Join the Discussion on Religion in Sci-Fi

This week is going to be crazy busy for me, but I’m going to try and still maintain something approaching a posting schedule.  Bringing back the long dormant Monday series here on Dick Move, I’ll point you to another site for a good, interesting read.  Porky has a nice, succinct post about religion in Sci-Fi and the relative lack of any non-christian archetypes in the genre.  Non-christian influences are out there, but they’re certainly few and far between.

Join in the discussion on Porky’s Expanse! at Ecumenical Monday.   Bonus points for anybody that can jar my memory about the SF novel I read recently that was clearly based on Judaism- can’t remember what the fuck it was for the life of me.

FNIF Round 40 Results Show- Post 250- On the Virtues of Patience

Well we did it!  Dick Move has hit 250 posts.  I’d like to congratulate myself for being such an awesome blogger.  Also thanks to you guys who bother reading this drivel on a regular basis as well.  I could have done it without you, but the result would be like drinking alone in a closet- sad, lonely, and full of tears. (more…)

The Blogging Oedipal Complex

In writing up the announcements for the House of Paincakes today (an honor which usually falls on Lauby’s shoulders, but apparently he was too busy with things that he’ll no doubt assure me are not in any way related to Fallout New Vegas) I realized something- its readership is about to surpass Dick Move and in record time, no less. 

Let’s set the mood for the rest of this micro rant (too obtuse?- meh fuck it, if you get it, it’s kind of hilarious).

A little over two months ago, Lauby and I started out quest to dominate the tabletop community by attempting to create a place where everyone is welcome and good ideas are promoted rather than shit on.  So far I think it’s been a smashing success, growing to nearly 100 readers in a very short time for a hobby blog (just about 2 months give or take).  So why the bragging?  Well, it’s a happy and sad time for me here.  Dick Move has still yet to hit 100 followers.  We all want to see our children grow up to be successful, but the day that you realize that they are better off than you are is a little bit of a downer.  Knowing that your son can now destroy you and have his way with your wife is a sobering thought.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to host an exclusive pity party; seriously, how fucked up would it be to complain that something I’m involved in is too popular?  Neither am I really trying to brag.  I like to think of myself as a downright humble person at the end of the day.  Astute readers will have noticed by now that with the exception of a few choice individuals, I usually criticize myself as much or more than anyone else I’ve made fun of.  It’s all in good fun, after all.  I just thought that I’d take this occasion to reflect a little bit and share a random thought with you, the reader.

Of Cocktails and Gaming

One of the many reasons I like playing at home would have to be the booze.  Usually when we get a game together at my house somebody brings some beer with them.  Now I’m not saying I have to have a drink to have a good time, but if you’re going to get a relaxing game in, why not do it up right?  In reality I only really drink beer when gaming or playing gigs these days.  Too many calories in beer that actually has taste.  The rest of my casual drinking involves whiskey these days.  Hell I rcently decided that scotch plus ice cubes qualifies as a mixed drink.

This is neither here nor there, however.  In trolling the blogosphere looking for ways to not study for tomorrow’s FIN 408 exam, I ran across a HoP related post and almost crapped myself.  Over on Crew Shaken, Not stirred, DaveHowitzer, the author was so tickled by being included in HoP’s weekly top X list that he made up some cocktails dedicated to Lauby and Brent.  Now we’re not doing the whole HoP thing for Internet fame, but I see this as a positive sign that we’re helping to empower gamers and bloggers and perhaps inspire people to new heights of insanity.  This has gotten me thinking about what would be in a Dethtron themed cocktail.  Hopefully it involves raw egg. 

Anyway, that’s it for today.  I should probably start studying a little bit.  If you’re reading this and still haven’t friended, followed, or joined the HoP blog network, make sure you do so today.  I’m sure there are still a few of you readers out there that need to check it out.

HOP’s First Article, Self-Promotion, and Self-Loathing

Today sees the first actual article being posted on the House of Paincakes blog.  It’s from Kirby, and I think you’ll all like it.  There will be a link below.  Actually, half of Kirby’s first article is up, to be more correct.  We split it in two at the last minute- shit was long, yo. 

Just to update everyone, the HOP is still moving along at a pretty good pace.  This week will see us working with a daily post schedule.  If you’re interested in writing for he HOP, e-mail us with your ideas and we’ll see what happens. 

In other news, my second FNIF: Extra Innings went up on BoK and nobody seems to have noticed 🙁  Please go check it out and comment so I can stop feeling bad about life.  Thanks to Brent for being the first and only commenter thus far. 

Here are some links for you guys:

Kirby’s Article

FNIF: Extra Innings

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