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Best of 40k Internet: Terrain of the Gods

What I am about to post is almost two years old, but worth reliving. I am talking about an epic display of craftsmanship by 40k nerds par excellence. A whole city scape for all your toys. Only people that would be stuck under nightfall for most of year would have the time to pull off this masterpiece. There is a catch, but I will not spoil it yet, just take it all in. I am not even going to comment on that guy with the red hair besides two words “Mad Scientist”. The catch with this whole thing, is while these are 40k players it is for a music video by the defunct Emo Rock outfit called Strata from Northern California. I find it strange that a Swedish production company makes a video for a California band, but hell I have no idea how these things work. Here is the video in question that uses this set to great effect. You might want to put the sound on mute the song is very whiny designed to play to the fat misery chick crowd. I really cannot see why this band never made it… httpv:// If you want to learn more about the builders that put it together here is a link to the original post. Buried in the post is another project by one of the participants, which is...

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Best of 40k Internet: Billy Maze here with…Battlefoam?

I recently discovered this brand new product, is better then anything either Billy Maze or the poor Shamwow guy pedals. It is Battlefoam, you probably hate carrying your armies all around in cardboard boxes. What you hate more is cutting foam to fit those models. Battlefoam takes all the guess work out! Recently seen at Adepticon 09 and coming to a Local Gaming Store near you, you better get on the bandwagon and take a look for yourself at these “Patent Pending” products. To demonstrate this breakthrough in army moving management is Romeo (wonder what his childhood was like) from Battlefoam. httpv:// BUT there is more! Not only do they have state of the art foam, they have cutting edge Battle Bags! httpv:// I have never been a fan of battle bags as I use either a Gun Case or some plastic containers. This Battlefoam thing though has made me a believer and I cannot wait till my local stores get this stuff in! I am only concerned about anything that says it is patent pending… Mystery Train movie online Joe movie online Buy A Bugs Life...

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