Blood Angels 8th Edition

Blood Angels Summary as of 12-27-17

Along with the Ultramarines the Blood Angels are perhaps the most beloved Space Marine Chapter. The Blood Angels represent the Space Marine ideal in many ways, but like many in the Dark Millennium harbor deep shame. The Blood Angels appeared early in the history of Warhammer 40k playing a critical role in the development of the Horus Heresy as the ultimate representation of sacrifice for the Imperium. The death of Sanguinius is quintessential to making the Blood Angels who they are today and defines the Chapter more than any other event.

The echos of Sanguinius as seen in the Blood Angel model range are clear in various units. Blood Angels have always been about Jump Pack models and as such have access to five different Jump Pack units, along with almost the entire range of Characters capable of flight. Of course, the Blood Angels various curses are a big part in how the army plays, with Black Rage and Red Thirst going through different variations throughout every army iteration. The current version of the Red Thirst is quite powerful, making even the pedestrian Tactical Marine capable of hurting any unit in the game at least 1/3 of the time. As for the Black Rage it is now a combo package of Feel No Pain 6+ and +1 Attack, which isn’t too bad either.

The Blood Angels like all the distinct Space Marine Chapters got a host of special Stratagems. As you one could imagine they mostly resolve around Jump Pack units. Upon Wings of Fire is my favorite, because anything movement manipulation will have tactical appeal. Though it is the Descent of Angels and Forlorn Fury that will get the most attention, as nothing gets players excited like 1st turn charges. The rest of the Blood Angel Stratagems are not particularly noteworthy, with Behold the Gold Host taking the crown for the worst Stratagem in the entire game.

The current 8th edition Blood Angel seem to be getting back to their roots, with Death Company being the new hot shit. This also means Sanguinary Guard and Assault Squads pretty darn good too. As for the Characters the Sanguinor force multiplying puts him high on the must have list, along with a Ancient for the unique Blood Angel Banner. As well a Blood Angel Librarian of some sort for the fantastic set of Psychic powers they can choose from. With the Red Thirst, spamming Intercessor Squads is also kinda of thing, and even the trusty Baal Predator has a place with the help of an Alpha striking Stratagem.

Overall, the new Blood Angels have a few hard hitting tricks, but once those tricks are used it remains to be seen if they can hold their own at against the top competitive armies in the game. It is clear though the Blood Angels are a solid army and maybe the best Space Marine Chapter without a Roboute.

Below you will find quick reference material for building Blood Angel armies.




As of 12-26-2017 Blood Angels Stratagems groups are…

  • Universal Stratagems
  • Space Marine Stratagems
  • Blood Angels Stratagems

(See tabs for details)





As of 08-03-2017 Universal Stratagems are…

Command Re-Roll: 1 CP

You can re-roll any single dice.

Counter-Offensive: 2 CP

Used right after an enemy unit that charged has fought. Select one of your own eligible units and fight with it next.

Insane Bravery: 2 CP

You can automatically pass a single Morale test and must be used before taking the test.


As of 12-17-2017 Space Marine Stratagems are…

Orbital Bombardment: 3 CP

Use once per battle, in the Shooting phase, if you have an Blood Angel Warlord that did not move during the Movement phase. Instead of shooting with your Warlord’s weapons, select a visible point on the battlefield and roll a D6 for every unit within D6″ of that point. Subtract 1 from the result if the unit being rolled for is a Character. On a 4+, the unit being rolled for suffers D3 mortal wounds.

Honour The Chapter: 3 CP

Use at the end of the Fight Phase. Select an Blood Angel Infantry or Dark Angel Biker unit, that unit can immediately fight for a second time.

Auspex Scan: 2 CP

Use immediately after your opponent sets up a unit that is arriving on the battlefield as reinforcements within 12″ of one of your Blood Angel Infantry units. Your unit can immediately shoot at the enemy unit as if it were the Shooting phase, but you must subtract 1 from all the resulting hit rolls.

Only in Death Does Duty End: 2 CP

Use when a Blood Angel Character is slain; that model can immediately shoot as if it were your Shooting Phase, or fight as if it were your Fight phase. This is not cumulative with the any Banner ability the Stratagem takes precedence.

Wisdom of the Ancients: 1 CP

Use at the start of any phase. Select a friendly Blood Angel Dreadnought. Unit the end of the phase, you can re-roll all hit rolls of 1 for Chapter units within 6″ of that Dreadnought.

