Author: TastyTaste

It’s like Tactics: A Profile in Sonic Bliss

A few years ago I started thinking about making another CSM army, at first I was drawn to Tzeench, because I thought AP 3 bolters of the Thousand Sons were killer. Then on a whim I put a squad of Noise Marines in a pick up game...

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Meat for Meta: Respect your elder.

Over at BoLS poster Bigred is retiring his old school IG army. Why would he do such a thing? Well he thinks his old models do not work anymore and he is getting tired of kids telling him that they are not GW. Which I think are...

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It’s like Tactics: The Introduction

In my travels across the Ocularis Terribus I have come across many wonderful things, from Bubonicus’s world and the dancing human chain to the Unfleshed of Medrengard. In my most recent trip though, I had the great...

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Meat for Meta: Bell of Lost Tact

It really should not bug me, but it did. Over at the great Bell of Lost Souls is an Imperial Guard army list, using the new codex on their main page. Now Joe 40k six pack posting this list on a random forum is one thing, on BoLS...

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Its like Tactics: Talos

Rarely seen and rarely used, but oh so killy. The Talos represents the pure essence of Dark Eldar. It is twisted, cruel, and without mercy. A created monstrosity with a shackled soul. As a Kabal leader you must use them wisely....

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