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Best of 40k Internet: Army Rating

American just love to assign numbers to things, from top ten lists to batting averages we are a numerological nation. So it should not be any surprise that American 40k players love numbers, like Roman Polaski loves underage girls. We also love to use those numbers to give value to things, so why not assign a number value to 40k units or armies? I was delighted to discover recently… clicking on everyone’s favorite 40k banner ad that Jawaballs enjoys the numbers just as much as he loves selling his great painting services. One  post stood out to me. It...

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The Xenos are coming the Xenos are coming!

Like OH MY GOD, is it really true, do my eyes deceive, a non-Imperial codex coming out? Say it isn’t so GW! Poor Blood Angels and Dark Angels need codices, not stupid Xenos! I was even hoping GW might announce 6th edition so we could get another basic Space Marine codex. How dare you crush my dreams GW, instead in four short months we will be getting… Tyranids! Confirmed at Games Day UK: come the new year The Great Devourer will be gobbling up Imperial worlds with impunity. What does this mean? The fluffy bunny in me cannot wait...

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40k Douche Bag: What can be Learned… if anything

For those living under an 40k Interweb, a megaton of flaming shit has been laid at both Bell of Lost Souls and Yes the Truth Hurts feet. All courtesy of an Austin gaming forum.  I have seen some messed up Internet stuff in my time. What I read on this forum today shocked me… Besides sounding like complete hillbillies, the folks over at this forum decided it was fair game to make fun of Stelek’s wife recent miscarriage. What made it more disgusting is a few members at BoLS joined in the circle jerk. I don’t have to name...

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40k Douche Bag: Sometimes the Truth is just strait Kookoo

I was woke up today feeling like I needed my daily dose of theory-hammer. That usually takes me to my favorite egoist and general shit stirrer Stelek of Yes the Truth Hurts. On today’s “I really need to spend less time behind a computer screen and more time testing out my theories and play against more than just people drinking the same kool-aid” edition of YTTH, we get a statement so crazy that it almost made me spit out my o.j. For reference here is the post in question. Link So far, here’s the short list: *Swooping Hawks *Gargoyles...

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40k Douche Bag: Gav Thorpe’s Hampster Ball

By now I am bring up the caboose on this topic, but here are my two cents. When a game developer’s ego gets hurt, he gets defensive, and when he gets defensive they often rant. This is one such story… Once upon a time before he went to the Gary Gygaz & Kevin J Anderson school for novelists, there was a Games Workshop developer named Gav Thorpe. He was an important part of many codices, he will be remembered most for his last one. The latest incarnation of Chaos Space Marines. Never before had a codex been spurred with such derision...

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