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It’s like Tactics: Thunder Cav

Welcome to 40k Word Association, where we take opinionated players from the across the country and pick their brains tackling the best 40k topics. The association of the week is Thunder Cav a super duper scary unit from the new Space Wolves codex. First up we have Miggidy Mack, where you can find hosting the great weekly Podcast Dice Like Thunder I know what most think of automatically when they hear “Thunderwolf Cavalry”.  Sure many of us will try to think of something else to talk about and others will tackle that elephant in the room. I’m going to discuss why we have an elephant in the first place. “New Codex Syndrome” Warhammer 40k is going through some real growing pains with 5th edition. Each new codex brings new and powerful toys. From the Orks redefinition of Horde Army to the Imperial Guards mechanized powerhouse. Now we are on to Space Wolves and just like everyone else, they have a few tricks that seem unstoppable. Jaws of the World Wolf and Thunderwolf Cavalry are the new Vendetta Squadrons this month. It’s no secret that the power levels are ramping up. Each 5th edition codex’s has tools to handle each other. It’s the new standard in power level. Some of the older codex’s might have a bit more trouble. That’s growing pains. Who knows when Necrons or Witch Hunters will see in their next codex… in like 4 years… So how do you begin to cope with these changes?...

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Best of 40k Internet: Competitive Wargaming

If you are ready for some college level reading about the nature of 40k then I have the article series for you! Danny Internets over at Bald and Screaming has put together a beautiful primer about all the components surrounding competitive play. The reading at times can be a little dense, so read not skim as you may miss some important points Danny is trying to make. Here are the links to the articles so far: Prologue The False Dichotomy The Competitive Gamer The Six-Fold Path Lucky You! I suggest at the very least read “The False Dichotomy” it does a great job of explaining the differences between competitive players. Questions for Comment: How have you dealt with WAAC players? Is it possible to be the Greek Ideal gamer? How often do you see luck used as an excuse for bad...

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Meat for Meta: The Four Pages no one uses.

Take out your mini rule book and turn to page 78 you might notice a section that you have avoided at all costs for no really good reason. The section in question is Buildings! I bet you forgot that they even exist in the 40k universe or maybe you thought they were exclusive to Planetfail. For some reason they are currently not an integral part of the game. The reason for buildings avoidance is they require some thought, as in assigning an armor value, carrying capacity, access and fire ports. There lies the problem: buildings act like immobile transports....

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Need your help…no really I do

As you can see there has been some changes to Blood of Kittens. Blood of Kittens has grown by leaps and bounds over the last few months and I want to take this time to get some feedback from you the readers. I want emails or comments on what YOU the readers want from Blood of Kittens. There are plans to add new content and features, but Blood of Kittens wants to know what you think is not getting enough attention or needs more attention. Let me know what you think about the new layout as well. So PLEASE even if you have never left a comment, but are an active reader I want to hear from you as well! If you do not like Disqus please use my contact form to email me anything you have to say. I love feedback and would love to hear from as many people as possible! Also email any technical problems you are having with the new site, most of the problems are fixed, but I want to make sure everyone is getting the same experience! Cannot wait to hear back!...

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40k Douche Bag: FLAME ON!

I been trying to be a good boy and avoid giving Stelek attention, honest really I have. I do not know if it was being stuck home from work or what, but I think I have poked the hornets nest. It all started with my comment to one of his posts… Honestly I am kinda curious why do you even play 40k Stelek? You are not that into the painting. You do not like the price gouging of GW. You think the competitive scene is crap. You think GW is going to fail soon. You can beat every player in the...

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