Wargames Con – T-Minus 14 Days

So last week the wife was out of town. A blessed time for my hobby, a boring time for me personally.

But I had a weekend for my friends to come down, and I broke out the airbrush. Several years ago I received a wonderful airbrush and air compressor for my birthday. I used it a bit on an old army or two, but haven’t fully embraced it.

That was a mistake.

This weekend that little device did the following

base coated 30 terminators
painted (start to finish) 11 guard vehicles
base coated about 8 blood angel vehicles.

Not bad.

I think when I get around to doing Necrons, I may airbrush the entire army.

I still need to master the equipment a bit more, but it’s coming along!

on the personal front the battle board is about finished, a few coats of drybrush should do it.

I have the following at about 33%
10 terminators
1 dreadnought
1 techmarine
2 landspeeders

I expect to finish them all off in the next week and a half or so.

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