Armour of Contempt: 1 CP

Use when an Blood Angel Vehicle suffers a mortal wound. Roll a D6 for that mortal wound, and each other mortal wound inflicted on this model for the rest of the phase: on a 5+,that mortal wound is ignored and has no effect.

Flakk Missile: 1 CP

Use just before a friendly Blood Angel Infantry model attacks a unit that can Fly with a missile launcher. You only make a single hit roll with the weapon this phase; target suffers D3 mortal wounds.

Tactical Flexibility: 1 CP

Use at the start of any of your Movement phases. Select a friendly Blood Angel unit with the Combat Squads ability that has 10 models. That unit is immediately split into two separate units, each containing 5 models.

Linebreaker Bombardment: 1 CP

Use in your Shooting phase if a Vindicator is within 6″ of 2 other friendly Blood Angel Vindicators. If you do so, the Vindicators cannot fire their demolisher cannons this phase – instead, select a visible point on the battlefield within 24″ all three vehicles. Roll a dice for each unit (friend or foe) within 3″ of that point. Add 1 to the result if the unit being rolled for has 10 or more models, but subtract 1 if the unit being rolled for is a Character. On 4+ that unit suffers 3D3 mortal wounds.

Killshot: 1 CP

Use in your Shooting phase if a Predator is within 6″ of 2 other friendly Predators. If you do so, you can add 1 to the wound rolls and damage for all the Predators’ attacks that target Monsters or Vehicles this phase.

Cluster Mines: 1 CP

Use when a Scout Bike Squad Falls Back. Select one enemy unit that is within 1″ of the unit before it moves and roll a D6; on a 2+, the enemy unit suffers D3 mortal wounds.

Empyric Channeling: 1 CP

Use at the start of Psychic phase if a Dark Angel Psyker is within 6″ of at least 2 other friendly Blood Angel Psykers. The psyker can immediately attempt to manifest one additional psychic power this turn and, when attempting to manifest this power, you can add 2 to the Psychic test.

Datalink Telemetry: 1 CP

Use in the Shooting phase just before the Whirlwind shoots. If that target of the shooting attacks are visible to a friendly Blood Angel Land Speeder unit that is within 12″ of the target unit, the Whirlwind’s attacks automatically hit.

Hellfire Shells: 1 CP

Use this just before an Blood Angel Infantry model attacks with a heavy bolter. You only make a single hit roll with the weapon this phase, however, if it hits, the target suffers D3 mortal wounds.

Masterful Marksmanship: 1 CP

Use this when a Blood Angel Sternguard Veteran Squad from your army is selected to attack in your Shooting phase. You can add 1 to all your wound rolls made for that unit’s special issue boltgun attacks in that Shooting phase.


As of 12-26-2017 Blood Angels Stratagems are…

Armoury of Baal: 1/3 CP

Use before the battle. Your army can have one extra Relics of Baal for 1 CP, or two extra Relics of Baal for 3 CPs. All the Relics of Baal that you include must be different and be given to different Blood Angel Characters.

Vengeance for Sanguinus: 1 CP

Use when an Blood Angel unit is chose to attack in the Fight phase. Each time you roll a hit roll 6+ for a model in this unit during this phase, it can, if it was targeting a Heretic Astartes unit, immediately make an extra attack against the same unit using the same weapon. These extra attacks cannot themselves generate any further attacks. These extra attacks are instead generated on rolls of 4+ when targeting Black Legion units.

Forlorn Fury: 2 CP

Use this at the start of the first battle round, but before the first turn has begun. You can immediately move one of your Death Company Infantry units and even Advance as if it were your Movement phase. You can only use this Stratagem once.

Behold the Golden Host: 1 CP

Use this immediately after a Blood Angels unit from your army with the Death Mask ability is set up on the battlefield. Until the start of your next turn, the range of that unit’s Death Mask ability is increased to 12″

Strike of the Archangels: 2 CP

Use this immediately after a Blood Angels Terminator unit from your army is set up on the battlefield. You can re-roll failed hit rolls for that unit until the start of your next turn.

Upon Wings of Fire: 1 CP

Use this in your Movement phase before moving a Blood Angels Jump Pack unit from your army. Remove the unit from the battlefield and set it up at the end of that phase, anywhere on the battlefield that is more than 9″ away from any enemy models.

