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Best of 40k Internet: Cheap Gaming Table

If you are not happy with playing on the floor or on a ping-pong table then here is a solution for you! It will require a little bit of work on your part. So if you have no opposable thumbs skill, find a friend because nothing says man-child then building a gaming table! Here is a great tutorial for making a gaming table for all your 40k needs. Link It is so easy that even Miggidy Mack from Dice Like Thunder made one. Take a look at his creation. Then if you are just a rich bastard that has bad design taste, this is the table for you! Questions for Comment: What do you play 40k on? Does your local gaming store have good tables? What makes a good gaming table?...

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It’s Like Tactics: Balanced List

40k Word Association, where we take four opinionated players from the across the country and pick their brains to tackle current 40k topics. First up is  Nathan Fluger blog commentator and devastating Ork player from the Pacific Northwest who can be found at the Fire and Sword Gaming Center in Seattle WA. To me, a balanced list is what we should all be striving for if we want to make competitive lists.  First, having a list that is versatile enough to handle any situation also means you have a powerful list; second of all, if everyone has a balanced list, the playing field is more-or-less equal, and games should be close-fought.  One thing that I hate is the rock/paper/scissors (RPS) nature of some armies that rely too heavily on one element of their army and leave the others behind.  For instance:  a 4 Land Raider list.  Awesome against Orks and Tyranids for the most part; but an absolute push over against Dark Eldar or any army with lots of AT shooting.  So either you have a game in which you get rocked hard, or a game in which you roll over your opponent.  As was discussed on Bald and Screaming; closely competitive games are what makes 40k fun, so these type of RPS armies need to be avoided. How do you make a balanced list? I’m sure lots of people have different formulas; but this...

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Best of 40k Internet: Paper Hammer

Tired of metal? Tired of gluing plastic together? Just tired of spending hundreds of dollars on over priced minis? Well I have a solution for you! Called Paper Hammer! Here is the low cost way to proxy your figures, allowing you to test out  armies and lists. All you need a printer and you are ready to go! For a more detailed explanation here are some links: LINK LINK Freebie and the Bean movie dvd Fame movie review The Dunwich Horror movie...

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Games Workshop unveils GT Circuit for 2010

It has finally been unveiled, the GT circuit for next year. As expected GW is going to ride the Indy Tournement train for all its worth. About 70 different tournaments across the country will give you the chance at a golden ticket to Las Vegas where you can compete to be crowned the best 40k player in the North America! (Or till at least till the Internets decontruct your list) Here is a list of the qualifying events, you must place 1st or 2nd to get access to the Las Vegas GT hosted by GW. Month of Event Year Event Name Date Location # of Players Fantasy 40K WOTR/LOTR January 2010 Conquest Slaughter 15th-17th Seattle 170 50 100 20 January 2010 Sooiepalooza 30th-31st Fayetteville 56 56 NA NA February 2010 Broadside Bash 12th-14th Los Angeles 150 50 50 50 February 2010 A Gathering in the Desert 19th-21st Phoenix 35 NA NA 35 February 2010 St Valentines Day Massacre 27th-28th Media 100 NA 100 NA February 2010 Gottacon 7th-8th Victoria 80 40 40 NA February 2010 Gottacon TBD Victoria 80 40 40 NA March 2010 The Lonewolf 12th-14th Dallas 100 100 NA NA March 2010 The Warmasters Fantasy Challenge 20th-21st Kitchener-Waterloo 148 148 NA NA March 2010 Adepticon 26th-28th Chicago 1200 375 775 50 March 2010 ConQuest Armageddon 26th-28th Las Vegas 120 30 70 20 April 2010 War of The...

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Meat for Meta: Comp Score

40k Word Association is where we take four opinionated players from the across the country and pick their brains to tackle current 40k topics. First up, this week is Jwolf from Bell of Lost Souls and regular at Battleforge Games in Austin TX. Composition scoring is the most nebulous way to enforce the Tournament Organizers’ beliefs on how the game should be played.  At the end of the day, all TOs make some composition limiting decisions; either we ban units, give comp scores, or write the scenarios to favor certain builds (or punish others). Of these, comp scores are my least favorite – if I know the rules beforehand I have to spend time gaming it to get the best build possible for whatever comp penalty I want to pay; if I go in blind, I face getting a bad score because the 20yo volunteer that scores my army had a bad game last week against someone else playing an army like mine (or wearing the same shirt). Banning units is at least fair – no one will have Eldrad and get a good comp score, when without a ban I am at the whim of random judges. Scenario design is the best method for favoring certain composition, and every TO does this to lesser and greater degrees.  I favor having scenarios that make different elements strong over the course of the event, with rewards for aggressive play built into the system. ...

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