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Best of 40k Internet: BattleSponge

In this little painting nugget, we find a fast way to add battle damage to your models. This technique has the two things I look for most when it comes to painting, fast and repeatable. Another cool thing about this particular tutorial; is  it uses something most of us have, the annoying foam packing that comes with metal blisters. So like what you see? Here is the...

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40k Douche Bag: YTTH Edition

I love reading different 40k blogs about many things. One blog in particular that is pretty popular with the cool kids, known as Yes the Truth Hurts, has caught my perverse fancy for many reasons. Besides the developing cult of personality of its creator Stelek and his Nurglings, it is humorous to watch their minority opinion of our hobby be perpetuated as the majority. Before I turn on the Rantatron 2000, I just want to state that I do rob army building ideas from the site and consider a portion of their advice as good. With that said it ...

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Meat for Meta: AP vs. Spam and why they are getting it all wrong.

It is now my turn to weight in on the growing debate over AP vs. Rate of Fire. This discussion has intensified over the weekend when bigred of BoLS and Stelek of YTTH displayed somewhat opposing views on the subject. For Bigred 5th ed has reinforced his opinion that spamming as many shots regardless of AP is the best way to bring down a target. Stelek believes that melta and cover denial weaponry are the key to success in 5th ed. They are both wrong. Let me step back a second; they are both right, but are wrong about how they are framing the debate. The debate should not be about how many knifes you bring to a fight, but how many different knives. The key to victory in 5th ed is variation. As I have repeated before, many of the power gaming “elite” rely on playing the percentages, making extreme lists tailored  to destroy 80%  of there opponents, but eating it to the other 20%. Another problem is also placing a bubble  around a unit, without looking at the rest of your army composition. As this relates to AP vs rate of fire it is simple; take both and here are three examples. The Eldar they are easy to illustrate the use of both AP and rate of fire. Take fire dragons for instance, maybe the best tank killing...

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Best of 40k Internet: Lets do the Dip

Have you ever wanted the ability to spit out fully painted Armies? Not enough time to get 100 boyz done? As many of you already know, there is a painting technique that produces fast results and quality results known as Dipping. Over at the Librarium there is tutorial on how to get you’re dipping on. Here is an example of the type of results you can get once you master this painting “art”. Dipping Guide Ramona and Beezus dvd Pippi Longstocking dvd Download Matinee...

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It’s like Tactics: Who do you tour with?

There comes a time when theme army building when you decided that the lack of variety can really eat into the fun factor of playing. Sometimes you just want to mix things up. So when constructing a list of based around Noise Marines you just have to balance things out with other choices. For this discussion I will be only going over options that cannot be given a mark of Slaanesh as well leaving out HQ choices. Chaos Dreadnought: Chaos Dreadnoughts are funny things. I employ them the same way I would in any CSM army, WITHOUT weapons. Since they are crazed, nothing is more annoying then having transport blow up from your own Dreadnought. Keep them cheap and give them many attacks. Dreadnoughts can be a good addition to a Noise Marine force. The reason, Noise Marine lack good close combat ability against walkers and monstrous creatures.  Just make sure to run them close. Plague Marines: Maybe the best troop unit in the entire game. Plague Marines make my Noise Marines a more aggressive unit. With Plague Marine support, often opponents have to change their focus allowing Noise Marines better opportunities on the battle field. Plague Marines have access to Meltaguns, providing punch to heavy armor Noise Marines lack. If you do not trust Noise Marines to hold objectives nothing is better then a Plague Marine squad. Khorne...

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