The Kalm – The Best Tournament… Ever

Before I get into a full review of the event, let me just say this:

The Kalm is the way that The Kelly intended tournaments to be played.

Before I get into the results, let me first say that the people that need to be honored are the individuals that put their time, energy and work into the event. George Flowers… I’m looking at you as the face man, but also to all of the unamed individuals that set up the tables, broke them down, set up the website, and all of the work to make the event. It was an honor and a privlege to be able to attend.

Now then, in case you just want the results, my friend, Andy Graham won best overall, and you can find the results here. I couldn’t be more happy with this. If you have ever met Andy he is a first class individual, and has been kicking ass for twenty years. He got me into the hobby, and this is his first best overall at a major event (and at 80+ players I consider it that). As you can see he had a perfect sportsmanship score, and was pushing Necrons. Hopefully 19th Legion can do an interview of something like that with him later. His list, for those interested (more or less) is at the end of this article.

So let’s get started. I drove up on Friday, taking the day off, and enjoying the scenery. That night I got drinks and food with friends and went to sleep fairly early.

So the tournament started on Saturday with us waking up and a limo driving us to the Bar, Knuckleheads. It started promtly at 9:00 and immediately with the objective markers being shot glasses filled with whatever (ours was whiskey) you knew you were there for a fun time. Servers wandered by and got you drinks throughout the day. I hope that everyone tipped them as much as I did!

Something I didn’t realize until later was that there were no Judges… and they weren’t missed. The fact that I didn’t even realize they were not there says a lot. The attitude at the entire event was the opposite of hardcore dickhammer that you associate with the tournament scene. The only person really running the event was George Flowers, and he was keeping track of the tournament results.

Every part of the day reinforced the fun of the event, and not the competition of the event. The missions were themed with the hunt for the Orkanomican, the destruction of Denise Richard in the WINNING! scenario etc… the missions also were exceptionally difficult, with getting even close to twenty points very hard.

I often feel like there is a waive of compettiiveness that tries to take over the country, as if winning really matters that much. People get lost in trying to prove something with toy soldiers and lose the pure enjoyment of the game. The Kalm is the purest celebration of what I think Warhammer 40K, and the community was intended to be. Uplifting, heart warming, good natured and pure geeky fun. I still love my ubercompetitve events. You will see my butt in a table at Wargames Con defending my title (unless I say %*#( it and play in the narrative event.) There is more then enough room in the circuit for both types of events.

The Kalm is about the most perfect type of the fun event as you are going to find. I literally cannot think of anything they could have done better. I do not know if they will have the energy to have another, but I know that I hope they do. I hope they give every person the gift of such a perfect weekend again (and have it the same weekend next year! Waking up and going to the Avengers at IMAX ROCKED!… and next year is Iron Man III.

Lastly, I want to personally thank every person that helped in the orgaziation of that event. You have my most heartfelt thanks for taking the time out of your life to help the community and run such an amazing time. You can bet that if there is another event, you have a convert, and I will be there, year in and year out.

Thank you.

Andy Graham’s Necron Army (this is from my personal memory, not the direct army)

2x Overlord w/warscythe, semiperpherial weave, mindshackle scarabs

2x Royal Courts

2 Lords with warscythes and mindshackle scarabs

10 crypteks of Destruction and 2 have solar pulses

5 Immortal Squads of (5) with Tesla Carbines

3 Scarab Swarms of between 4-5 each

2 Canoptic Spyders

3 Canoptic Spyders


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