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Indy GT Circuit: Broadside Bash Results

Here are the results for the Broadside Bash in So Cal. It looks like our second Space Marine and bike army has made it to Las Vegas as well as another Eldar army! Out of 47 players and 2000 army lists Steve Sisk won best overall with an Ultramarine Bike Army. Toby Walker  got the other ticket took with a mixed foot/mech list. Here is a link for all the results– sadly without the army listed. Broadside Bash 2010 Results Dakkadakka has a good thread going about the GT. Looks like soft scores played a part in the results, but not too major. Broadside Bash 2010 Dakka Thread Here is a post from Hulk Smash that gives a general idea of the lists that won. Best Overall was (I think) Captain on Bike Command Squad on Bikes 3xFull Bike Squads Full Scout Bike Squad and some speeders I think. I didn’t play him but maybe Grimgob can supply the list better. Best Painted (1st or 2nd BP’s) Avatar Eldrad 8 Harlies 2xGuardian Squads w/Bright Lances 3 Guardian Bikers w/Warlock 10 Dire Avengers in a Wave Serpent 8 Warp Spiders 2xWraitlords w/BL and EML 2 Warwalkers w/2 Scatter Lasers My List (Briefly, 2nd or 3rd BP’s) 2 Rune Priests 2 Lone Wolves w/Termi Armor, CF, SS 4 WG in Pod w/4 CM’s, 1 TA, 1 CF 2×9 GH’s w/WG in...

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Best of 40k Internet: Flash Funny

Sadly I cannot embed these little Internet gifts, so you all will just have to view it in another window. About 75% is crap, but 25% is great. Making that 25%  worth a post. At the very least props should be given to people that took the time to bring some humor to the world in the form of 40k flash animation. Epic Flash and if you thought some of that was funny you might find this a good jolly romp…but not likely…really. Space Hulk Flash Questions for comment: What clip one did you find the funnest? Which clip was the worst? Shouldn’t these guys spend more time playing than making silly...

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Indy GT Circuit: Broadside Bash Missions

Just a heads up for everyone. We got another GT this weekend in Los Angeles. I should be getting the results as they come in so look to Blood of Kittens for all the gory details. If anyone is planning on attending let me know, always looking for battle reports, pics, or links to the event. For anyone that is curious the Broadside Bash missions will be a little different from your typical GTs. Here is good discription of the thought process that goes into making missions for this GT. This was taken from the GT organizers forum. Hello All,...

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Indy 40k GT Circuit: Gottacon Results and Links

Here are the results from Gottacon last week. I will try to get in contact with the winners and see what armies lists they used. If anyone has contact information for them that would be would great, let them know I am looking for them! Rank Name Army General Sports Presentation Bonus Total 1 Bryce Jensen Eldar 73 39 34 4 150 2 Doug Lawrence Imperial Guard 87 35 25 0 147 3 Nick Daniels Imperial Guard 70 40 26 1 137 4 Carson Sawatsky Chaos Space Marines 70 37 24 1 132 5 Daniel Hope Chaos Daemons 74 34 21 3 132 6 David Green Blood Angels 67 39 23 1 130 7 Paul Forbes Orks 66 37 26 0 129 8 Adam Sarophim Tyranids 60 39 26 2 127 9 Jeremy Buckingham Space Marines 54 39 28 2 123 10 Garth Hunter Chaos Space Marines 56 40 25 1 122 11 Jay Lymer Orks 67 34 19 1 121 12 Leslie Sohier Space Marines 53 38 29 0 120 13 James Neill Daemonhunters 59 33 24 3 119 14 Adrian Trollip Necrons 60 35 20 3 118 15 Sohail Rabii Space Wolves 63 32 19 2 116 16 Scott James Space Wolves 64 39 10 2 115 17 Steve McLeod Chaos Space Marines 56 34 24 0 114 18 Jason Dyer Witch Hunters 44 37 29 3 113...

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