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Meat for Meta: Respect your elder.

Over at BoLS poster Bigred is retiring his old school IG army. Why would he do such a thing? Well he thinks his old models do not work anymore and he is getting tired of kids telling him that they are not GW. Which I think are two really stupid reasons to retire an army, especially one really rare and awesome. Warhammer 40k is all about history, using those old models represents your passion for the game. You played before their was the Internet, you played before the competitive scene, and you played before you knew how to paint any better. I understand Bigred will for change, but he does not have to completely disregard this entire army. If you look at his original post from 2007, it shows how he has updated the army over time. I really do not see what in 5th edition has made his army unplayable? Just because some units have been changed around does not mean they cannot be incorporated in a new way. His second point of having to tell noobs that his army is really GW is a pussy way out. New players should be looking up to Bigred, I know if I saw that army I would. I would want to know everything I can about that army, when were they made, how old they were, and how long did...

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Meat for Meta: Bell of Lost Tact

It really should not bug me, but it did. Over at the great Bell of Lost Souls is an Imperial Guard army list, using the new codex on their main page. Now Joe 40k six pack posting this list on a random forum is one thing, on BoLS it is another thing. What bothers me is BoLS is better then that. A whole lot of people have not read the codex, like Australia. BoLS comes off looking elitist. Its the kind of epeen waving that gets you caned in Singapore. The post started a circle jerk on the comments page. It was battle of those in the know and those not. Now you may be thinking I am just butt hurt; I am not one of the cool kids with the new codex. Well I have a copy and read it cover to cover (looks for a cane). Worse, the list posted is sad. JWolf simply got the dex and like a fat girl going on diet, picked five random things on the menu and then ordered a salad. Who the hell would take an allied Daemonhunter Inquisitor when you can get a Psychic Choir?!? At least make everything on the list from the codex. It could be said that JWolf made a list using the figures he had, but using BoLS space just to post a self gratifying...

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Meat for Meta: The Imperial Guard Player

You know him, the guy that recorded the History Channel when it was all just WWII documentaries. The guy that for whatever reason just could not get into the military. He is the type of guy that knows every line to Hogan’s Heroes. I know you have met this guy. He will forever be a Imperial Guard player. This IG player started out playing Historical Miniature battles, he realizes you can only play the battle of Armhem so many times. He also has a passion for modeling and painting and gosh darn it those WII figs were not cutting it. So in the early 90s he discoveries this relatively new game called Warhammer 40k. Staring in his face is Marines, Ork, Chaos,  and  Eldar. Must to his chagrin something was wrong about all of them. Marines reminded him of either his strict father or overbearing mother. Orks are just too silly, though he really loves the numbers you could field. Chaos is too evil, he wants to be a hero not the villain. Eldar are sissy space elves. About to turn away he sees something out of the corner of his eye;  something familiar,  something sorta historical. Picking up the box it was not any box it was this box It was 36 little plastic army men. These were not the  gene seeded super soldiers; these could be anyone, these...

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Meat for Meta: Can I have Ponies with my Warhammer?

So one day I was traipsing through the forest of forums and I came across something unusual, something so cute and adorable I just had to have one…wait no I had to adopt one. Cute little Daemon Adoptables!!!So I quickly hurried to get myself my very own androgynous Slaanesh daemon baby. All of sudden I had to stop myself, I vaguely remembered my niece talking about something called PonyIsland. Now what the hell is PonyIsland you say, well it is a place where you can raise your very own Ponies online. Now not any Ponies I am talking these ponies. At which point I threw up a little, you know the kind that sits at the top of your throat then slides down.  I was about to My Little Pony part of my 40k experience! To this I said HELL to the N.O. I am not going to Tamagotchi up my postings with a little 5 bit pixels. My game is called “Warhammer 40,000” not “Look at my little daemon grow”. It is a game with the tagline “In the Dark Future there is only War”, there is no adoption in 40k,  let alone this kind of adoption! Oh, more insidious still other people help me grow it and some are rarer then others! Just thinking about it I got a Pokemon Ball ready to shove it where Tzeentch cannot even find it. I call on...

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