Back Home

Today I move back into my home. For those of you that don’t know (or didn’t care) I moved back to Mississippi from San Francisco in the last eight months or so.

While I lived in San Francisco my home was rented, and so for the last eight months I have been… between homes. Staying as rentors/living with mom’s etc…

Well, I’m back in my 2400 square food house with my wife and things are about to get interesting. I’ve opened my own law office in Hattiesburg, MS, and so I will be doing most of the renovation to my home, myself.

One of things I will be doing is having a complete room to play 40K in… because… I want it really, and we have the space. When the kids come one day I’m sure this will be the room that is converted, but for now it will be my 40K room. I’ll be posting pictures of it, and the work that is done on it as time goes. My painting table will actually be in another room, and this will be just for playing 40K.

The table in the photo is from probably one of the best table building articles that I have seen, thanks to the Drunken Dwarves. Here is a link.

I’ll be building a table for myself, and really delving into some great painted terrain. My goal is for my table to look as good as a White Dwarf table. We’ll see how it goes!

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