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40k Douche Bag: Sometimes the Truth is just strait Kookoo

I was woke up today feeling like I needed my daily dose of theory-hammer. That usually takes me to my favorite egoist and general shit stirrer Stelek of Yes the Truth Hurts. On today’s “I really need to spend less time behind a computer screen and more time testing out my theories and play against more than just people drinking the same kool-aid” edition of YTTH, we get a statement so crazy that it almost made me spit out my o.j. For reference here is the post in question. Link So far, here’s the short list: *Swooping Hawks *Gargoyles...

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40k Douche Bag: Gav Thorpe’s Hampster Ball

By now I am bring up the caboose on this topic, but here are my two cents. When a game developer’s ego gets hurt, he gets defensive, and when he gets defensive they often rant. This is one such story… Once upon a time before he went to the Gary Gygaz & Kevin J Anderson school for novelists, there was a Games Workshop developer named Gav Thorpe. He was an important part of many codices, he will be remembered most for his last one. The latest incarnation of Chaos Space Marines. Never before had a codex been spurred with such derision...

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TSHFT 2009: The Journey between 4th and 5th edition

I am back from the great city of Seattle. I went to see some old friends and play in the five game 40k tournament  TSHFT. It is put on by Heart and Fire Game Center, for more information visit the Website here. I went over my personal game experience through the eyes of Fabius Bile, this post is about something greater, something that is often hinted at from other blogs and forums… 4th ed armies vs 5th ed armies. At the TSHFT tourney the two overall players used 4th edition armies. Before anyone goes crazy, and starts talking about...

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Bile Episode 3: Getting My Hands Dirty

Episode 3: Shorty after leaving the outer planet I got a communiqué from Darius, his arrival was imminent. Typhus dropped me off at the orbital station and I waited for Darius. The Iron Hands are one of the more punctual of the loyalists’ chapters. So when Darius arrived it came as no surprised. I had to put on my best Imperial face, which I almost forgot to take with me. Darius informed me of the role I was to play on this little mission. It seems that the Iron Hands have located some Dark Age technology on a planet...

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Bile Episode 2: Bile Filled Road

Episode: 2 After arriving at the station, I received a coded message from Darius that his cruiser was going to be late, having to navigate around a small warp storm. I was filled with disappointment at the thought of being stuck on a space station for a lengthy period of time. I remembered one of the smaller planets in the system was having a symposium on bio-cybernetic technology. Still I really did not want to go alone to some drab planet. Then, I remembered that my old friend Typhus was just a sector away, having culled and infected a...

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