Bummer Time- Adepticon Crusader Gig Cancelled

Unless some kind of miracle happens (and there is a pending miracle), Crusader will not be playing this weekend near Adepticon.  The story behind this is a long one, but needless to say we were fucked over by an incredibly incompetent fuck stick of a venue owner who double booked us and decided to not respond to any of the dozen odd e-mails we sent him over the last month  or train anyone at his bar to answer a phone.  Unless you have 3 or more fucking Michelin stars you have less than no excuse or right to not answer your phone or take a month and a half to return e-mails.

In better news, I’ll still be dropping by Adepticon on Saturday with Hoagy.  If my schedule allows I may even swing by Friday for some shenanigans, so hit me up if you’re in town or would like a guided tour of the finest inexpensive ethnic restaurants Chicago has to offer.  If you’re looking for me at the Con, I’m the guy that’s awesome.  See you there.

If our last resort venue of choice for the Crusader show comes through at the last minute (the aforementioned miracle), I’ll be sure to bring flyers, directions, and try to arrange transport for those who need it.

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3 Responses to “Bummer Time- Adepticon Crusader Gig Cancelled”

  1. Alex says:

    where in the fuck did you find that photo?

  2. Hoagy says:

    Don’t be surprised if he say’s ‘It was in my moms basement in Springfield’ haha!

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