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Best of 40k Internet: Jervis Johnson Beat Down?

Many have often thought, how cool would it be to battle against the creators of the games we play. To play the rules makers and point out broken rules to them. To play the sculptors of 40k, seeing how they designed their armies. In the annuals of fanboydom only a few have ever been given the chance. One such person, a simple gamer known as MegaDave got his chance and this is his story. In this nerd wetdream Dave is playing for all of us, at least us Yanks! What will the outcome be? Will Jervis’s vast experience crush...

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It’s like Tactics: How to leave your Mark

You might want something beyond just Noise Marines and have a general force based around Slaanesh, be it Emperor Children or one of your own creation. Theme armies are known for fluff and being ineffective, that does not mean there are not ways to mitigate that. The intention of this particular article is give a few pointers on making an effective army based on Slaanesh. Unique Characters: Fabius Bile: See CSM Squad discussion Lucius the Eternal: Lucius is one of the more unused characters, when compared to other characters. He does not have the terminator armor of Typhus, eternal warrior of Abaddon,...

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Best of 40k Internet: Dice Cheatin!

I am so amazed at the notion that 40k players would be reduced to cheating for wins! Most people are aware of fudging rules, picking up hits, and moving miniatures one inch too far. What I never knew till a few weeks ago, was by applying old Casino tricks you will start rolling like a god. The desire to win can be overwhelming especially, if you have an image to keep. If your the top dog of your local gaming area, I can imagine people with no scruples giving into such lameness. Besides if it is good for politicians and profession sports, it is good enough for 40k....

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40k Douche Bag: The miseducation of Andrew Sutton

I was getting ready to hit the hay on Friday, when my phone started blowing up from friends informing me, that Stelek of Yes the Truth Hurts had just called me out. I knew it was only a matter of time. I just thought it would take a lot longer. I am a nobody with a blog devoted mostly to my ego and a few friends. He has a blog devoted to a 40k cult and his entire emotional well being. So why come down from Olympus and toy with a mere mortal? Well from the sounds of it;...

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Meat for Meta: Washes, sent like mana from Heaven.

I want to let everyone know, I do more than bitch about 40k. I play, paint, and model go figure! So my summer project this year is Eldar. Last year it was Daemons, thanks to an epic deal I picked up from one local store. I try to spit out an army a year, so far I have a pretty good record. Eldar it is! As I have said before I am pretty darn lazy. I try to find the fastest techniques with the best results to paint my armies. For my Eldar I am going to utilize my new favorite thing...

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