Purgatus- Mathlete of the Week and Happy Belated Valentine’s Day

Well, I guess there are two completely unrelated topics in my post title……or are there?   Purgatus, will you be my Valentine?  You know what a man who knows his maths does to me. Ok, enough of me being weak at the knees and lusting over mathematical prowess.  Purgatus really has dropped a nice little piece that lays the foundation to why statistics are so important in the wargames we love.  He also goes on to explain how simply rolling the dice or using anecdotal gaming experience are a total crock of horse shit, as they create bias.  It’s a great read, even if you don’t really get statistics.  Fear not, though, because I do believe there’s a follow up coming for this that will go into some of the basics of probability.  Are you prepared for the insanity of no longer being tied to the combat calculator for all of your (really quite) simple stats needs?  Purgatus’ Best overall post can be accessed via this handy link I’m providing you.

……….and since I was too busy doing anything but thinking of Valentine’s day yesterday, so here’s to making up for lost time (although the stack of Milka bars, Hazelnut truffles, and tickets to see the Lipizzaner this weekend have surely placated Dr. Girlfriend).  Whether you spent a wonderful night with a loved one or wallowed in self-pity because everyone hates you, this should hit the spot…..

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9 Responses to “Purgatus- Mathlete of the Week and Happy Belated Valentine’s Day”

  1. Ghostin says:

    Bah – go back and read the comments; what you’ve failed to realize is that I was right with my “dicing it out” comment: the power of the subconscious at work – fingerspitzengefuhl for the win! Proven by MVB, who in the comments showed Purg’s math skills were less than L337.
    Just in case:

  2. SinSynn says:

    Awww, Ghostin.
    You and Purgatus are both pretty……

  3. Ghostin says:

    aww – thanks Sin.. wait.. we’re pretty what?

    • SinSynn says:

      well pretty much smarter than me, fer one….
      and both yer blogs, and this one, are in my faves…
      Really, I’d just like to prevent a huge ‘maths’ argument between you guys, and- god forbid- MVB, if he shows up…ugh. It makes my head hurt.
      Jeez I actually had to read that Wiki entry…..

  4. Von says:

    Still can’t comment on Best Overall, though. Not that I have anything to say except “denial of excitement? I knew it! Maths makes you dead inside (and also right about stuff)”, but still, it’d be nice.

  5. Brent says:

    Ah – I didn’t realize Purgatus had a blog outside of his posts on YTTH. Thanks man… and isn’t there supposed to be a body’s length between you two while you slow dance?

  6. Lauby_HoP says:

    I’d offer to chaperon… but after Ghotin used the phrase “fingerspitzengefühl”… man, why would I want to stop anything?

  7. Purgatus says:

    Thanks for the link man! And… for the record, Mike’s the one who made the math flub… not me. ;D

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