Lucifer-Pattern Engines: 1 CP

Use this before Advancing with a Blood Angels Vehicle that isn’t a Dreadnought or vehicle that can Fly. Increase its move by 6″ or D6+6 if it is a Baal Predator, until the end of the phase – do not roll a dice.

Descent of Angels 2 CP

Use this before making a charge roll with a Blood Angels Jump Pack unit from your army that was set up on the battlefield earlier in this turn. Roll 3D6 to determine the unit’s charge distance instead of 2D6.

Red Rampage: 1 CP

Use this in any Fight phase to add D3 to the Attacks of a Blood Angels Character from your army that charged earlier in the turn, for the duration of the Fight phase.

Death Visions of Sanguinus: 1 CP

Use this when mustering your army. Select a Blood Angels Captain, Chaplain, or Lieutenant from your army. Thta model gains the Death Company keyword and the Black Rage ability for the duration of the battle. Named characters and Primaris models cannot be use this Stratagem.


As of 12-26-2017 Blood Angels Unique Item groups are…

  • Relics of Baal

(See tabs for details)



If your army is led by a Blood Angel Warlord, you may give one Relic of Baal to a Blood Angels Character in your army. Named characters cannot be given relics. Some relics replace a character’s existing equipment, you must still pay the cost of the weapon that is being replaced.

The Hammer of Baal

Models with a thunder hammer only. Replace the bearer’s thunder hammer with the following profile: Range Melee, Type Melee, S x2, AP-3, D3.

The Angel’s Wing

Jump Pack model only. You can re-roll failed charge rolls and your opponent cannot fire Overwatch against them.

The Vertias Vitae

If your army is Battle-forged and the bearer is on the battlefield roll a D6 each time you use a Stratagem; on a 5+ you gain a Command point.

Gallian’s Staff:

Models with a force stave only. Replace the bearer’s force stave with the following profile: Range: Melee, Type: Melee S+2, AP-1 D D3. You can add 1 to the bearer’s Psychic test when attempting to manifest the Smite psychic power.

Archangel’s Shard:

Models with a power sword or master-crafted power sword only. Replace the bearer’s power sword or master-crafted power sword with the following profile: Range: Melee, Type: Melee S User, AP-3 D1. If the target is a monster, this weapon does D3 damage. If the target is a Daemon Monster, this weapon has does D6 Damage.

Standard of Sacrifice

Ancient model only. The bearer of the this gains the following ability in addition to those described on their datasheet. Roll a D6 each time a friendly Blood Angels Infantry or Blood Angels Biker model within 6″ of the bearer loses a wound; on a 5+ the wound is ignored and has no effect. Models with the Black Rage ability are not affected

As of 12-26-2017 Blood Angels Warlord Trait groups are…

  • Universal Warlord Traits
  • Blood Angel Warlord Traits

(See tabs for details)







If your Warlord is a Character, it can use a Warlord trait. Choose your Warlord Trait immediately before either player stats to deploy their army

Legendary Fighter: 

If this Warlord charges in the Charge phase, add 1 to their Attack’s characteristic until the end of the ensuing Fight phase.

Inspiring Leader: 

Friendly units within 6″ of this Warlord can add 1 to their Leadership characteristic.

Tenacious Survivor:

Roll a dice each time this Warlord loses a wound. On a 6, does not lose the wound.

If the Warlord of your army is a Blood Angel Character, you can pick the Warlord Trait from the Blood Angel Warlord Traits Table.

Speed of the Primarch:

You can always choose your Warlord to fight first in the Fight phase even if he didn’t charge. Units with similar abilities alternate starting with the player whose turn is taking place.

Artisan of War:

Add 1 to the Damage characteristic of one weapon carried by your Warlord. Cannot be a Relic of Baal.


You can attempt to resist one psychic power with your Warlord in each of your opponent’s Psychic phases.

Heroic Bearing:

Friendly Blood Angels unit automatically pass Morale tests whilst they are within6″ of your Warlord.

Gift of Foresight:

Roll a D6 each time your Warlord loses a wound, re-rolling rolls of 1: on a 6 that wound is ignored and has no effect. If the Warlord has Black Rage ignore rolls of 5 or 6.

Selfless Valour: 

Your Warlord can perform a Heroic Intervention if he is within 6″ of an enemy unit instead of only 3″, and if he does so he can move up to 6″ rather than 3″


Blood Angels 8th edition was released on 12-09-17

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