking tide of hell-forged metal with hunting packs of Daemon Engines.

Shadowspear and Abaddon are the start of a bold new era for Chaos. As those of you who’ve been following the Daemon Engine might have guessed, there’s an army of new models waiting to be revealed, including some things you’ve never seen before and new takes on units you know and love – like this guy.

What’s this Havoc carrying? Looks like the Warpsmiths have been cooking up some new guns. Emperor, help us all…

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