Author: TastyTaste

It’s like Tactics: Havocs

I have a new habit, trying units that the Internet poops on and see just how ineffective they really are. I place an important caveat when trying these units out, the rest my army list will be solid. This is important to...

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Best of 40k Internet: Kill Hammer

We have all heard of Mathhammer. You know, the attempt to make 40k a soulless numbers game, not based on battlefield situations. Mathhammer is a tool for people that hate dice; so they can feel better about themselves, when in...

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Meat for Meta: Mission my Mission

Yippee, Capture and Control with Spearhead again! It has only been a year and I am already sick of the basic missions for 40k. Along with the epic fail of Games Workshop not providing us withGrand Tournament missions this year,...

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