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Meat for Meta: Kill Points have feelings too.

Oh, Kill Points why does the world hate you so much? Oh, Kill Points why do you make Mech armies cry? Oh, Kill Points why do I have to massacre sometimes my opponent to win? These are just some of the questions that come to mind when thinking about Kill Points. I have seen it on blogs, forums, and tournament missions all pointing to one thing… everyone hates Kill Points. Why so much hate? The hate is converging for two reasons. The first reason is Kill Points are too simple of a victory condition. The response by the community has been varied. The first wave of ideas to spice up Kill Points were simple; some units would give you more Kill Points then others, from Elites being worth more Kill Points to Troops being worth none. This is a problem because so many armies could be overstocked on one type and not another. Next integrating Kill Points into objective missions. These hybrid missions create scenarios in which Kill Points play some role, like kill the HQ along with taking objectives. The problem with this type of mission is similar to other attempts; just creating new ways to hide the salami. Finally, the return of victory points. The good old times of busting out the calculator and hiding squads in order to deny full points. People have been focusing on...

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Meat for Meta: Really, it is not that scary.

People hate the unknown and get ants in their pants when they cannot account from something random. In 40k the random is anathema to mathhammers and power gamers alike. The random can throw a wrench into someones perfect plans. All good powergamers avoid… units that have random effects. It is not only powergamers, but many players avoid units like Chaos Dreds, Wierd Boyz, and Possessed or wargear like Plasma just because they fear something going wrong. It is time to live a little and give such things a chance. Just as you dread a bad roll so can your opponent fear you getting a good one. I have had Possessed get power weapons to take out termies or Ork Trukks to careen to a perfect location. Sometimes powergamers one track minds cannot handle such randomness usually ending with blaming everything on luck. When thinking about taking something with a random effect, focus on what else the unit or wargear does not its chance ability. A unit like Dark Eldar Wyches, are badass even without their random ability. What makes them fun is you can change completely how you use them with there random power. Take for instance the Weird Boy, your opponent drives his Landraider in your face hoping to drive home the point that Orks cannot hurt AV14. Then, your Weird Boy gets his str 10 melta shot...

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It’s like Tactics: Plasma Guns > Meltaguns

They both can melt your face and they both have a high strength, but one is the darling of 5th edition.  Now time to turn back the clock because plasma is back and here are the reasons why… How could a case be made for plasma guns? There are many things going against them when compared to meltaguns. Meltaguns have better strength, better armor piercing, no gets-hot, assault in the turn you fire, and cheaper. So how can a Plasma Gun possibly compare to such a weapon? By running a simple test Lootas test, that annoying Ork squad that...

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Da Grand Waaagh 2009: Orks, Orks, and an Aircraft Carrier

Watching people play 40k on an aircraft carrier is pretty amazing. The USS Hornet living museum in the sleepy California island town of Alameda was home to the Da Grand Waaagh GT, where for two days and five games armies battle to a result that was very Orky… Four of the top ten were Ork players and the final table featured an Ork on Ork battle. What was particularly interesting about the Ork armies at the final table was they were nothing spectacular, one had many Kill Kans and the other had the one Nob Biker squad. The other...

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Best of 40k Internet: Army Builder 3.2

Holy improvement Lonewolf. Army Builder 3.2 has transformed Army Builder from a lazy gamer tool, to only Luddites and Flat Earthers should avoid. The newest version of Army Builder has finally added those “duh” features you have been waiting for and is finally user-friendly that even your lizard brain could understand. So what makes the newest Army Builder so good? Army Builder is a desktop program that  creates army lists in just a few clicks. Army Builder Site Here is a list of the newest changes to the program. New Features & Changes Save rosters to PDF – Email...

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