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Meat for Meta: Washes, sent like mana from Heaven.

I want to let everyone know, I do more than bitch about 40k. I play, paint, and model go figure! So my summer project this year is Eldar. Last year it was Daemons, thanks to an epic deal I picked up from one local store. I try to spit out an army a year, so far I have a pretty good record. Eldar it is! As I have said before I am pretty darn lazy. I try to find the fastest techniques with the best results to paint my armies. For my Eldar I am going to utilize my new favorite thing...

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Meat for Meta: ‘Ard Boyz, yee of much suck

How do I really feel about ‘Ard Boyz, let me think. ‘Ard Boyz for me is like Bobby Brown and R. Kelly both taking a shit in a Denny’s bathroom and that shit got up and started playing 40k. You would think Games Workshop would of learned their lesson from last year. You would think, that making a tournament that unleashes the inner asshole in gamers would be a bad idea? Well no I guess not, so instead of the Grand Tournament circuit we get ‘Ard Boyz, oh joy! The prize? A trip to the Chicago battle bunker paid by yourself. Yes there...

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Best of 40k Internet: Kharn you Kidder

It is really hard to find good 40k humor. Usually what we are left with is TSOALR comic strips, which are nothing more then boot camp humor with lasguns. Then there is 40k fanfic which like all fan fiction before it, falls into two camps, Napoleon or porn fantasy. In the vastness of the Internet there is still hope and for it I look to none other then Kharn the Betrayer I love me some Kharn; he is the most Berserker of Berserkers, he is not the first person you would think to have a funny bone or a love of kittens. The picture is kinda funny, but it must be...

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It’s like Tactics: Fiends

As much as I hate to admit it, YTTH is right Fiends of Slaanesh are the new nasty. I can remember going to my last tourney and seeing quite a few Daemon armies.  About four out of the five had Bloodcrushers where none had a single Fiend. It makes sense at first glance, who would not want to use Bloodcrushers? They have power weapons, two wounds, and furious charge. Still only one Daemon player finished in the top ten. For ten points less you get the Fiends which have a lower weapons skill, toughness, no furious charge, and no...

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Best of 40k Internet: BattleSponge

In this little painting nugget, we find a fast way to add battle damage to your models. This technique has the two things I look for most when it comes to painting, fast and repeatable. Another cool thing about this particular tutorial; is  it uses something most of us have, the annoying foam packing that comes with metal blisters. So like what you see? Here is the...

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