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Space Marine: Action RPG

Today THQ has made it official. Relic, the makers of Dawn of War are embarking on the long awaited RPG based on the Ultra Marines Chapter. Besides the still in development  MMO, 40k is getting a top of the line game from a proven developer. I have great faith that Relic will delivery where Kuju did not with Fire Warrior. One word of warning, Relic is known for its RTSs not for anything else, so the real test will be can they translate the greatness of their other franchises into the same video game gold. Judging from this Battle Trailer I think the answer will be hell YES! For more visit IGN official sneak...

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40k Douche Bag: I didn’t mean to make you cry.

Let me prefix this incoming rant by saying, I play 40k for fun.  I am not a mean person. I am an asshole on the Internet or making fun of you when your not looking. The reason for that is simple; I small skinny white guy, meaning the vast majority of people can kick my ass. That being said, I made someone cry and quit a game over the weekend at a tournament. I only play in tournaments few times a year and always end up losing at least one game. My lists are sorta tooled out, but usually going for an extreme with a theme or unit selection. This time around I played an Iron Hands with six Dreadnoughts. On the surface you may think the idea of six walkers are extra cheesy; well none were in drop pods and all were outfitted the same, which made them limited. The tournament had little over 60 players and was a three round affair. On display was your typical flair of competitive cheese, double lash, nob bikes, epi demon lists. It was funny that balanced Space Marine lists ended winning the big prizes. So anyway my first game was against a Dark Angel player with a very balanced list. In the proper hands it would of done well against any opponent. Sadly my opponent had hooks for hands. The first...

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Meat for Meta: Baltimore Games Day

You know what beats cosplay? It would be frakking awesome miniatures. GW has recently posted winners of the painting contests held at their latest Games Day.  The over all winner was some kid named Dylan Gauker which I am sure is some idiot savant, because no one that young should be that good. It also makes me question whether GW should be giving out swords larger then their winners. Here take a look for yourself. If you want to see more of wonder boy past masterpieces here is a good link. It is too bad this guy only seems to like fantasy settings. As for some of the other winners, here are five that really stood out for me. This is my favorite, for the action presented. I love the sacred tau in the back. I am sure it did not win because of the cotton ball vomit everywhere. I love Abbadon with this desiccated face, really creates a great contrast with the rest of the model. Great job. I have to admit I am getting tired of current eldar vechule paint jobs. I truly think they are easier then say an ork truck because of the flat surfaces you can work with. Really plays into the hands of  artists with experience in traditional mediums. Sick, Sick, and more Sick. I love how each one has its own personality. The blue layering is just pimptastic. If you...

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Meat for Meta: Just say No…to Cosplay

I want everyone to make a pact with me, SAY NO TO COSPLAY. I am sorry, but 40k is neither an avatar based mmo nor does it have animated characters with big eyes. I call on everyone to leave the cosplay to professionals; undersexed Trekkers, Booth Babes, Renfaire freaks, WoW retards, and androgynous Asians. I would prefer you finish painting your armies, then you devote time to sewing. I would rather you buy modeling supplies then fabric. These are just some reasons not to cosplay in 40k. I know why you do it though, let me explain why you have to stop. I know you feel like your special. You think you are taking the hobby to the next level. In truth you are simply going for attention. You do not care about a negative or positive responses, you just want someone to notice. Sadly, though your stuck in a world where being a geek is now cool. You used to get a curious look by busting out a figure, now people just walk by. So you try to turn back the clock to a time and place where jocks would throw crap for just pulling out a magic deck. I am sorry those times are gone. Warhammer is an international recognized brand; video games to even a shout out on SNL, 40k is pretty mainstream. Try not to...

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Baltimore Games Day 09

All the way in Maryland, Games Workshop little shindig known as Games Day was held in Baltimore last week. It is a chance for GW and fans to get together and embrace their love for all things Warhammer. This year was no exception. There was no great announcements, but there was some great models and terrain showcased at the event. Here is a sample of my favorites. The Ork Hulk has been making the rounds lately, last seen at Adepticon. I find the hulk super rad, but the guys that made it better got paid. They have way too much free time otherwise. The guys surrounded the hulk kinda reminded me of something… httpv:// If you want to see more fun stuff from Games Day there is a great site that has over a hundred pictures from this year event....

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