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It’s like Tactics: Who do you tour with?

There comes a time when theme army building when you decided that the lack of variety can really eat into the fun factor of playing. Sometimes you just want to mix things up. So when constructing a list of based around Noise Marines you just have to balance things out with other choices. For this discussion I will be only going over options that cannot be given a mark of Slaanesh as well leaving out HQ choices. Chaos Dreadnought: Chaos Dreadnoughts are funny things. I employ them the same way I would in any CSM army, WITHOUT weapons. Since they are crazed, nothing is more annoying then having transport blow up from your own Dreadnought. Keep them cheap and give them many attacks. Dreadnoughts can be a good addition to a Noise Marine force. The reason, Noise Marine lack good close combat ability against walkers and monstrous creatures.  Just make sure to run them close. Plague Marines: Maybe the best troop unit in the entire game. Plague Marines make my Noise Marines a more aggressive unit. With Plague Marine support, often opponents have to change their focus allowing Noise Marines better opportunities on the battle field. Plague Marines have access to Meltaguns, providing punch to heavy armor Noise Marines lack. If you do not trust Noise Marines to hold objectives nothing is better then a Plague Marine squad. Khorne...

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40k Douche Bag: Dark Eldar Rumors

I know have ranted about this before, but I cannot help myself. I have new challenge for GW: can you go one year, one measly year without doing anything with Space Marines? Fresh from Gamesday Spain, Robin Cruddace author of the IG codex spoke about the upcoming slate for GW. In the discussion it was revealed that GW is hard at work on Blood Angels and Black Templars. Frankly, I can give a flying frak about more Space Marines. If they go along with updating more chapters all we end up with is a Space Marine on Space Marine thunderdome. So I put it to you GW, announce a moratorium on anything Space Marine until you finish new dexes for the Dark Eldar, Necrons, and Tyranids. According to the discussion Dark Eldar are still at least a year away. The other two are also down the road. What was made clear was Angels and Templars were in the works right now! Really frak you GW.  What is the point of Space Marines if they do not have anyone to fight? I am really sick of the complete devotion to them. I know they are flag ship of 40k, but this is pretty ridiculous. What does that mean for the Eldar, by the time GW gets to them they will be more outdated then Eminem. I would not be surprised if...

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Kublacon 09: 40k Tournament Pics

By popular demand, here are the photos I took at Kublacon’s 40k Tournament. Thanks to fellow 40ker Jon for the use of his high power camera I was able to take pictures of all the armies. There was 60 players and most had well painted armies. Here are the pictures of the winning armies from this year Best Paint Job Here is my pick for best paint job since the person that won this year also won with the same army last year.  I guess the power of a cute girl always overrides good judgment everytime, so lame. Makes me wish I had fucking tits sometimes to jiggle before the judges. Best General If you can look past the fact that none of his army was painted this guy went through some tough opponents and really deserved his victories. You notice how he does not have 3 of one thing! OMG someone can win a tourney with an assortment of unit choices I know so super shocking! Best Overall Not another Space Marine army winning! Totally cheesy that he spamming tact squads! I am starting think the people back East live in an alternate universe from the rest of us, because all I ever see is balanced forces winning Tournaments out here. The fact that I even tabled a Nob Biker army says something about the state of the...

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Space Marine: Action RPG

Today THQ has made it official. Relic, the makers of Dawn of War are embarking on the long awaited RPG based on the Ultra Marines Chapter. Besides the still in development  MMO, 40k is getting a top of the line game from a proven developer. I have great faith that Relic will delivery where Kuju did not with Fire Warrior. One word of warning, Relic is known for its RTSs not for anything else, so the real test will be can they translate the greatness of their other franchises into the same video game gold. Judging from this Battle Trailer I think the answer will be hell YES! For more visit IGN official sneak...

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40k Douche Bag: I didn’t mean to make you cry.

Let me prefix this incoming rant by saying, I play 40k for fun.  I am not a mean person. I am an asshole on the Internet or making fun of you when your not looking. The reason for that is simple; I small skinny white guy, meaning the vast majority of people can kick my ass. That being said, I made someone cry and quit a game over the weekend at a tournament. I only play in tournaments few times a year and always end up losing at least one game. My lists are sorta tooled out, but usually going for an extreme with a theme or unit selection. This time around I played an Iron Hands with six Dreadnoughts. On the surface you may think the idea of six walkers are extra cheesy; well none were in drop pods and all were outfitted the same, which made them limited. The tournament had little over 60 players and was a three round affair. On display was your typical flair of competitive cheese, double lash, nob bikes, epi demon lists. It was funny that balanced Space Marine lists ended winning the big prizes. So anyway my first game was against a Dark Angel player with a very balanced list. In the proper hands it would of done well against any opponent. Sadly my opponent had hooks for hands. The first...

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