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Need your help…no really I do

As you can see there has been some changes to Blood of Kittens. Blood of Kittens has grown by leaps and bounds over the last few months and I want to take this time to get some feedback from you the readers. I want emails or comments on what YOU the readers want from Blood of Kittens. There are plans to add new content and features, but Blood of Kittens wants to know what you think is not getting enough attention or needs more attention. Let me know what you think about the new layout as well. So PLEASE even if you have never left a comment, but are an active reader I want to hear from you as well! If you do not like Disqus please use my contact form to email me anything you have to say. I love feedback and would love to hear from as many people as possible! Also email any technical problems you are having with the new site, most of the problems are fixed, but I want to make sure everyone is getting the same experience! Cannot wait to hear back!...

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The Xenos are coming the Xenos are coming!

Like OH MY GOD, is it really true, do my eyes deceive, a non-Imperial codex coming out? Say it isn’t so GW! Poor Blood Angels and Dark Angels need codices, not stupid Xenos! I was even hoping GW might announce 6th edition so we could get another basic Space Marine codex. How dare you crush my dreams GW, instead in four short months we will be getting… Tyranids! Confirmed at Games Day UK: come the new year The Great Devourer will be gobbling up Imperial worlds with impunity. What does this mean? The fluffy bunny in me cannot wait...

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Space Marine: Action RPG

Today THQ has made it official. Relic, the makers of Dawn of War are embarking on the long awaited RPG based on the Ultra Marines Chapter. Besides the still in development  MMO, 40k is getting a top of the line game from a proven developer. I have great faith that Relic will delivery where Kuju did not with Fire Warrior. One word of warning, Relic is known for its RTSs not for anything else, so the real test will be can they translate the greatness of their other franchises into the same video game gold. Judging from this Battle Trailer I think the answer will be hell YES! For more visit IGN official sneak...

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Baltimore Games Day 09

All the way in Maryland, Games Workshop little shindig known as Games Day was held in Baltimore last week. It is a chance for GW and fans to get together and embrace their love for all things Warhammer. This year was no exception. There was no great announcements, but there was some great models and terrain showcased at the event. Here is a sample of my favorites. The Ork Hulk has been making the rounds lately, last seen at Adepticon. I find the hulk super rad, but the guys that made it better got paid. They have way too much free time otherwise. The guys surrounded the hulk kinda reminded me of something… httpv:// If you want to see more fun stuff from Games Day there is a great site that has over a hundred pictures from this year event....

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Rumor + Rumor = Dark Eldar Goodies?

So I was doing what I do; surfing the high seas of Warhammer 40k forums and watching pron, I came across two rumors that when formed like Voltron might equal truth. As we know from Warseer and BoLS there is a fluffy reference in Planetstrike about “Khaine-worshipping Dark Eldar”. Suddenly I remembered a week before; a poster on Librarium Online heard from a GW store manager, that has a sister, that is dating Hank Edley of Adepticon, that knows a school mate of Phil Kelly of GW that said, “Dark Eldar Avatar and Harlequins are in the upcoming Codex”. Now, when I first read the rumor I did not put much stock into, because it came from the mouth of GW store manager, which are just as reliable as Amy Winehouse attempts at sobriety. With the little Planetstrike tidbit, that GW manager might not have his head that far up his ass after all. This is all highly speculative, still lets take a journey to Dark Eldar fantasy land or a second… Avatar how will it be different: Lance Weapon instead of Melta Sword? Immune to Poison? Give Fearless? Will the Avatar change the force organization of your some unit since that is GW flavor for 5th edition? Harlequins: Solitaire! killer assassin? Will GW just copy and paste from the Eldar codex or expand enough for some full Harlequin...

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