40k Douche Bag: Games Workshop’s blatant exploitation of minors!

This place has everything; glass, steam, bear-traps, and just when you think the fun is over, knock knock, who’s there? it’s black George Washington. All of that in a party room filled with human bath mats.”
“What are human bathmats?”
“It’s that thing when, like, midgets have dreadlocks and they lay face down on the floor

40k Douche Bag: Did you really paint that?

So someone was whining about there paint score from the Da Grand Waaagh on DakkaDakka— not really news worthy right? Well what does make this particular thread news worthy is the revelation that the winner of best paint and players choice (Garye Lawrence) at the...

40k Douche Bag: Battlefoam?

Before we get into the nitty gritty of what makes Battlefoam douchey let me start off by saying that Romeo the owner of Battlefoam is really a cool guy. I got the pleasure of hanging out with him for a bit at Wargames Con and he was really nice and down to party. I...

40k Douche Bag: Mondo Vega Conquest Tournament Organizer

So over the last week Blood of Kittens has been getting a steady stream of emails and complaints about a certain tournament organizer that has done a terrible job at running his events. These GT events go under the header of Conquest and if you have followed this or a...

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