Author: TastyTaste

Best of 40k Internet: Terrain of the Gods

What I am about to post is almost two years old, but worth reliving. I am talking about an epic display of craftsmanship by 40k nerds par excellence. A whole city scape for all your toys. Only people that would be stuck under...

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It’s like Tactics: Picking the right Bandmates

With part one we got an overview of Noise Marines, now we move on to squad builds. Currently there is a lot of redundancy in competitive lists; tried and true units with no variation, configurations repeated, because they have...

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Rumor + Rumor = Dark Eldar Goodies?

So I was doing what I do; surfing the high seas of Warhammer 40k forums and watching pron, I came across two rumors that when formed like Voltron might equal truth. As we know from Warseer and BoLS there is a fluffy reference in...

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40k Douche Bag: Planet Money Grab

Hot off Imperial Guard  and Werewolves in Space news, now Planetstrike rumors from the great fountain of rumors, Warseer. After loathing Apocalypse, I was instantly skeptical about Planetstrike. I feared that GW was double...

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